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Droid Bionic Pulled From Motorola Website, Possible Change in Specs?

A week ago we revealed that the Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic release date had been pushed back due to some of the feedback it received at CES 2011, we heard how Motorola wanted to make some enhancements, however now it has disappeared of Motorola’s website, could it be receiving a more of an overhaul than we first thought?

Droid-Life noticed that it was no longer on the site thanks to a tip off from a reader, we doubt that the high-end handset has been completely axed, but maybe Motorola has taken it offline while they make some significant changes.

In a previous post we listed the Droid Bionic’s specs which showed that it would feature 4G connectivity, 4.3-inch display supporting a resolution of 540 x 960, 512MB of RAM, a dual-core 1GHz processor and an 8 megapixel camera with HD recording capabilities. All of these specs sounded pretty enticing, however things could be even better when the Bionic shows back up on the Motorola website.

According to PhoneArena the Droid Bionic would have featured a 1930 mAh battery, we know that 4G LTE connectivity is pretty harsh on battery life, but the HTC Thunderbolt 4G copes pretty well with a 1400 mAh therefore we don’t think that powering the battery life would have caused such a delay.

As and when we hear more about the delay and possible causes we will keep you posted, did you hear some of the negative feedback it received at CES 2011? If so let us know in the comments section below.



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