PlayStation Network hacked card codes, new claims

By Gary Johnson - Apr 29, 2011

The problems facing many PS3 owners continue to drag on as the service remains down. Recently we have had concerns of identity theft after it was revealed personal data was stolen during the downtime. Today we have some worrying news of PlayStation Network hacked card codes, with new claims that information is being offered for sale.

Steven Musil over at Cnet is reporting that some hackers are said to be trying to sell the credit card information stolen on underground internet forums. The claims cannot be confirmed and are only rumors, but the news will be worrying for millions of PSN users.

We have already reported that some security experts are advising users to cancel their credit cards after the data theft. Sony warned users earlier in the week that personal information had been compromised during the PSN hack.

A security expert with TrendMicro, Kevin Stevens, claims to have seen talk on online forums where hackers were trying to sell credit card information for 2.2 million PSN users. Also internet security blogger Brian Krebs has posted screenshots of the discussions.

There are now reports surfacing of some users claiming of fraudulent charges to their credit cards. One user had seen his card used to buy $1,500 of goods in Germany. A reader of gaming site VGN365 said his bank contacted him about a $300 debit card transaction.

Are you going to cancel your cards following this news?

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  • Bradley Kelly

    Well as it's the Playstation Network, woudn't it effort PSP users as well?

  • marhorn

    They just announced an upgrade! One that ensures online is safer! The upgrade is also gonna have better games and better everything…………..the upgrade is called XBOX 360!

  • Xbox360 Dude

    They said your identity may have been stolen earlier this week… If your not going to read then you shouldn't pressure them… i dont even like ps3, id rather play xbox360 but even i understand they are trying to get everything secured up so it doesnt happen again. You just gotta be pacient

    • luke

      just be pacient dont go mental i use ps3 i jusst tell my friends who have ps3 2 warn them

  • caitlin

    This all takes the Piss
    It's now been down for 9days and
    now ur telling us that our identitys
    May of been stolen ,
    U need to get it sorted ….