After PSN Down, Goodwill Gesture Ideas

By Gary Johnson - Apr 30, 2011

We are now well into the 9th day of the PlayStation Network being down. Most of the talk over the last couple of days has been about user’s credit card details. Sony has recently played down risks to users credit cards. They have also said that they are looking at ways to thank users, so after the PSN downtime, what are your goodwill gesture ideas?

Sony has published a question and answer page on its PlayStation Blog, and one questions asks if there will be some sort of gesture by the company. The answer says that Sony “are currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience”.

Whether Sony would give away some free games or expansion packs remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see what they reveal. The company must be already losing a vast amount of money during this downtime but that will be of no concern to PS3 owners.

We could see some nice surprises from the company as they look to keep their loyal customers happy. What would you like to see Sony give away to PS3 owners in compensation to the problems caused with the PSN outage?

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  • toney

    If Sony gave us $50 in our on-line wallets it would'nt cost them money up front it would be credit. we would only be able to spend the credit on the network. and since they split a portion of the procedes with the vendors on what we purchase. The money that the vendors give them would actually be real cash. How could they not do this.

  • Mr1luigi

    cross game chat or the new b.o map pack, sony you chose 🙂

  • Grant

    Check the PSN website, looks like 30 days PS+ membership and "region specific" free content.

  • Marissa

    CROSS GAME CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommyere123

    Be able to play music on your XMB while on any games, just like Xbox360 or something
    Cross-game chat would be great too!

  • Ollie

    I would be extremely happy if we were given the chance for a free game of our choice, If they did go through with this reward for everyones patience, I would most definately get my hand on Portal 2 🙂

  • brandon

    the new black ops map packs would be great

  • Meeee

    New Black Ops map pack when it comes out, or £20 so we can get what we want 🙂

  • pickpocket1980

    I just hope they have good enough security now!! after all this it wont make much difference to sony if they give us all £10 or what ever, They are a multi billion pound company, we all trusted them with security issues ect ect just keep on top of it now and spend some money giving us all peace of mind,that this wont happen again, no amount of money can pay for that. Walk the walk not talk the talk just get on with it Please from all Ps3 users

  • Chopper

    £50 to use games

  • Regizap


  • Whipasnappa

    tell you what would be nice. Just for sony to give us a time and date of when its back online. That will do for me.

  • DB123

    Party Chat

  • Artoftrolling

    A 25£ gift card for the ps store would be nice

  • Psnomfg

    You've got to be realistic here, Sony may be a multi billion dollar company, but they have shareholders so I am assuming that they will not be handing out credit to everyone, that's not good business sense. If they have rebuilt psn then hopefully they have added some extra content, preferably cross game chat as that seems to be a popular choice. I admit I have missed the online gaming, but mortal kombat story mode is great, and have completed dragon age 2. I feel sorry for the the avid cod players who might lose their prestige rankings and have to start from scratch again!

  • Evillok-1_Tay

    Yea, while free shit on the PSN would be nice, it won't happen. You people got to realise that even if sony gave all of us just one dollar (which we all know can not buy much on psn) they would be LOSING 77 MILLION DOLLARS! Sony would never do that. And to the Call of Duty players, you're not getting a free map pack or an early access date. Infact, you will not get anything special. Infinity Wards and Treyarch are not part of sony. If they were to give free add ons, they too would LOSE MONEY! Big companies and corporations will never do this. Sony may chose to have a special event on Playstation Home, seeing as how they do own it. So do not expect to get anything for free people. And INFACT, why would you need compensated? You don't even pay for PSN. Now if you're a PS Plus member, pay for DC Universe Online, or FreeRealms P2P member, then yea you do need compensated for the money you lost, but just on those games. And for PS Plus, at least get some more time. To the rest of you who don't: STOP YOUR BITCHING.

    • BIG AL

      You pay for a product that does not do what it says on the tin,simple! So yes they do need to compensate. FACT.

  • dynamicdingo

    black ops sucks, I would prefer just some psn money or private/cross game chat.

  • Ryan

    Hmm I wouldn't mind having new features like ingame music playing, or something akin to Xbox parties.

    Although a choice of a few DLC's free I wouldn't mind.

  • EMS

    I agree with 1st guy. Cross game chat just like xbox's private/ chat party. Its nice when u play single player. U can ask for help from ur friend too instead of goin to internet.

    For the guy who said server will crash, not every1 will sign in at the same time. One side of the world will be sleepin while the other is wide awake. And no USA server wont be coming online 1st. Sony said that Japan servers will go online 1st. EU servers will come online 1st or the same time as US servers.

  • Ondine

    Obviously it isn't going to be game specific credit, like a dlc pack or something. I'm guessing it'll just be some store credit. That would make the most sense and it'd be most useful. Either way, PSN being down has kinda forced me to start playing GT5 again–I forgot how awesome it is!

  • Rodger

    Gift voucher for PSN store, nothing outrageous like a free game that R.R.P.'s at £40, that would be going a bit far. I'd be happy with a 10-15 quid voucher for a downloadable game or to discount off a DLC pack, and I'd imagine that wont be a huge financial hit to Sony either, because they own the PSN store you'd have thought they can afford to give that gift. Giving out a free game to how many millions of fans?!? Come on, that's going to hit them HARD financially. Kooga_21 made a decent suggestion, free month pass to PSN+, that would be okay, but I'd still prefer to be able to choose my prize than have it given to me. Worst case scenario they give the free month pass and PSN goes down again. Lol

  • Grant

    I think it's in the T&C that you all agreed to that they don't owe us anything, that's what I think.

  • Brandon

    Sorry Users..

    I gave up on this PSN nonsence, i bought a new XBOX 360 with black ops and MW2
    Very smart investment…. goodbye PSN community
    Won't miss you 🙂

  • Scfc

    If Sony would Guarantee that Stoke City will win the Fa cup would be a fantastic personal gesture 😉

  • Killer_-_—x

    map packs or some cool stuff

  • brandin

    cross game chat and some sort of party system live xbox

  • Tiibx

    MAG made free . Needs more people to own !!!!!!!!!

  • McMath95

    They should giv us like £10 store credit so that people can get the new call of duty map pack

  • brandin

    CROSS GAME CHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • toney

    Isay put 50 dollars in our accounts and let us spend it however we want.

  • JasonD1996

    Personaly,I would just apreciate it if the online is back up and running soon, really miss talking to my friends who I can't see in person, and a good will geasture?, hmmmm, maybe £15 on the accounts?, I would really love it if £15 got uploaded on everyones accunt and so would 7 million odd people would too, thanks for reading , and plz get online up and running, plz 🙁

  • Hana

    I would like first strike,though I doubt I'll get it ;p

  • SmileB4DEATH

    no free content, FUN events would be nice 🙂

  • jake

    well al get a free ylod so we buy new ps3s to cover the down time costs

  • Dustin

    I don't believe they need to give us software. However they should pay for credit monitoring.

  • GoneBalistic


  • Jamie

    The next black ops map pack!

  • Raz24

    Thank you sony for the the 'good will gesture' personally i would like to see some free downloads for customers i.e allowing them to spend ten pound worth of credit on downloadable content as i believe this would be rewarding to gamers and other users as not only is PSN down put so are the other features like LOVEFILM so thats what i would like to see. Also please get the PSN up and running missing the online. thankyou

  • Guest

    Maybe they should give away 1 or 2 downloads of our choice from the ps store

  • sam123456789

    wen will psn be turned back on

  • hurry

    maybe some home free downloads, add on packs ,i will just be happy to see it up and running as i sold my xbox for ps3 2 weeks ago

  • jim

    free game would be nice…not a cheap one tho lol any idea wen back online?? been told tue or wed..not sure if true

  • kooga_21

    I reckon a month free pass to the psn+

  • ffrfrfrf

    hackers are sad

  • Spike4248

    Black Ops First Strike free heh heh yeah Sony pay Treyarch for the maps for all of us 77,000,000 users by £11.95 for the maps (going on UK price and that everyone has black ops, thats a cool 920,150,000…..time to break the piggy banks heh heh………..

  • GAmer

    I wouldn't mind the next COD DLC for free.

  • tyler

    escalation map pack may 3rd , the day xbox gets it for black ops !

    • …tyler forgot

      and for free (Y)

    • Arsenalfc24

      Yeah bring the next cod mp out as soon as psn back online for free

  • IhateDropShotz

    on behalf of the entire psn community i say: CROSS GAME CHAT!

    • Nowe4eva

      I second this! 😀

    • brandin

      same here