Wii Play: Motion – European Release Date Revealed

We have some great news now for those of you that live in Europe and have been waiting to hear details on when the much-anticipated Wii Play: Motion game – the sequel to 2006’s Wii Play – would be arriving in stores, as Nintendo has just revealed a European release date.

According to Andy Robinson over at, European gamers will be able to pick up the Wii Play: Motion game – which does in fact come packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus – as from June 24th. The upcoming game provides players with 12 mini-games.

The mini-games include Wind Runner, in which the player’s Mii sports a pair of roller skates and carries an umbrella, Cone Zone, where players must tilt their Wii Remote Plus to the correct position in order to balance ice cream in a giant waffle cone and Treasure Twirl.

In the Treasure Twirl game, the Wii Remote Plus acts as a ‘winch’ that players use to collect deep-sea treasure. The original Wii Play game is said to have sold 9 million copies in Europe alone since it was released back in 2006. Do you own a Nintendo Wii console and if you do, will you buy this game?


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