Photo LoL: In Top 10 iPhone photography apps for Italy

By Marlon Votta - Apr 28, 2011

Modify and organize your photos to make an impressive album with a new app for photographs. Photo LoL is in the top ten of iPhone photography apps for Italy also available for the iPad and iPod Touch.

This amazing app has an easy to use informative menu that contains a powerful capacity. Complete with simplified integrated tutorial Photo LoL has iPhone 4 retina display support for shining graphics, as well as a random effects function. The top photo app brought to you by Rusted Gears creates the fun of using the smallest amount of effort to make an impressive result.

Just choose a photo from your library and use the magic wand or dropper feature to modify photographs. This will help you to edit the whole picture or highlight a certain part for modification. After selecting this option you can do allsorts including making your image brighter, lighter, add color, change to black and white or even change color in a certain part no matter how small.

Using a vast array of shades Photo LoL can turn your image into a realistic professional photo. There is so much you can do with this fun photo app. Save and share your images or continue editing the same picture without making it look like it has been touched up. With continuous updates, Photo LoL is a great way to make progress in editing images in your photo gallery.

Photography could be something you take seriously or just a fun hobby, Photo LoL will give you the chance to make those great photos better. For more information on Photo LoL, head over to the App Store.

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