Hydrophobia Prophecy Heading to Steam and PSN

By Tina Chubb - Apr 27, 2011

If you own a PC or PlayStation 3 and you’re familiar with the Hydrophobia game, which was originally released as an XBLA exclusive, then I think we have news that could be of interest to you. Dark Energy Digital has just announced that the Hydrophobia game is heading to both Steam and PSN.

However, according to a recent playstationlifestyle.net article written by Cameron Teague, the upcoming release – which is under the name Hydrophobia Prophecy – is not really a port as such, but more of a reinvention. The game features new levels, new voice acting and upgraded graphics.

Hydrophobia Prophecy will also come with new gameplay mechanics, a reworked back-story and even a new ending. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the original, Hydrophobia is a survival-adventure game that is set in the 21st century and sees players taking on the role of an engineer.

Dark Energy Digital’s Pete Jones said that the company could have just ported the Hydrophobia Pure game over to Steam and PSN, but they chose to go much further than that instead and create a bigger and better experience. The game is due to hit Steam on May 9th, and PSN after that.

You view screenshots for the upcoming Hydrophobia Prophecy game via the playstationlifestyle.net website. Have you ever played the original Hydrophobia game on Xbox Live Arcade?

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  • Cool, I wanted to try this. Now all I need is some Hydro Thunder Hurricane on my PS3 or Steam

  • upset at ps3

    Glad to know what content is coming to the PS3 network when the damn thing isn't up yet!! Glad to know Sony is more concerned about what to put on a network that isn't working instead of getting the damn thing up and running first!!!