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Work out those restaurant tips with free iPhone app

Adding up those tips at restaurants can be tiresome. You need help translating your currency to give an honest value to your service. Now you can work out those restaurant tips free with the iPhone app known as Tip Calculator ++ 1.0. This application is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Getting an accurate calculation can usually be time consuming. With Tip Calculator, the time spent in a restaurant can be used enjoying and relaxing without worrying about the mathematics of last minute adding up. The independent mobile app developer Spica have just released the Tip Calculator ++ 1.0 on to the market. For all those times when working out tips can be a problem.

Tip Calculator has a multiple tips feature for groups splitting the bill or those going Dutch with an independent partner. Other uses contain with or without tax charges for calculating percentages added to the bill. In addition, there is the feature of being able to choose their currency to add tax charges when tipping. Another option available is to send a free email to others about their tip.

Why spend time calculating an estimate bonus for your customer service experience or figuring out currency and tax between others. The Tip Calculator ++ 1.0 is able to do a quick exact tip calculation so you do not have to. This app is free for a limited period. For more information on this, visit the App Store.



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