Fallout New Vegas Patch Fixed, Problems Resolved?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 30, 2011

Earlier in the week Fallout New Vegas for Xbox 360 was given a new patch to fix some problems within the game but ironically, people started to report even bigger problems with the new patch once it had been downloaded. Therefore Bethesda has released an updated version of the patch to counter these problems.

VG247 said the 1.3 patch that was released caused problems when loading games and also crashed the game which didn’t please most gamers and so with enough negative feedback, we have another patch to fix the original patch which claims to eliminate these problems.

The update on the game’s official message boards read this morning, “New 360 update is now available for the English version of the game, and with it, your saves should now load properly. When other versions become available, we’ll let you know.”

If you were having problems with the previous patch you should power up your Xbox 360, sign in to Xbox Live and launch New Vegas and the patch will be automatically downloaded and install.

We are not sure if there are more updates coming from Bethesda but be sure to keep an eye out on their forums. Did the new patch help you at all?

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  • I have only just recieved the problem today and had no idea other people had this prolem for a while. Im really annoyed about this! Can anyone find a solution to this crap? Please answer!

  • Sorion

    I'm STILL having problems with the patch. Good going, Bethesda.

  • Hacker Jack

    you gotta blame Obsidian, the worst programmers in the business; bar none. And I may be understating it. So we can blame Bethe$da as well since they hired them.