Land Rover Defender Overhaul: 2013 Concept

If there were ever a vehicle that looked a little dated, then the Defender would be it, which is why there will soon be a Land Rover Defender overhaul. We can expect a 2013 concept, which will then go into production by the summer of 2015 – so not too long to wait. It has been reported that work has already begun, so we hope to see something very special.

Tata is said to have invested a huge effort into this overhaul of the Defender, and will offer a range of new body styles, such as convertibles wagons and pickups. According to AutoCar, Land Rover is still in the planning stages with designers and engineers, making certain that what they design can be done.

Sales of the Land Rover Defender have been very low just recently, with just 18,000 being sold last year. This could either mean that we are not interested in the vehicle anymore, or that the current design is too dated? Tata must feel that the Defender still has a lot to give; otherwise they would not invest so heavily?

We have to wonder if they are doing the right thing, sales of SUVs and trucks have been falling steadily in recent years. The reason for this is due to the fact that they have always been associated with low fuel-economy. However, we have seen in the past year that SUV emissions have been falling, but they need to fall a lot further if they ever have hope of getting back to high sales.

Do you feel that the SUV is a dying breed?



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