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Windows Phone 7.5 is Mango Update: On Par with Android, iOS Yet?

We have some important news for those of you with a Windows Phone 7 handset, as Microsoft has accidentally confirmed that the highly anticipated Mango software update will officially bring the platform version number to 7.5.

Microsoft revealed the details on one of their partner websites, as a screenshot provided by WinRumors shows this. The line containing the details 7.5 has now been removed by Microsoft so it’s clear that this wasn’t intended to be public knowledge just yet.

Just to refresh, the Mango update will add multitasking support for Windows Phone 7 devices, as well as Internet Explorer 9 and Twitter integration. Those are the only confirmed features so far, and Microsoft has told everyone to expect it to land later on in the year, no solid date yet sadly.

Are those new features enough for you, for you to consider switching to Windows Phone 7 compared to the likes of iOS, Android or Blackberry? A lot of you will say that WP7 is nowhere close to matching rival mobile software yet, but a few Windows Phone 7 users out there may think otherwise.

We recently told you about a survey stating that WP7 will overtake iOS by 2015, but do you think that will happen, realistically?



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