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Crash Report Shows Apple iOS 5.0 is Being Tested

It is thought that the next-gen iPhone will run iOS 5.0 out of the box, so far as you would expect Apple has kept quiet about the iPhone 5 and iOS 5, however we have recently came across some evidence which suggests that the next major iOS version is being tested.

Recently a crash report sent to FutureTap clearly stated that the device in question was running iOS 5.0 (you can see an image clearly showing this on IntoMobile). FutureTap are responsible for an augmented reality app called “Where To?”, it looks like the early iOS 5.0 build is experiencing difficulties with this particular app.

The crash tells us that an “unrecognized selector” caused the “MKUserLocationBreadCrumb” to terminate unexpectedly, IntoMobile suggest that maybe iOS 5.0 features a new APi for location purposes, hence the reason it crashed.

We have seen location-centric applications grow in popularity lately, with Foursqaure, Facebook Places, Google Maps and Google Latitude being used on a daily basis by millions of people we wouldn’t be surprised to see a more of an emphasis put on location with the next iOS release.

Would you like to see more location integration built into iOS? If so, what would you like to see?



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