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PSN Down: Security expert warns users should cancel credit cards

We told you earlier today that Sony had released more details of how the current PSN downtime started, and warned that user’s personal information may have been breached. While the PSN service continues to be down, a security expert warns users to cancel credit cards.

Marc Chacksfield over at TechRadar is reporting the expert from security specialist Sophos said PSN users should “cancel that card immediately“. Potentially at least seventy million users are at risk from identity or financial fraud.

The security expert Graham Cluely said “now isn’t the time to sit back on your sofa and do nothing”. He goes on to say the criminals who may now have the information, won’t just hang around and do nothing.

Other information at risk besides credit card details include, email account information, dates of birth, and names and address. A senior threat researcher form GFI Software Christopher Boyd, is also concerned about the risks of the data breech.

He said that the issue is really serious but wondered if details of all the PSN users were obtained, or just some of them. Another problem is that for the time being no one knows if there information has been obtained of not.

Will you be cancelling your credit cards?



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