Educational iPhone apps for kids, free Occupation Word Match app

By Marlon Votta - Apr 27, 2011

A fun way of teaching children about different people in and their professions is now accessible in a handy new application. Occupation Word Match is new free educational iPhone app for kids available on both the iPhone and iPad.

Help those little ones with an education while keeping them entertained with this easy use app. Get your child to associate the sound of a siren with the occupation without making their education apparent or tedious. An article by Yik Jin Low lets us know of this easy learning app and the uses to help kids progress.

The Occupation Word Match app has children moving names of each occupation into a box so they can hear the names and sounds of each occupation. Five different occupations are available introduced using sounds and words saying what job they do. For ten more occupations, there is an in-app price of just $0.99 in United States Dollars.

With audio and visual capabilities, teaching children to remember a doctor or a policeman can be easy and fun. For more on this free Occupation Word Match app visit the App Store.

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  • Justin Wright

    There is a FREE math app out there for young kids that has a flashcard mode or a game mode, and the user can view each math table individually or all at once. I thought that was cool for my kid because I haven’t seen anything yet that allowed him to go through individual tables. Another cool think was my kid could shuffle cards, reset cards or play in a test game very easily. Here is the link

  • anon

    I just found this great app for kids: Lazytown