Release iPhone 5 thin and sleek to the extreme

By Jamie Pert - Apr 26, 2011

Recently an article was posted on TomsGuide which spoke about the iPhone 5 and how it could turn out to be thinner than the iPhone 4, have a larger display, the same 960 x 640 resolution and a tapered, teardrop shape like the MacBook Air, we wonder whether all of this is necessary.

A comment on TomsGuide suggests that if Apple make the iPhone 5 super-thin and smaller than previous iPhones it would be a mistake. He explains that if there is no bezel there will be no way to use a protective case without covering some of the screen, also a smartphone needs to be comfortable in your hands, will a daintier be uncomfortable to use?

Another comment says that Apple should “go with thin and sleek to the extreme” and protective cases aren’t necessary if the smartphone is designed with this in mind. Recently we saw Apple unveil the smart cover for iPad 2, therefore it is clear that Apple are looking at more intuitive ways to keep their products from general wear and tear.

Many think that the iPhone 4’s form-factor is perfect therefore Apple should concentrate on fitting more advanced tech into a similar casing, but Apple tend to redesign and make their products thinner and lighter than the last, therefore we won’t be surprised if Apple do just this with the iPhone 5.

We would love to hear your opinions on this matter therefore let us know what you want from the iPhone 5 in the comments section below. Do you want a slimmer sleeker iPhone? Or would you prefer a smartphone the same size and shape as the iPhone 4 with upgraded internals?

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  • Guest

    That is way too thin. You want to feel like you’re holding something when you have it. I personally like heavier (not too much) and not too fat but not real thin. This ultra thin shape could be the reason I don’t buy it and stick to the 4.

  • Patrick Bachand

    Change inside……..faster processing, better battery autonomy and a lighter device.

  • Drew

    Same size is preferable but same shape is not a must. I thInk iPHone 4 is well adjusted to our hands. Apple should focusing more on improving the internal.

  • Dean

    It has to be thinner and lighter. But it cannot be any larger. Phones the size of the EVO are too big to comfortably keep on your body. It's also too big to hold in your hand and use as a phone. Great maybe for watching videos but that's not what I use my PHONE for. I have an iPad for that.