Visa on PlayStation Network (PSN) being hacked and credit cards

By Jamie Pert - Apr 28, 2011

As you are probably aware the PlayStation Network was recently compromised by hackers and has resulted in some substantial downtime, recently MCV received some assurance from Visa regarding credit card fraud.

Firstly Visa say that customers do not need to cancel their cards, however they should keep a close eye on their accounts and if any unexpected activity takes place they should contact their bank. Depending on your bank’s terms you should get your money back.

MCV point out this statement from Visa opposes what a lot of security experts have been telling us, many say that fraudsters do not wait around, therefore you should act quickly. We think it is better to be safe than sorry and contact your bank and tell them of your worries, also it may be worth changing your email passwords etc just in case.

A recent article posted on Time suggest that people’s personal data was not encrypted, however credit card information was. One other assurance is that your card’s CVC or CSC number could not have been taken as Sony never asked for this.

We find Visa’s message quite strange, on one hand they say do not cancel your card, however they then go on to say watch out for strange activity. Why not just cancel your card to avoid any risk?

Have you cancelled your credit card due to the PSN hack?

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    i'm not worried, my credit card company will crack down on fraudulent activity as well as being able to trace where the transaction took place, say other country, then they would just cancel the transaction and i get my money back, plus the card i used has a low credit limit, so not worried. i still play offline games and my trophies unlock. not being able to play online isn't the end of the world. Check out all my Platinums on my Youtube channel, search for SLAMMR.