After PSN Back Up, Your First Game?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 28, 2011

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the PlayStation Network and when it will be back online, therefore we thought we would get some feedback from your readers regarding which games they are missing and which games they will play first when Sony announce the PSN back up.

We imagine that a lot of PS3 gamers will be purchasing Portal 2 when the PSN comes back online as a day after its launch the network went down, likewise the same happened with Mortal Kombat 9, therefore people are eager to get their hands-on both highly anticipated titles.

In terms of established popular online games we are sure that Killzone 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gamers are eager to get back online and rank up, also recent releases like Bulletstorm and Homefront will be popular as gamers were probably just getting used to online play before the outage.

Obviously there are lots of other games which people will be missing, sports titles like Fight Night: Champion, FIFA 11, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 will all still be pretty popular, likewise music titles like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are popular online to.

We would love some feedback from our readers, therefore feel free to answer any of the following questions: What will be the first game you play when the PSN is back up? Which game have you missed the most? Which game will you be purchasing from the PSN Store? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Alex

    Bought battle feild 2 the day we crashed fml buy bfbc2 all cods and dead space2 is what i cant wait to play and im debating if i should get killzone 3 please give me feedback
    Psn Blunt_zilla57
    Also check me out on youtube Bluntzilla57 thanks

  • Callum

    so long as they introduce cross-game chat i'll be happy!
    oh and one of the first games I play will hopefully be one of the two that PSN are giving us for free.
    they best not be shit and they best not be games I already own or I'll be going mad.

  • corey

    black ops

  • DE21

    Oh my god i cannot wait to play on my copy of black ops dude… i am propper looking forward to a good game of domination! i have a plan for my team that will rock!! add me guys!!! WINTA-01332

  • reggie

    assassins creed brotherhood online, how i've missed you !

  • Riteshb222

    Black ops of course

  • mavric-_1983

    cod all the way got massive withdrawals.

  • YnWa3107

    Black ops FTW!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for the new maps and at this r8 that's the frst thing i'll be doing as it probably still wont be up by then PSN ID = YnWa3107 5th prestige

  • jackkkkkkkkkkk

    assassins creed brotherhood when its back ffs

  • PCVeezy

    MAG sucks, Socom 4 sucks. AC Brotherhood online is the shiznit, get em get em.

  • rob

    Socom 4 for sure man…….no game is better

  • BlackOpsBeast

    Black ops zombies & wager!

  • Mooseofer

    MAG, without a doubt

  • iAmTheSniper PSN

    BLACK OPS! 🙂
    Ps3 i hope u dont let it happen again!
    (If u wanna join my clan or just play COD on ps3, you can get a clan trial or just a game if you add me: " iAmTheSniper " is my PSN)

  • joshuasmiles

    mw2 definitely, so much better than black ops

    btw, grammertroll I love u, that was an epic comment

  • ryan

    im going to play black ops firt strike and kick

  • Ass44holefaceman

    PORTAL 2 on co-op then Bioshock 2 then Crysis 2.

  • Andrew

    I will bang mw2 then some bang some people on pro then bang some people on blackops then bang some people on pro then bun a zoot

  • HT007

    Killzone 3!!!

  • cathy


  • Dom

    Honestly people Black Ops is the game you choose… I'd rather take a massive dump and poke a stick in it for hours rather than play that pathetic excuse for a FPS. Get real and get Battlefield.

    • Asshole44faceman

      Battlefield 3 will dominate this year , ive played over 340 hrs on BC2 and ive never got bored once, traded in BLOPS for littlebigplanet 2 cause thats how bad it is.

  • Ashley

    First of all I love how only guys seem to be commenting on everything about PSN being down. 😛 and the game I am definatly playing first is Black Ops 🙂

    P.S. Yes I'm a girl 🙂

  • codftw

    mw2 all the way

  • Ashley

    First of all I love how only guys seem to be commenting on everything about PSN being down. 😛 and the game I am definatly playing first is Black Ops 🙂 got a headset the day PSN went down cause I didn't know and I haven't gotten the chance to use it :/

    P.S. Yes I am a girl. 🙂

    • Det313gamer

      Wats your gamer tag on psn

  • Janoy

    Playing Medal of Honor, the few, the proud, the TIER 1

  • Xbox sucks

    I am going to stick with Uncharter 2. Hammer time.

  • JonathanW1994

    Playstation Home ALL THE WAY!!!!!! Hey I met my girlfriend on this game XD and we fell in L O V E with each other as soon as we met on there. I will also be playing LittleBigPlanet 2 XD


    3) back to BLACK OPS…


  • kane

    Battle Field. Mag, MW2, medal of honor

  • BRiiLLiiANCE

    im going to go into a Mortal Kombat koma when PSN gets back online. if you have a mic add me for some KOTH (king of the Hill)

  • dave

    Im going to watch a film

  • Enrico

    I finally just got my router working and got INTERNET access on the ps3 but it couldn't connect to the play station network…this whole time i thought i hooked something up wrong lol……turns out PLAYSTATION NETWORK IS DOWN

  • Nevermind…

    Battlefield:Bad Company 2 🙂

  • viny


  • Danny

    Cant wait to play some black ops

  • nascarking

    nobody mentioned Gran Turismo 5 got to finish my remote racing and free up my b-spec drivers that have been on vacation since PSN went down with them in online status

  • wba 1

    black ops 4 sure.shame might have 2 start from first rank first prestige after it got hacked.same on mw2 an mw.

  • SoGuttaK5

    Mw 2

  • Blackops GOD

    BLACKOPS !!!!!!!!!

  • slaghter

    medal of honor

  • Anonamous

    I will play assassains creed brotherhood online

  • aloise85


  • Twuckdwiver

    Nascar 2011 The Game

  • lachlan

    i thougth i lost black ops but found it so ive been doing combat training while the systems down but Modern warefare 2 when it goes back

  • AJC

    COD Black Ops

  • xXMissxMarvelXx

    Black Ops !! (:

  • admjwt

    portal 2 will be the first game that i play online. one cuz i want to get it onto my pc to make my own custiom maps and i want to play the coop

  • biden

    mag ftw!!!!

  • JbacDaPike68

    The NBA playoff’s are giving me an itch to Lebron someone in NBA 2K11!

  • ls69

    i have been waiting forever to get a ps3. i finally said screw it and bought myself one (wifes still pissed) get the damn thing home hoping to play online for a bit and get home to find that same day the network went down. it was still worth it though.

  • Diggz

    I will play black ops to continue to get gold guns add my psn im a beast diggz718 and tell me who u r when yu add me so i can accept cuz alot og random ppl add me cuz im so good

  • dan

    dying for some NHL 11

  • jeff

    Need my MADDEN fix

  • aaron

    black ops ofcourse

  • Orion

    Uncharted 2 for me

  • kalani

    def gonna be black ops ive been going thru withdrawl psn your killin me

  • grammertroll

    "Obviously there are lots of other games which people will be missing, sports titles like Fight Night: Champion, FIFA 11, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 will all still be pretty popular, likewise music titles like Rock Band and Guitar Hero are popular online to."

    You meant to write too at the end of that sentence right?

  • SparkPlug

    How can Sony go back online with the root key compromised? I’ll tell ya how… they can’t! Click on the two links and read all about it below.

  • him

    black ops,,,,,, RAMBO___HIMSELF online psn, (3 underscores)

  • Cesar

    Socom 4!!!

  • PRAY_4_WAR

    I'm not playing a game 1st. The 1st thing I'm doing is emailing Sony again, and telling them how garbage they are. And letting them know my emails aren't going to stop just because they "fixed" the problem. This is 100% Sony's fault. It was their servers that got hacked into because of their joke encryption and/or security. Sony is trash, and I can't wait untill the new systems come out, I'm switching to X-Box, and I pray many more follow. They HAVE to be punished, and the only way to punish a multi-million dollar company is to hit them in their pockets. I was a 15 year customer, spent thousands of dollars over the years on Sony games and equipment. This is how I'm thanked? **** Sony!

    • Paul

      And im sure Sony will have it set up so your email and anyone else who emails Sony to complain about this goes straight to the deleted folder.

      Seriously stop moaning about how the shoyuld have prevented this, if someone can take a laptop to an internet cafe and hack the Pentagon then someone can easily hack the Playstation Network. Fact is it has happened and Sony know how serious it it, there are 77million world wide accounts which have been affected.

      Sony are making the network secure and getting it back online. The only thing we can do is wait.

    • 3Bstr8up

      u think microsoft is any better ur making a mistake

    • happyguy

      chill your tits brah, I think this was a blessing in disguise. When it went down I got so bored I did something you should try…. going outside. Never had so much fun in my life than these past 2 weeks, good luck with being a douche 😀

  • King_Bird

    Murder murder murder most horrid.. BLACK OPS.. who are all these mugs wanting to play MW2 you bumbarats dont you know.. the knew one is out…. murder tomahawk ballis and birds… feast on noobs

  • yoyo

    the old game WARHAWK

  • General_Eddy(ps3)

    COD>! Everyone Loves COD, anyone who doesn't is simply off there rocket and should be noob tubed back to there spawn point ^^

  • playtown

    playtown16713 i will play black ops ya bicthess lol

    • shandy

      shandy74 bitch lol tomahawks all the way baby hahahaha

  • Jace

    All I wanted to do was buy Fancy Pants Adventures….

  • DRT

    I have owned all playstation consoles since they first came out years ago. i have really been missing my online play since they have been down as i am i huge gamer. I cant wait until they go live again. I will probably start with homefront then some black ops… A true playstation faithful here….

  • jeff

    i will play black ops and rip ass.

    • jeff

      haha right on man

    • troy

      yeah dude got that right i've been waitin all week to own some noobs

    • Danny

      Are you feeling gassy?

    • Packa

      WTF, why does it say you were last active 104950 weeks ago?………..I'm gonna play portal 2 or black ops (PSN:PACKA-PONG)

  • jeff

    i will play black ops and rip ass.

  • wba

    fifa 11 all the way

  • Paul

    Back to Battlefield Bad Company 2 for me 🙂

  • ~ThE PrEdAtOr~

    Halo! err no CoD7 BO

  • Alex

    red dead redemption and dynasty warriors 7 both of which i bought on friday so i'm pretty eager to play them online lol.

  • Bored

    COD4 for old times sake

    • mw2

      inti man cod mw2

  • Lewis

    It was my brother's birthday this Month 26, and he got COD: Blackops, I want to go on it on ps3, i already have it on Xbox but as we all know Ps3 is much better.

  • GLaDOS

    portal 2 FTW! the games beast and thats the first thing im playin when it opens (Supposedly saturday 1:00 GMT its bac up)


    Kill Zone 3

  • Ben

    Apparently any of my games with trophies won't even work offline because of those god damn hackers f**king up the network. I am stuck to playing Oblivion and GTA4. The first game i will play is Little Big Planet 2 or Black Ops, I hope for me and all other PSN gamers that Sony set up encryption and better safety for all their faithful users. PSN ID: BenjyIsAwesome97

  • Maxim786

    I want to get started with CODbo Zombies with my friends online. I have been following all the updates regarding PSN outage but never left a comment simply because its only going to winde me up even more so I m just waiting for Sony to finish the job which should have been foolproof and up to the current security standards in the first place but never mind. Keep up the good work Sony and It’s team. Well I have been enjoying my life as usual same as before. Patience is a virtue my friends.

  • CLT

    Mortal Kombat and Black ops forsure

    • Chris

      What’s you name I will get down on mk9 and cod Bo mine is Big Cizle


    Mass effect2 arrival as soon as downloaded

  • Tristan

    i just finished campaing homefront, want to start withe multiplayer. just got 4th prestige on black ops, want to rank up tp

  • japseye121

    well first mw2 is going to be the first game, and im not going to purchase anything form psn store… just in case this happens again and they get my credit card details -_____-

  • mike

    Mod warfare2 all the way baby.. never switch from my ps never………I'm (bransonmo) online ps network

    • jasper

      i will add you

    • lachlan mill

      i will add u mine's codzilla_359

    • TJ12

      Mines T-JIZZ97 add me i got a mic

  • Kyle

    I'm Still Antisipating Socom:4, so that will probably be my choice…..PSN Von_Slam_Stone

  • Jimmy Neutron

    Call of Duty Black Ops for sure I sure hope PSN returns soon =(

    • Ghost

      all hope to return soon, we are all bored of waiting maybe this week will be up

  • james

    i will play on black ops

  • dustin2


  • Dustin

    Modern Warfare 2 will be my game asap online..PSN FRANKNIZZLE101

    • Kelvin

      When PSN gets back online, the first game that I am going to play is good old CoD4! PSN : stealthy_monkey.

    • TJ

      you got a mic? and add me T-JIZZ97