PSN Down: Security expert warns users should cancel credit cards

By Gary Johnson - Apr 27, 2011

We told you earlier today that Sony had released more details of how the current PSN downtime started, and warned that user’s personal information may have been breached. While the PSN service continues to be down, a security expert warns users to cancel credit cards.

Marc Chacksfield over at TechRadar is reporting the expert from security specialist Sophos said PSN users should “cancel that card immediately“. Potentially at least seventy million users are at risk from identity or financial fraud.

The security expert Graham Cluely said “now isn’t the time to sit back on your sofa and do nothing”. He goes on to say the criminals who may now have the information, won’t just hang around and do nothing.

Other information at risk besides credit card details include, email account information, dates of birth, and names and address. A senior threat researcher form GFI Software Christopher Boyd, is also concerned about the risks of the data breech.

He said that the issue is really serious but wondered if details of all the PSN users were obtained, or just some of them. Another problem is that for the time being no one knows if there information has been obtained of not.

Will you be cancelling your credit cards?

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  • torchedearth

    1. Cancel your credit card, the company will get another one to you in about 10 days
    2. Change the passwords to the email account(s) related to your PSN ID(s)
    3. Buy Portal 2 – offline single player – and wait for PSN to come back up in style with a few good laughs.

  • Troy

    ok i dont wanna hear it from any one about there info being stolen. you risked that the moment you even put any of that on a computer which is unsecured to hackers any way. dont want tour info stolen dont put it on in a computer. even with this set back sonys still better than xbox.

  • Roo

    I had a 360 till it rrod for the 2nd time then I switched to ps3 in all honesty the 2 systems are pretty much the same. Ps3 wins out of the two because it doesn't charge for it's online usage and it's less likely to die. All in all anyone who swaps to 360 will be getting robbed $80 per year plus repair costs once your 360 dies. I'd rather the inconvenience of a couple of weeks of downtime and the extremely unlikely event of my credit card being used for which you will get reimbursed anyway then going back to a 360.

  • Burtus

    I have sold my soul to the devil and entered the darkside, me and 4 friends bought xbox today .. Sick of continual hacks and playing some games (MW2 in particular ) is beyond a joke with noobs hacking in and destroying your stats ..This latest issue is the final straw .. Still keep my ps3 for blu ray though !

    • mcdill

      Me2 is easier to hack on the xbox than ps3 between tranfercables and jtag witch can both be used then yeah its tons easier. I host 10 th movies. Gold guns, aim bot, hacked.names with xbox buttons for gamer tag, you will be #1 on the leaderboards for a while. Um see through walls and more. Xbox easy add me and my hacking clan ( Devils Alliance) Da ProdiigY, Da RealiisT, Da MonkeY, Da TriickY Mac

      • mcdill

        Pns OBK Prodiigy, Bad company 2, MW 2, black ops, CRYSIS 2

  • nshj

    you lot are crazy man, ps3 offline for a week and people are withdrawing and sshit hahahah

  • bill

    i really don't understand how everyone is so pissed off at sony for this, if a hacker wants to get in he will, there are still people hacking into banks and military networks to get information, so in my opinion sony bringing the network down for this long is reasonable and in the publics best interest, just remember even with out losing customers this is costing them millions of dollars everyday, so remember they aren't doing this for fun they are actually doing this for you and your security

    • mcdill

      Shit I have friend that hacked banks and moved funds to empty.accounts never used the money just to see if they.could. same kid was hacking nasa and the fbi when I went to his house then he took his comp apart and switch parts around and got on some other shit. Kids will always be kids. This one was 17 and smart as he'll goes to school at uga fully paid. So yeah if someone wants in they will find a way for some.its. mater of if I could or not.

  • Stuart

    Screw you traitors sony is one of the best and always has been, Its not there fault there are people who are never happy unless there fcukin some one over. I bet when psn comes back on this shit dnt happen again because sony will have it fixed what would you rather, it off for 2 weeks or it intermitent for 2 weeks. And all of you out there going with xbox its a shit machine that was made as cheap as possible(some of the dvd drives they use only cost 5 bucks. Oh hang on they do have one use, stand them on end and they are great for holding doors open. You may aswell go to prison as have an xbox because either way sooner or later your going to get a RED RING

  • panda

    Its not that Xbox live is more secure or that it is better. the truth being that even Xbox live can be hacked. all it was was that PSN was the target of the day. remember people, nothing is 100% secure if somebody wants to get into Xbox live hard enough they will. also anons MO is usually external DDOS attacks using LOIC. This was by what Sony says an actual access of the data, this does not fit Anons MO. this was probably some orginized crime syndicate or even might have been an corporate hack. it prob took a lot of funds and manpower to actually initialize this hack.

  • teddy bear

    Shame on Sony – get you act together!

  • Brucie

    Well I don't even have a credit card and I'm certainly not going to put my debit card in to ANYTHING online, so at most they have all the other info which I'm not sure they could do too much damage with that.

    As far as me being mad about not being able to play online games, I would like to be playing my games, but I've been playing Team Fortress 2 on my computer and it's brought some fun evenings, I forgot how fun it was.

    I understand why everyone is mad at Sony, but how come nobody is expressing any hatred towards the hackers themselves. In reality this could have happened to any company, that's why I don't like how all companies are trusting computers with their information. So you can let out all your anger at Sony (and yes, I agree, how they handled it was wrong), but the real enemy here is the hackers, and I don't think most of them realize the type of internet that the government has already started trying to put in place to stop them. But the hackers don't care, and will continue to do what they do, until our government has completely destroyed the one place where we had almost complete freedom.

    Also those that use similar passwords for PSN and their e-mail, should probably change their e-mail's password. Since the hackers supposedly got the passwords too, so your PSN password probably isn't safe to use anymore. Luckily, I'm an idiot and could never remember my password, so I was changing it every time I had to put it in (like when I went to a friend's house), and if I remember correctly, last time I changed it, I changed it to something real obscure, not that I can remember what it is.

  • JCPros

    omg.. everyone just chill the F out… Sure Sony might have delayed informing its customers but stop GD complaining. There is a problem and they are trying to fix it… First few days it was OH i can't go on psn to play my games.. then it's OH i can't go on to change my info… everyone's got something to bitch about… stfu already. When you were playing PSN for FREE, you weren't complaining.. now everyone's talking about going to xbox live… blah blah. Then you got some "expert" telling everyone to cancel their cards.. I'll cancel it after I see a weird charge thank you, you idiot.

  • R.Parkinson

    can you play xbox using a ps3 controller? its the only thing stopping me from going xbox!

  • Smithy

    Sony u FKD UP
    It took u 5 fkin days 2 tell us WTF MaN!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    inb4 same thing happens to xbox live.

  • dantevx

    Well good luck going over to Xbox people, they are getting hacked too ( Phishing scams on one of their most played games and no mention of it for a month? Yeah, reminds me that the grass is always greener…

    On another note, come on how long has it been since they are supposed to of had the personal information to over seventy million people? 4-5 days minimum and what have they done? Nothing. No reports of any one loosing money, identity stealing, hell no one has even had their facebook status changed.

    Could I ask what they are waiting for? For all banks and credit card companies to be on high alert and the majority of people to start cancelling their cards and change their information. That seems a little silly to me. Surely they would of been smarter and used them straight away before everyone knew what had happened. This whole thing seems to be hackers proving their point. That they can do it and they did do it.

  • Jesse

    I cancelled my card as soon as I heard yesterday. Better safe than sorry…….

  • JOE

    The same info that was stolen is the same info you hand away and more at times when you shop, the difference is the hackers don't have your security code! OMG how stupid can people be.

    Nice "bravado" mr. Im selling my ps3, 10 to 1 you dont do it.

    • Judas

      well if u trust hackers with your credit card info u better think again about who is stupid.
      Security code is a 3 digit number, so only 1000 possiblilties, they can hack the playstation network but wont be able to find a 3 digit number.

  • smacksuck

    O NOooz…they got my $25 PREPAID credit card info….*cries…

  • your mother

    does anybody know when the psn will be online again

  • guest

    I won't be leaving PS3 anytime soon….the only thing I'll do different is start making PSN transactions with pre-paid cards rather than using my debit card. I'll be keeping a close eye on my accounts and I will probably cancel my card and get a new one. It is a hassle, but it doesn't worry me too bad……As for Xbox? I have many friends who are on their second or more system due to red rings….I have owned this Ps3 for 3 1/2 years with the recent events being my only issues…..

  • Tuck

    I'm going X-box, and I know at least 20 previous PSN users who are doing the same thing. It's a shame. Sony had a good thing going, and they flubbed it up. Bad.

    • Lee

      Thats incredibly sad, buying a new console purely because you cant deal with no having online for a week or two? :/

    • Pete

      xbox is a pile of rubbish, ur a fool if ur changing console because of this.

    • PSN will be back!!

      Seriously? OH NO IT'S BEEN A FULL WEEK I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO PLAY PS3!! Big deal. Just because it's been down for a week doesn't mean you have to go out and buy an Xbox. If I recall correctly Xbox Live was down for almost 2 weeks back in 2008. It's not like it's never going to happen dude. If you can't go a week without PS3 then you need to get a life.

    • dshawn

      shut up your acting like its going to be down for a months stop being a baby and if you do switch well then you just wasted your money on the games you have on the ps3 playing online isnt every thing

    • mcdill

      I have had three xboxs sense the first day it came out. There crap. Xbox live is bad. They let people hack there games and don't do shot about it but erase there gamer score and call them cheaters. Lawl Da ProdiigY on xbl add me and see what they do to hackers I can still play and hack. They have shity customer service based in india unlike sony. Indian people are hard as duck to understand so good luck dear sir you will not like it. P.s. xbox ranges from 3 year olds to 65 year old men. Look up the 3 year old fight on halo it is a fact.

  • TKO

    I was fine with the network being down and everything cause my time to play is pretty rare at the moment, but now I have to worry about my card info being stolen is total BS. They say they have your card number but how can they not have your security code as well. You have to enter it if you plan on buying anything from the psn. How are they able to hack and get all of your other information but not that. I'm not going to get an xbox but it looks better and better after this kind of crap.

    • xPanda_87

      They have access to the card number because that's stored into your account for easy access, whereas the security code gets entered at the time of every purchase.

  • mish

    if the money is gone can u get refund later on??


    XBOX Here I come. Had enough, and frankly I'm not waiting any longer. For Sale 1 PS3, great shape and good for nothing. Sony your a joke, I think I'll even sell my new Sony LED TV.

    • Lou

      How much for the ps3? I'll take it

    • Overreact much?

      I'll give you $10 for both items.

    • xbox gaybox

      good riddance to you you fat FAIL! playstation will be better of without idiots like you! you go get yourself that xbox. you'l regret it within 2 seconds of turning on the stupid thing and realising you cant do half the things the ps3 could. so EEF OFF!!

  • ICE

    Another problem is that for the time being no one knows if there information has been obtained of not.


  • Sam

    Probably not. Anyway, if I see some unwanted transactions on my credit card I'll just call, get a refund and a new card.

    When my bank card was cloned I didn't even notice. The bank told me, I looked at my transactions and got refunded for the money stoled

    • i think you mean stolen not stoled

  • adam

    HAHA, it took them a week to find this out. How can psn users delete there credit card information if you cant even sign in? Honestly, the comments playstaion and sony has been giving 70,000,000 psn users has just been getting worse. On a good note they have said in there latest blog "we have a clear path to return online within the week."

    • joemama

      You can cancel your credit card idiot, through your credit card advisor herp derp.

      • pushingcone3236

        lol psn is a fail xbox live ftw!!

        • F U

          ur a fail

        • dave


        • dshawn

          yea I dont think so the ps has been out for years to come the ps3 on xbox 360 arent much alike except for the online gaming

        • mcdill

          Xbox live went down for over two weeks in 2008 also saying users are at harm for cc.fraud. you sir are a fail have fun with that.

    • ihavenoname

      no you muppet they mean cancel the actual cards not the info on your psn account…. that info is already out there