Bizarre World Records: Amazing Apps

For those of you who are fans of reading about various Guiness World Records, you are probably pretty familiar with some of the most popular ones. But what about the bizarre world records across the globe which are also counted officially by the company?

We have a few applications showing examples of some of the most bizarre world records out there, that includes the ‘biggest doner kebab’ located in Greece, and Stephen Taylor, also known as the man with the longest tongue in the world, measuring 9.4cm – incredible.

Details on those records can be found in the ‘Extreme World Records‘ App which costs $0.99 to download and it’s available right now. Another few bizarre records include the biggest dog in the world being the size of a horse, and the largest rabbit being around the size of an average eight year old – according to the ‘101 World’s Biggest Records‘ app, which also costs $0.99 to download.

Below is a photo of that rabbit in question – it’s almost unbelievable to think that it could grow to a size like that, reminds us of that ‘Honey I blew up the kid film’ with that giant rabbit.

What is your favorite bizarre world record?



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