PSN Clarification: PlayStation Network Leak When Down

By Gary Johnson - Apr 27, 2011

The problems with the PlayStation Network are beginning to deepen as it goes into the second week of downtime. Yesterday we told you that Sony had warned that important personal information could have been compromised. Today we have PSN clarification from Sony of the issues of the PlayStation Network leak when down.

Patrick Seybold has posted on the official PlayStation Blog to clarify the situation with the reported data leaks from the PSN hack. He says that Sony first found out about the “intrusion” on April 19th, and quickly shut PSN down.

Sony then brought in outside help to work on the hack and to investigate the size of the problem. After several days of investigation the team of experts fully discovered the size of the personal data breach.

This is when Sony shared the information with the rest of the world. There is still no news on when the service will be back online, but considering the size of the problem could be quite a while yet. Keeping people save from further data issues is surely more important? Many people will be concerned that their personal information will now be in the hands of criminals.

It will be wise to keep an eye on your credit card statements and email accounts. Use the link above to see the post on the PlayStation Blog, and there is a Q & A section provided by Sony.

Are you worried about your personal information being stolen from PSN?

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    Sony <3 : ) ur the only hope we got

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  • TWiZLER_

    It would also be wise to just change your email password right away and change your secret question if it is the same as your psn account. This will stop anything from happening before it can happen!