New PS3 SDK’s released, PlayStation Network still down

By Gary Johnson - Apr 28, 2011

The PSN service remains down as we go further into the second week of problems, earlier we reported the service should be back online by the weekend. We have also told you a new firmware update will be coming next month. Now we have news that new PS3 SDK’s were released by Sony with the PlayStation Network still down.

Tom Curtis over at Gamasutra is reporting in an article that Sony has requested some developers to install new SDK’s on their PS3s devkits, before the PSN service is restored. The new SDK’s will have new improved security features following the attacks that started all the problems.

Sony is totally rebuilding the PlayStation Network in an attempt to make the service more secure and stable. It is not known if the service will have any new features besides extra security, but a total rebuild could mean a better experience for frustrated PlayStation owners.

Many PSN users are still wondering if their credit card details are in the hands of criminals, with some security experts advising the cancellation of the cards. Some users have even said they are thinking of switching to the Xbox 360.

Are you hoping the service comes back this weekend?

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  • daNNY


  • jkillah318

    blackops yea

  • penislicker

    playstation 3 wow what a freat sytem xbox wow what a crappy system microsoft stick to the software not hardwaRE LOL

  • Anthony

    geeez im bored anyone want to play black ops when it comes back add me 😀

    PSN NAME: MattLawri

  • Glennbw33

    Ps3 is way better than xbox. Always has been. I like the fact that they are taking their time to make sure it is done properly. For all those people who are in a hurry for them to get back online. " We are American…. Not Russian" Slow your roll!

  • get em

    I blame this on GeeHotz that piece of *hit If it weren't for him jail braking the PlayStation this would not have happened. The reason Sony sued him is because the original jailbreaker shows others how to do these things and then this crap happens just like how he showed people how to hack their Iphones and then weeks later people take it to the next level as well lets hack it so we can make free calls and then boom a large downfall in profit from AT&T but AT&T and apple handled that problem behind closed doors before that got too out of hand. Playstation saw the potential threat and decieded to try and stop it but it was too late and a mere two weeks later got hacked into.

  • get em

    you know what I don't get since everyone blames the group anonymous why don't they just track down the real hackers and then catch them. I've heard the story about how they hacked the FBI it should be easy for them to catch these punks. Plus it would mean that people would stop hating on them. that's what I would do if I were one of them. But considering how they don't think about press spotlight and how to get the people on their side I would not be surprised they haven't thought of doing that.

  • elkomander

    100% ps3 user nigga

  • pigvomet

    wow you guys are a bunch of lil fags, i have all systems and dont really give a hit about the console wars… fuck there all good systems xbox live is better imo than psn but thats because we pay for it.

  • davy coperfie

    i only play ps3 when my Xbox is broken , I'm a casual gamer when I'm going online i don't live the way is on ps3 on modern warfare 2 hack every where,is a joke ,

  • Sleeper

    it could have been corporate warfare for all we know. Maybe microsoft planned this lool

  • itcandoeverything

    Seeing psn is down,maybe I'll watch a blu-ray,or even browse the Internet,with my built in Wi-Fi(ha ha ha,I love it)hell maybe i'll just browse through my my media on my 500gb hdd,or add files directly through my network,either way,with the network down at least its still useful for something,if xbox live were to go down xbox owners would have nothing more than a 50$ paper weight

  • ps3 got pwned again

    Hulu Comes To Xbox Tomorrow
    The time has finally come, and what better time than when the PSN is down to announce and spring Hulu on the Xbox Live community? Major Nelson has announced via his personal blog and Twitter account that Hulu will be available tomorrow on Xbox 360.

    • kebo65

      Hula Is already on PS3 and have been for awhile

  • geza

    keep up the good work Sony I'm 100% behind my ps3. there is no better experience. plus I'm enjoying crysis 2 sp atm.

  • Eric

    cant believ psn is down lol im not switching ilove u psn!!!

  • Eric

    any day now if ur good at trickshotting tryout for EneX we are an elite trickshotting clan!! add EneX-ZyFeR and xiiLeGaCy to tryout when ps3 is back up!!!

  • det

    sony is still the best

  • Shockz

    Dude PS3 is gonign to be back on by friday if not saturnday..i got a xbox 360 nd its not that good..PS3

  • joe

    xbox is super gay only chavs and poor people uses them cause there poor and i bet Microsoft attacked them anyway make sense to destroy the competition


    No I just want the psn to stay down forever… Of course I want it back. what a dumb question.

  • oliver+lewis

    I like both but this is stuffed for ps3

    me and my friend lewis are about to become mane psn and u tube yousers by posting up vids but we cant do it wile the psn is down and who wants to see halo from xbox 360.

    i have crysis 2 and i ant plaid online yet
    i have homefront gave that a go amazing
    i have mw2
    and hopefully cod 8 soon
    and other games but not war

  • i have feelings too.

    Read my name and take it into consideration, now mr ps3/sony, I miss playing online, please fix it preferably now! lol

  • Arcle11

    Come On Sony Hurry Up

  • mike

    II will never switch to XBOX……never

  • Mrin10se

    It better be on this week end

  • adam uk

    ps3 all the way but it is takin the piss now wtf are the playin at

  • mike


  • bilbo baggins

    This is good for Playstation Network users. A complete rebuild of the interface and features… Nice. (The credit card thing is a bit iffy though.)

    • guest

      my creditcard had to be destroyed because of the # i used for psn. glad my bank realized i wasnt in two places at one time

      • get em

        ohh so you actually had someone try to purchase something I would look up the store ID code that they bought from it usually shows up in you bank statement, then Google it then get their phone number and call and ask them about the purchase and since it was your card you can call the number they used and your name and ask them for the shipping address the hacker provided and then we can announce what the general area one of them is in. Then we can just beat the crap out of him till he tells us where the rest of his hacker buddies are.

  • Anamor17

    Hurry Up Sony its taking forever ! ! ! (*-*)

  • Ryan

    "but a total rebuild could mean a better experience for frustrated PlayStation owners." Hmmm

  • Jason

    I fail to see why Xbox users are up in arms bout this? its only been a week, the Xbox Live service was down for 13 days I believe at some point, and you's pay for that

    • MIKE


    • ps3 got pwned again

      xbox live was maybe down for for 8 hours back in 2003….p3s move can blow me, cause killzone sucks with the move. i work at best buy and have seen 3 xbox already sold, becuase ps3 is for noobs.

      good day noobs

    • Isaias

      did u read the article right the psn has been down for two weeks and maybe going on their third week, thats one more day than the xbox, hey u pay what u get oh thats right ur not getting anything right now

      • get em

        the PSN has not been down two weeks your sources are crap Its on it's 8th day and the Xbox was down for 11 days when halo Reach came out due to a server crash which made me think whats the 60 dollars a year going to if your servers are going to crash what do they just cram the servers in a heated small room and say ok that's good. I'm actually not worried about my card if someone tries anything call it out as fraud and then Ill track down where it was sent and then the authorities will catch a hacker.

  • marhorn

    Xbox 360….Win!

    • mike

      I will never switch from my ps to an XBOX I don't turn on them because of some idiot hackers , they are the cause of our inability to enjoy our gameing systems as a community… will be back up I can wait….so LOSS