PlayStation Network (PSN) Error 80710a06 Explained

By Peter Chubb - Apr 27, 2011

As you may know, Sony PS3 gamers have not been happy due to PSN being down. Those who go on PlayStation Network (PSN) get error 80710a06, which has now been explained. The code is currently due to the maintenance guys, who are doing all they can to get the system back up and running.

The error code is to do with the current problems with PSN being down, and will be resolved once the update has been completed. Those services affected are Qriocity, PlayStation Store, and Account management. The latter is the worrying part, as we know that our credit card information could have been taken, and there is no way for us to gain access to our accounts.

When error 80710a06 first appeared we had just assumed that it was an issue with the servers, and that it would be up in no time at all. The PlayStation Network is now down for its 7th day, and the last we heard, it will take at least another week to rebuild the entire system.

When PSN first went down we were all in the dark, but now Sony has started to share information with us. They did not realize how bad it was, not until they got help from outside. We still cannot understand how Sony allowed something like this to happen, and those worried about playing a game with friends should not be so impatient – we should be more worried about the information leak, and be vigilant about spam emails and suspect transactions appearing on our credit card statements.

Are you more worried about not being able to access PSN or your credit card details being stolen?

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    When am I going to play online again?

  • bobsun 2

    i have been left in the dark as sony did not let us know
    i have format my ps3 and lost all my data they are vere slow to tellus

  • jay

    PS3 owner from day1 I spent 638 out the door. I've had 2 YLOD and on my 3rd. If you want to play online go get a xbox it's the online machine. Get a ps3 for a horse shoe sony did a bad job with the ps3. Sony looking like sega did at 1time JUNK

  • Bushido

    Sony wont let us down i know that for sure

  • Deadly-Automatic

    Damn now i can only play Call of Duty Black ops Split Screen or on Zombies… solo!!

  • dbk

    That's the biggest frustration to date is the lack of communication. It's nice to have an estimated time for the system to be back up. Luckily I didn't have any CC info on the network!

  • danny

    thanx at least i know how much longer i and many other will be without psn ,and if anybody with an xbox wants to comment then i can understand your dissapointment in not owning a ps3, and shouldnt u be playing it instead of commenting on something u dont own.

  • adey barker

    i have had money taken from my bank account and have cancelled bank cards now, pls be aware and do the same before its too late

    • bob

      call sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    for my son……VERY frustrating…….OMG another week!!!!!