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iOS Location Concerns: Forthcoming Update and Q&A

The iOS Location Concerns may soon be over, as there is said to be a forthcoming update, which is expected to stop Apple from tracking our iPhone 4 and other models. As you would imagine, owners have a number of questions to ask, which is why Apple has now made available a Q&A.

There are no details as to an exact date of the iOS software update, but Apple expect it to be in the next few weeks, and they are still adamant that they are not tracking them. Having said that, most iPhone owners are still unaware of this problem, as well as the fact that the iPhone tracker is not that accurate.

AppleInsider has learned that Apple is to reduce the size of the file that holds this data, and then encrypt it. It had been reported that tracking is still occurring, even though the user had disabled location services; Apple has said that they will make sure that this issue is also resolved.

There are 10 questions and answers in all, some questions ranging from why are Apple tracking the phone in the first place, to asking if they are sharing this information with third parties? From what we can make out there is not much to worry abut, and most of it is just scaremongering.

Do you think that we are worrying over nothing, so is this update really needed?



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