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Samsung’s New Smart TV Line, Redefining Home Entertainment

While some TV brands are struggling with sales, Samsung’s new Smart TV line has been redefining home entertainment. As a result sales have seen an increase of 50 percent so far this year, and this will only increase as our awareness for these new breed of televisions gains momentum. Things like Facebook, Skype and Twitter integration will only help this.

As you would imagine these new range of TVs not only look slick and elegant, but also comes packed with a host of features to further improve the entertainment experience. Not only do you have LED and 3D technology, but you can also download apps, as well as play games – all from the comfort of your sofa.

Samsung knows that they cannot just offer a new feature, such as these apps. So this is where the Korean consumer electronics maker really gets into its stride and shows the market just what it is capable off. So we know that we have the ultra-thin LED, as well as 3D and Apps, but what about Total 3D Solution?

Zawya explains that this is a “ground-breaking 3D audio technology”, as you get depth for not only foreground but background sounds as well. Add to this what is said to be the best and lightest 3D active glasses on the market, and you have a TV that will not only blow you away, but the competition as well.

Do you think that the range of Samsung Smart TVs is the best that the market has to offer?



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