New PS3 firmware update May 2011, down to PSN outage

By Peter Chubb - Apr 28, 2011

With all the issues that Sony has with the PlayStation Network we have now learned that there is to be a new PS3 firmware update for May 2011, which is down to the PSN outage. This will also mean that users will finally be allowed on to their accounts. We would’ve advised that you change your password on your PSN account, but the PS3 update will force you to do so.

Sony has not issued any more news on this, so it is anyone’s guess as to when the PlayStation Network will be up and running, but we recently reported that it could go live by the end of the weekend. One thing we do know, it had better be quick – users are starting to lose patience. There have even been those or are considering a move to the Xbox 360, which they have always seen as the dark-side.

We knew that there were a few issues over a security breach, but were shocked when Sony admitted that our credit card details along with other personal details had been stolen as well. There is already one case where a guy is said to be suing Sony, but we do not know the details – we wonder if this will be an isolated case?

eXophase has been discussing how they are a little confused how a company like Sony allowed for our personal data to be stored unencrypted? However, at least the company will take steps not to allow such a thing to happen again – we wonder it it is too little too late?

Sony has said that the entire PSN infrastructure will now be moved to a more secure location. What would Sony do if people started to have their identities stolen or strange transactions appearing on their credit card bills – not certain if our banks will be too pleased to foot that bill?

Are you happy with how Sony has handled this whole PSN issue?

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  • Trevor

    well, i bet you that the hacker did not get that credit card info even though everyones been talking about it but rumors spread ya know. and i am addicted to psn and this is not a fun moment for me. they need to put the guy that did this in jail for atleast 10 years and if he got credit card info then im suggesting about 25 years because some 19 year old faget had to be the best so he wanted a fking mf2 prestige hack lobby. IT’S FUCKING ONLINE GAMING AND HE’S CRYING BECAUSE HE DIDNT GET THE LOBBY? NOW OUR CREDIT CARD INFO IS AT RISK AND IM SO DAMN BORED.


    I switched to xbox too bad for sony no more money from me


    It says a lot for Sony's original security for the PSN, that it took almost 5 years for it to be hacked!
    I think I am right in saying that the Xbox was hacked around 4 years ago. Sony were right to shut the entire
    network down, rebuild the infrastructure and shift the servers to a more secure location.
    This takes time, so everyone should be patient and be glad that the PSN network will be stronger and even more secure than it was originally.

    Just change your password when the network comes back online and keep a close eye on your credit card useage. Simple really. I haven't hear one solitary story of anyones credit card details being used, typical media scare-mongering! If you use the same password for other sites etc, change them also.

  • killer222

    yea to true Xbox IS GAYYYYYYYYYY

  • anoying orange

    XBOX-= worse graphics , no more blue ray , having to pay for online features, less actual time playing online because its nearly gaurenteed for you to get the red rings of death in a year if you play more then 3hours a day , witch in comparison sort of makes this outage lucky , and why why why would anyone pay for something worse when you already have something better ???? aww dwid the wittle pwaystation network gooo down soo u beggin to cwy … plz grow up pps

    • Psn failures

      We may all have thaught that psn is better than live but if yyou are poor then you have no choice but too stay with the shit ps3 console.but at the end of the day microsofte has much more security than psn also they get all the maps earlier the graphics are actually better

      Im getting the new xbox slim.

      Fuck sony
      Xbox has been hacked once and the service resumed 5 hours later not 2/3 weeks later :/
      Everyone should buy an xbox or play an xbox and see it is. Much mor bettr online on games like mw2 .

  • outdoor man !!

    RAGE …… calm down ppl its a network /game. Theres this thing its called going out with friends , try it !>_>

    • anoying orange

      worst super hero name eva

  • bob

    well considering that it would be 2 weeks on the upcoming wednesday you are blowing things out of proportion … look yes we are anoyed and yes sony should of bin ready for a atack on there system but dont all forget xbox was down for 2 weeks in 2009 ….. there is nooo 100% comformation or evidence that suggests the credit card details have bin stolen . so sony arnt just keeping there network down for fun are they but i do doubt they are working around the clock ,they are improving the system so it wont happen again in another 2 weeks ! anyone that is realy complaining is either 9 or has never got laid because there in all the time playing on there playstation …. calm down !!

  • Matman

    Word is from the press conference said it could be up this weekend, but the 30th of april I saw may 4th it's been over 2 weeks and I think will have it by tuesday the latest, and to those of you scrambling out to get an xbox, good you can't wait for the great return of the psn go pay 60 bucks a year for your internet They've been hacked (not to this extent) and they have also been shut down a vast amount of times for days and even 2 weeks when halo 3 came out and did they give you're paid time back? I didn't hear that they did and even sooo they expect you to pay for internet for your xbox when you already pay for it from comcast / verizon or who ever u have. When psn does come back its going to be allot better and I thought it was already good ppl who traded in ps3 for xbox just are just down grading to an inferior system that lacks blue ray qualities and red ringed for what 3 or 4 years and they had to totally redesign the console to get it right (new 6 inch diameter fan), all of that and they want you to pay for their service? I'll stick to sony no ones perfect and it's not their fault they got hacked. Just like bullet proof armor gets stronger and has more wight reduction, guns always progress, higher velocity, deeper penetration, and its an on going battle back and forth. same with internet security it will never be totally free from hackers who have nothing better in life than codes.

  • sinara2011

    Thank I hope I get online soon I have one xbox360 and two ps3 I'm still love my ps3 and Playstation Netwrok.
    I wish everybudy happy too when you got fix assap. thanks PSN

  • tropic-zoo

    i hope soo b.c psn is d best nd if ppl switch over den we will lose our popularity so hurry up psn lol please…………

  • Bigdaddyoh44

    I have owned Sony playstations since they first come out. Frankly, I dispise Microsoft for its monopoly, well the courts say it isn't a monopoly. However, I am litteraly shocked that it has taken this long and still no positive statement on WHEN the network will be back up. My sons owns Xbox and is playing and laughing at me for not buying an Xbox. But I have read and talked to many of people who are seriously considering trading selling or even turning in their PS3 and moving on to Xbox. I have written Sony with NO response. It is a wonder with a company like Sony, ranging from Batteries to radios TV ect. That thier network could have been intruted to a point where they can not repair, move or install a patch to keep it safe in a timely manner. Unfirtunately, a lot of the gamming is online. It keeps the Player guessing and reacting. Unlike playing a game where the opponent is always in the same place, the online games keeps the player occupied and keeps the player buying more games and more systems.
    So when is Sony going to have this up and running? Who knows.
    How many customers may they loose? possibly close to 100,000. Estimated guess.

  • Otis

    I bought my PS3 on the 2nd of this month and I have to say that this latest news about our personal info such as name,address,email and even credit cards and debit card data may be exposed because of this hacker attack and sony that is an million dollar cant even tell us consumers until a week later,as far PSN is concerned i hope that it will be much better and up by the weekend atleast

  • Sissy387

    Why change our passwords now? Either they have been compromised or they havent. But with the new system, we shouldn't have to worry about it. And if we do, then they could get the new passwords…so I dont get it. I like my old password! Alot! LOL

    • Wow

      Because they have your email address and password. with that they can log into your account. Do you want them to be able to log into your account. if not then you have no choice but to change your password. I would have thought that that was common sense.

  • Tapper

    It's unfortunate with all the parties involved that PSN is down. I'm sure Sony is trying it hardest to get it back up as soon as possible. Remember that Japan has had some tragedies recently and may have some infrastructural and human resource issues as well. Aren't their living issues more important than someone who can't play their game? I have both the PS3 and the Xbox. I actually prefer the Xbox 360 and XBL over the PS3 and the PSN. But, I'm defending Sony here. They can't go back time and prevent what happened. They announced the compromise the next day after they found out. It sounds like they are still trying to find out the full extent of the exposure. So if you are them, what would you do right now not knowing everything yet? Not what could have been done but what would you do right now moving forward? Do you think something like that takes minutes to do? If I had to criticize them, they should email customers every step of the way on what is going on. An update on their automated voice systems would be nice as well.

  • Blackbox3000

    Im abit gutted, as everyone else is, that i cant own some people online. Its been two weeks since the PSN network went down and yeah, you'd of thought that Sony would of made our details harder to get to, so to speak. The guy thats suing Sony wont get far, because it stated in the agreement when you first sign up to the PSN that all personal details you enter onto the PS store is entirely at your own risk. So hes not going to get anything out of it apart from media coverage. And to be honest, those who have a PS3 should know better than to leave their card details on there. Once you buy something off the Network, delete all card details until you buy something else. Id of thought that as common sence really. Sony will get all the media coverage because its a large, reliable company that has become a house hold name. But im sure theres plenty of things to be doing than ripping your hair out because you cant get online. It saddens me that (here in the UK) we are having a massive heat wave, yet everyones too busy trying to find out answers of the PSN. Theres more to life than gaming. So in one respect im glad the network is down. It means we can enjoy other parts of life. On the other hand, im abit miffed that my card details may of gone missing, which i was told by the news. But hey ho, thats life. Doesn't take much cancel your card and order a new one. Just to be on the save side.
    This has been Blackbox3000,

  • Bman

    "We knew that there were a few issues over a security breach, but were shocked when Sony admitted that our credit card details along with other personal details had been stolen as well" – You forgot to write "may have been compromised" The statement does not confirm if these details have been stolen. Lazy journalism?

    Look – s**t happens, its happened to twitter and facebook have been attacked too, hell even Government employees leave laptops on trains full of all sorts of info yet this PSN outage has had more exposure in the media than the Vietnam war – Whats important is making sure it doesn't happen again!

  • archie

    trust me, Sony will sort this one out and will become STRONGER & BETTER !!! Hard to imagine what shoud happen for me to switch to xbox. Maybe if i hit my head hard lol

    • failsauce

      xbox is better jus admit it lol

      • killer222

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you haft to pay for online and the graphics so there XD

    • killer222

      yea Xbox think there so good because they have kinect but kinect has bad graphics so Just give Sony a year if we haft to

      • john

        at least xbox dont copy the wii what should u use that move for a mic lol

  • Zeroalpha83

    After four days of the PSN network was down, I tried emailing PSN support to enquire over the safety of my card details. After two responses which avoided answering the question at all, I gave up and phoned. I was informed that there was no indication that personal details had been stolen. 24 hours later I read in a national newspaper that details had been in fact stolen. In all it took a major computer software company six days to notify their consumers of the breach! I for one has lost complete faith in thier ability to not only manage my personal data but also manage themselves. Their own public facing support team was not even aware of such a breach.

    I am not angry that PSN is down, I am furious that it took Sony six days to notify people of the ID theft and that during those six days they did not keep regular informative updates! It is a complete PR disaster and when the next gen consoles arrive, I doubt I will stick with Sony.

    Rant over, now lets give Sony a big sarcastic round of applause for thier PR / Data security managerial skills….clap!

    • brad

      All I'm going to say is Right,Right,Right,Right. O… did I say right,right and right.

  • Cruiseshipfan

    Playstation never said credit card details were taken they just said account details and credit card details are not stored with them. Also they are encrypted. Also people can't really say Sony didn't say anything because they have been saying it MIGHT have been taken. So they have been saying it over and over and over again.

    • Killer222

      Yea so don't be gay an go to Xbox Just give them more time.