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Challenging iPhone games, Bowl Em Hoops app

Take yourself back to the good old arcade style games with Bowl Em Hoops for the iPhone. Have all the fun of winning prizes with this challenging physics available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Bowl Em Hoops has you trying to get into one of five hoops by rolling the ball up the alley. Your aim is to earn tickets to purchase more prizes. This great app brought to by Hairy Monster Studios lets you play against your friends using Game Center multiplayer support.

The Game Center lets you trash talk to your friends using the voice chat feature. Once you can master positioning the ball in prime hoops you will open individual challenging bonus levels. These levels contain Moving Target, Spell Shot, Rainbow and Double Bonus.

There are three different hoop games to play including 3 Point Shootout, In the Bonus, and Old School. Customize your Bowl Em Hoops machine when you gain enough tickets and boast your earnings to friends using voice chat. Five different background themes are accessible and over ten types of ball.

This fun physic app shall keep you amused for a long time. To see more on price and availability visit the Apple Store and view the challenging game Bowl Em Hoops.



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