PlayStation Outage 2011, Could PSN Problems Prove Fatal For Sony?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 27, 2011

We hate to keep going on about the week-long PlayStation Network problems, however as you can imagine it is probably the hottest topic on the web this week. Recently we read an article published by 360Magazine which asks the question: Could the PSN hacks mean the end of Sony?

Let’s start with the obvious, we think that the article is a little biased as it has been published by a Xbox 360-centric website, but the question is still a worthy debate especially as things like this have a tendency to snowball out of control.

It is inevitable that Sony will lose PlayStation 3 gamers over this problem, with some worried about credit card security and others getting serious withdrawals from online gaming we think that people will jump ship to PC and Xbox 360, but it’s not just this that is bad news for Sony.

Obviously some gamers will stay loyal to the PS3 and that is understandable, but we are worried about how unimpressed game developers and publishers will be by such an outage. Valve Corporation’s Portal 2 has probably been hit pretty hard by the down time as it hit the PSN on April 19th and the next day it was offline, surely this must have stunted sales through no fault of their own. Also the day Mortal Kombat 9 was released the PSN went down, people have waited for years for this game, and now must wait even longer unless they buy it for the Xbox 360.

We are worried about how this may affect Sony and the PlayStation Network in the future, if developers see the PSN as an inferior place to launch their games it could have massive repercussions in the long run. We could see exclusive DLC hit Xbox Live first and arcade games snub the PS3, this will result in revenue loss for Sony and ultimately could mean that Sony’s PSN will become unprofitable, also the more the PSN deteriorates the less people will want to pay for PSN+ access.

This article is massively speculative, however it is very hard to see how problems like this will affect things in the long run, we don’t think that it will mean the end of Sony, however we do think that it may result in the Xbox 360 being crowned the undisputed console of its generation. On the other-side of the argument we could see the PlayStation Network return better than ever we just don’t know what’s going to happen.

Do you think that the ongoing PSN outage will have a mass affect in the long run?

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    Well said L31GH!! They claim to hate sony and hack their network but instead of taking down the network they steal innocent peoples info….how barbaric.And on the network side again sony's network was extremely weak and i have seen this coming for awhile now,verizons weak network also just went down.Weak networks will go nowhere but down,nintendo's is not the greatest but is not weak and still running strong and they do not even have much experience with it,does not say much for sony.

  • L31GH

    I am a loyal PS3 gamer 1st and foremost but I have to say I was amazed to learn that standard encryption was not used by the network leading up to the hack to protect our personal details. Many like myself were probably oblivious to that until the hack leaked into the press. Yes, Sony have messed up but now hopefully they can learn from this and put things right.

    All the many authorities and organisations will be scrutinising their every move from now on, so you would have to expect Sony to conform to all the security needs and provide their gamers with the best security available on the market and set a new benchmark on security for its gamers.

    As for the source of the hack or hackers I purely think they are lower than the low and deserve the full brunt of whatever legal action can be taken against them from all nations. It is cyber bullying towards companies big or small aswell as an act of theft. It is purely to say to Sony and the world "look what mayhem we can cause" and that is it. My main gripe is that if the hackers have an issue with Sony and wish to hack them then why did they not simply just bring down the network instead of also wishing to compromise innocent peoples personal data and details in the process? Why the need to also include gamers like myself in their petty games with Sony?

  • Jim

    Just to be clear, this could not happen to anyone with a network like amazon or Xbox live. This happens because you have a weak network that you have to rush to introduce as you were not planning it running up to launch, and then you do NOT encrypt use data on your network, which is standard practice. You do this presumably because you are Sony and you are so big and you of cause know best.


    And you just did,lol Debating and crying are two different things.

  • Orpherus

    fans are loyal to Playstation – ultimately we have enjoyed years of free online capability whereas Microsoft have always had a subscription charge for their service.
    xbox may have been first with online capability but Sony have given us free blu-ray drives, the full internet, 3D gaming as well as HD gaming, so not only are their fans loyal, but they are loyal to their fans.
    what i do think there is a need for now is a payment system similar to the xbox's, instead of paying online via debit/credit card, utilise trophies gained within games, or incorporate a security system such as paypal.
    it's a learning curve for all parties and unfortunately for things to be improved they need to be proved to be flawed – this is how anything and everything evolves… the PSN will bounce back better than ever!!

  • Richard

    Fuck everyone, were not playing games anymore. Yall need to stop crying you little bitches. lol


    Sony's controller sucks and has since 1995!! They just cram sloppy analogs onto a controller launched in 1995 making it a thumb cluster for comfortable play,and furthermore the xbox controller has already proved to be better in every way including comfortability over sony's mess of a controller. The online communities are what seem to tie gamers to their machines in this era and with this outage loyal or not could have a huge impact on the console as tons in the last two years have already defected to 360 for their online needs.And to come to an end on any network being hacked is not an issue to whether a console keeps fans for an online database but whether real gamers expect a consoles functions to be offline and what it offers out of the box and after updates.Online does not justify a console being better in any way but is simply just a way to extend one's gameplay experience.

  • Sam

    The x box's contoller sucks! that alone will keep ps3 gamers loyal. I hope PSN is back soon.

  • prabs

    first of all this can happen to any network at any time. If someone wants to hack a system , they can do .
    it could of happend to xbox live and it could it happen to even amazon.
    Sony has been quiet, maybe they didnt know themselves fully weather account information was at all effected, and did not want to alarm users espeically if all information was false.
    This would mean that Sony loses consumer confidence, and many consumers will be reluctant to ever use credit details on PSN again.
    They have very loyal fans , however their will be a huge cut in the number of transactions on PS store in the future, they may intoduce a new point system to be the main method of payment rather than direct card payment.
    Its good time for sony now to cut console prices, and compensate customers with discounts. Of course its a free service, but many customers trusted this service with personal info.
    Our details are literally already flying around the global web , we are never safe , facebook ect , our identities are everywhere.

  • George

    PSN will bounce back from this issue there are way too many PS3 gamers out there that are still loyal.
    All they ask is that it never happens again and more explanations for what exactly has happend.