Royal Wedding Google Doodle: April 29

Today you will notice the Royal Wedding Google Doodle (April 29, 2011) on the search engine home page. We have seen over the years that during special events and anniversaries, Google likes to get in on the action and change their logo – and you do not get much bigger than a UK royal wedding.

If we have counted correctly, this is now the seventh Google Doodle for April, which means that it has been a busy month for the creative team whose job it is to come up with these doodles. This is just a basic one, which means that it is just an image and not an interactive doodle – which we have so much fun with, such as the Jules Verne one or Pac Man.

However, let us not take anything away from this drawing, as this drawing is like a work of art and has taken the procession route and then placed them together to create something straight out of Disney’s Epcot – you will know what we mean if you have been there.

Having said that, each time we look at it something new springs out at us, such as the London Eye in the background and a horse-drawn carriage in the foreground. What else can you spot in today’s Google Doodle?

For those of you who wish to watch the Royal Wedding today, then we have all the details in our recent post here of the YouTube live stream.



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