Droid Bionic Pulled From Motorola Website, Possible Change in Specs?

By Jamie Pert - May 1, 2011

A week ago we revealed that the Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic release date had been pushed back due to some of the feedback it received at CES 2011, we heard how Motorola wanted to make some enhancements, however now it has disappeared of Motorola’s website, could it be receiving a more of an overhaul than we first thought?

Droid-Life noticed that it was no longer on the site thanks to a tip off from a reader, we doubt that the high-end handset has been completely axed, but maybe Motorola has taken it offline while they make some significant changes.

In a previous post we listed the Droid Bionic’s specs which showed that it would feature 4G connectivity, 4.3-inch display supporting a resolution of 540 x 960, 512MB of RAM, a dual-core 1GHz processor and an 8 megapixel camera with HD recording capabilities. All of these specs sounded pretty enticing, however things could be even better when the Bionic shows back up on the Motorola website.

According to PhoneArena the Droid Bionic would have featured a 1930 mAh battery, we know that 4G LTE connectivity is pretty harsh on battery life, but the HTC Thunderbolt 4G copes pretty well with a 1400 mAh therefore we don’t think that powering the battery life would have caused such a delay.

As and when we hear more about the delay and possible causes we will keep you posted, did you hear some of the negative feedback it received at CES 2011? If so let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Ramathorn

    the bionic is 512mb but its ddr2 ram not mobile ddr1 ram….huge difference first phone ever to have actual laptop ram. The atrix has a quarter of its ram only usable with the worthless netbook dock. So it all ready trumps on the atrix how it was


    It looks like the primary enhancement that they will most likely make is changing the RAM from 512 MB to 1GB since the AT&T equivalent, the Motorola Atrix, has 1GB of RAM.

  • Crystal

    I actually talked to a Verizon sales person about a week ago. I asked if it had been canned all together. He said not at all and that it would be out possibly late summer and it was just delayed. He wouldn't give anymore details about the specs cause he just didn't know them.

  • guest

    Bionic release date summer 2011

  • IO693

    Rumors have it that the form factor may be more like the Targa, http://androidcommunity.com/motorola-targa-droid-…. I think that would be a worthwhile upgrade, much nicer looking.

  • Droid Fan

    Just checked the Motorola site (27 Apr 2011 @ 7:30 Eastern). The bionic did not come up like it has in the past. Did a search for the bionic & I was taken to the fact sheet, which was dated 5 Jan 2011. Did they actually pull it??

  • It Is I

    Just search 'Bionic' on their search section, and you get to the Bionic page. Interestingly enough though is the fact that they removed reference to 512MB RAM on the page now.

  • ho0d0o

    There is no way in hell they are going to release that phone until it is on par with the Atrix. Verizon is the company that gave Motorola a shot with there original Droid 1, so it doublef-fuck pisses me off when I see the thing at CES with a lower clocked Tegra2 and minus 512mb compared to the Atrix (which went to the ungrateful AT&T) the company that wouldn't touch Moto with a thirty foot pole back when they came to them with there Droid1.

    They should be giving the better device to loyal Moto fans over at Verizon. We WILL buy a better Droid! Idiots! Why would they make two devices that are virtually exactly alike and dumb the Verizon version down!? The subject completely baffles me. SOOOooooo many people at CES were pissed off and had a ton of negative things to say to the Moto reps, I know because I was one of those pissed off people…

    BUT! ..and this is a big "but" ; they did stop announcement and the release date in order to add the things they "forgot" to add onto the Bionic device to make it more of a contestant to the already bucknasty "Atrix". I just hope they clock it higher and give it the 1gb of RAM it deserves! …*( and maybe something the Atrix doesnt have! FFS!!! )*

    • jayDub

      Their….not there!

  • Guest

    It's on their main page, but when you click to get information, it is not found

  • Guest

    Well… actually, I stand corrected… sort of. It's still shown on the site, but does not have a link to its specs, which I assume is what the author was referring to. Must be still in the pipeline, just undergoing some revision.

  • Guest

    Just went to Motorola.com and the Bionic is indeed right there on the site in all of it's glory… so….