The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Release Date Rumor

By Jamie Pert - Apr 26, 2011

The Legend of Zelda series has been a huge success for Nintendo and it can be argued that it has stood by the side of Mario and Donkey Kong for a long time as the leading Nintendo ‘crowd-drawers’ so to speak. Alongside the new release in the series for the Nintendo 3DS we can now announce that there are rumors about the release date for the game coming to the Wii.

While there is not currently a lot of information floating about on the new game MyNintendoNews confirm that it will be called The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword and is rumored to be released in October this year due to a reference in the latest Official Nintendo Magazine.

The game has been announced for a while but there was never a word on the release date, obviously we mustn’t take this rumor to seriously just yet, however we very much doubt that the Official Nintendo Magazine would get something like this wrong.

We imagine that more information will come to light soon, when we hear more we will keep you up-to-date on the situation. You can watch the game’s official trailer here, will you buy Skyward Sword on its release date?

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  • ganonking

    I would prefer and am hoping for a summer release, and i will definatley be buying on the day as soon as i can, if Im at school i shall be walking to to game straight after if it releases during the summer holidays as i hope I shall be in town as soon as the shop is open. I am very excited for this game and am sick of hearing people saying how they want something new, they have new gameplay and a new layout for dungeons, if it changes too musch it wouldn't be zelda anymore. I would however like to see voice acting in the future for NPC characters Zelda and Ganon.

  • Flying Shoe ILR

    I love zelda, but my patience is getting worn this time. Almost no info on the game after years of development and a release date that has been running a marathon around the calender both have made me a little mad at Nintendo, but I expect this will be good, though I wish I knew more about it. But if this gets pushed to the Wii's successor, that's it. I bought my Wii with the expectation of a Zelda game in the future (I got TP for the cube) and if they don't deliver I'm not going to be getting a new console just for that. Maybe if Nintendo focussed more on their hardcore games and their better motion controlled ones they would make the good ones faster an less crappy "movie-games."

  • Big Poe

    Will pre order Skyward Sword litterally as soon as possible. For me LoZ realy doesn't need to change it's formula, it works, though a tougher game would be more than welcome, too many wii games seem to go for easy "family fun" gameplay and it would be nice to realy have to fight to finnish this next zelda title. Personaly I hope they don't bring in voice acting, the series has always been strong on the music and other sound fx and clever use of silence for making its dramatic moments and i think it works amazingly this way. Improved cinematics and graphics would be nice but i think most importantly there needs to be a good overworld – like the hyrule field of OOT (or even the great sea in WW) not the odd little bits of space in TP and of course through that there needs to be enough optional stories and side quests to access as well as just the main story, that should give it some more re-play value. In short this game WILL be good thats been a staple throughout the series.

  • LinksLegacy

    I'll definitely get the game when it comes out because I've been playing Zelda games for the last 10 years. They have consistently been my favourite games to play, and I beat Ocarina of Time yearly. I love the epic adventure experience and atmosphere each game has to offer. Having said all this I don't believe the series has progressed enough in some aspects. I really enjoyed Twilight Princess because of its graphics and large game play but I found the bosses wayyy to easy. I understand a lot of children play the game, but I think it needs to be more challenging while battling a boss (more then just repeating the same pattern 3 times). I also wish they would add voice acting like SLAMMR mentioned. It would make the story much more engaging. Anyway I hope this game is sweet because I am looking forward to it.

  • BOSS

    I Will definitely buy this game on the realease date, I have played every zelda game and beaten them at least 3 times each and I plan on getting this game and playing it at least 3 times. I just hope that this game doesn't disappoint me because its a big step up from Twilight Princess because it is using Wii motion plus and TP didn't have that and TP was one of my favorite zelda games I really hope I will enjoy this Zelda game

  • Mal

    i will most CERTAINLY be buying this. it's supposed to have a different style and formula than previous Zelda games, which I'm pumped for.
    bring it.
    like, now.


    I will buy Zelda when it releases as i am a fan of the series and played and beat them all, however it is starting to lose its flavor for me, same ole story, formula, gameplay etc. nothing really new, should have darker story or voices or better cinematics/cutscenes. Voice acting would be cool, as it would tell the story a lot better, but Link has never spoken real english, so i don't expect it. It'll be a one-time play through then stored.