iCloud Domain Allegedly Bought by Apple

There have been rumors for a while that Apple could be thinking of launching a cloud based iTunes service. Today we have news of the iCloud domain allegedly bought by Apple for $4.5 million.

Josh Ong of AppleInsider is reporting in an article that the domain may have been bought from Swedish company called Xcerion. At the start of this month the company changed the name of its iCloud service to CloudMe, and moved its website to

Currently though Xcerion is still listed as the owner of iCloud, and the website just redirects you to There have been reports recently that Apple has finished work on a cloud based iTunes music streaming service.

Users are thought to be able to access music which will be stored on a remote server, and other reports are claiming that Apple has done a deal with Warner Music. The agreement with the third largest record label is thought to include cloud services.

The new service that Apple are said to be working on will start off free, but will eventually be charged for by Apple. Back in February Apple said its new 500,000 square foot serve farm will be supporting MobileMe and iTunes. If these rumors are indeed true we can expect to hear more news over the coming days.



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