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Hulu Plus Review For Xbox 360: Notable Milestone

A couple of days ago we told you about the Hulu Plus service was launching for owners of the Xbox 360. Today we have a Hulu Plus review for Xbox 360 looking at what owners will be getting.

Ross Miller from This is my has looked at the service to see what it is like. The service although free for its first week, normally costs $7.99 per month. The UI is what you would normally find with an Xbox 360 application. Horizontal panels have a vertical list of categories just above which include movies and TV episodes.

There is a really long list of clips for some shows, and having no search function for them makes it a long task to find certain clips. Shows and movies do have a search function, and there is no option for closed captioning on videos.

On the PlayStation 3 there is multitasking but on this version it is not available, and all the features that are missing from the Xbox version makes the experience somewhat lacking. The service is not perfect and needs some fine tuning, but will allow owners to start thinking of ditching their cable boxes.



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