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PSN Outage Continues, Sony Fails to Secure PS3 – Call Geohot for Help?

The PlayStation Network has been down for a week now, and it’s clear that the situation is arguably the worst incident to happen to Sony’s PS3 console ever since it’s launch in 2006. Credit card and personal information has apparently been seized by hackers, leaving millions of users in a state of disarray.

The worst thing about this, is obviously the fact that these hackers responsible could obtain your card details and use it for other activities. Other prior hacks to the PS3 were often deemed pretty minor, but since Sony has now has admitted that credit card information could have been compromised, it now turns it into a crisis for the company.

Where does the blame lie though? Obviously, it will be good news when these hackers are caught and dealt with appropriately, but we feel there’s millions of you out there outraged with Sony that they have failed to protect their system against such attacks. This is real money we’re dealing with now, and these hackers obviously mean business by going straight for the DDOS and Credit card loopholes.

Then of course, there’s Geohot – remember him? The very individual who first opened up the PS3 fully by revealing the system’s root key online. A lot of you may be placing part of the blame with him, but given the current dire straits that Sony are in, we’d say this is irrelevant. The guy clearly knows the ins and outs of the PS3’s security methods, even more so than Sony perhaps.

If he exposed the root key and completely made a mockey of Sony’s security, would it be such a bad idea if they were to ask him for help on how to lock the PS3 up against hackers for good? He probably knows how to – but you can bet he wouldn’t dream of helping Sony now after the way they treated him during the lawsuit.

These are just a few issues for thought. Let us know your thoughts on the security issue surrounding the PS3. What solution do you have for Sony?



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