CoD: Black Ops – Call of The Dead Video Shows Mystery Gun

By Jamie Pert - Apr 28, 2011

A day or so ago we posted an article which showed you a pretty detailed trailer for the upcoming Call of The Dead zombies map, this map will arrive on Xbox 360 on May 3rd as part of the Escalation Map Pack for Black Ops and it does look pretty neat.

Recently whilst reading an article posted on written by Tim Ollason we saw a screenshot taken from the video which appeared to show a new zombies weapon.

If you check out the video for yourself (here) you get to see Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker and Sarah Michelle Gellar battling against the zombies, a lot of the weaponry being used is recognizable, however at 1 min 37 seconds we appear to see a new power weapon.

We do not have any details regarding this weapon at present, however we have embedded an image below showing you what it looks like. In the video it seems to fire a plasma charge (or something similar) but we do only get to see a split second of it in action so we can’t say much else at present.

The video is a great trailer which really helps promote the upcoming zombies map, hopefully we will hear more about this mysterious weapon soon, if not we only have 5 days to wait until we can get our hands on it via Xbox Live.

Do you like the look of the new weapon?

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  • andrew

    it turns the zombies human

  • david

    the gun turns them into a man in a suit, who runs away and some zombies follow.

  • awrf

    it's the V-R11

    • sadeos prophet

      no its not thats the psg1 looking gun thats the plasma phazer

  • i know

    it un zombiefies people. you can see it in the trailer for a split second at this -

  • Jordan

    On ps3 first

  • drizzy

    its a portal gun duh

  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    hey can some one please tell me if call of the dead will be on ps3 coz my freindz say its xbox only is this true coz i hav a ps3 please reply

  • Shopkeeper

    @ Cyberdine 101 "Only what you see pal!"

  • Cyberdine 101

    its a "Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range" …………. you said you didn't have them yet !

  • rees

    dude how the hell do u acsually play it befor it comes out im [BIG] reesBLaZiN on cod invite me to a game if u can

    • The Kinected Gamer

      He isn't playing it, he took a screenshot from the trailer that was released.