Guitar chords for beginners with ChordBankPro iOS app

By Marlon Votta - Apr 28, 2011

A new addition to the world of music applications has come to help your guitar skills progress. Guide yourself from a novice to a professional using guitar chords for beginners with the ChordBankPro iOS app available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Boasting over 2,100 chords, using the right and left hand support ChordBankPro can provide much needed assistance. The guitar app by WalkSoft gives a left-handed option to turn the fret board upside down and show the fingerings for both hands. For someone who has never picked up a guitar before Smart Chords will help you understand how the chords fit together.

With SmartChords, you can get information on better sounding chords to show progress. For a novice this ideal, you not only get help trying to play a chord but also assistance to why another might sound better. ChordBankPro will show enharmonic correct spellings, all flats, sharps, double flats and double sharps shown in their place. This option will let you know which note you can play on each string.

Molded on proven progressions that push hit songs to the top of the charts ChordBankPro is a great app for beginners and professionals. Become number one in the music world with this new guitar app or show off your progress. Visit the App Store for a full list of complete fingerings in all keys, and more details on ChordBankPro.

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