Top Car Insurance Mistakes: Consumer Advice for 2011

Choosing the right car insurance deal for you is often a very stressful situation since consumers are often ill-advised or don’t do enough research or preparation to ensure they are not losing money. We now have a list of the top car insurance mistakes to tell you about, and some tips which you can learn for the future.

The biggest mistake that consumers make when choosing car insurance, is the fact many car owners only choose one quote from a company. Obviously, if you’re looking to save money you need to research a collection of different insurance companies so you can choose the right quote that’s best for you.

Another common mistake is that the lowest price on a particular quote doesn’t always reflect the best value and service. To avoid this, you should always compare prices with other company just so you have a back-up plan.

One more factor to take into consideration when choosing car insurance, is the fact that most companies do not offer a rental car facility, so always double check with your company to make sure this feature is included or not before commiting to any long term contracts.

You can view some other insurance mistakes via this article at CarInsurance. Alternatively, there’s a useful article over at Autos which lists more tips to help you solve your car insurance problems. Let us know if you have had any issues dealing with companies in the past.



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