PSN Down Day 6: Wish List After PlayStation Network Revived

By Peter Chubb - Apr 26, 2011

Today we are calling “PSN Down Day 6” and now more than ever Sony PS3 users have been giving their wish list after the PlayStation Network gets revived. They need to offer something better, as not only are they now getting bored with the wait, there are even suggestions that some may jump ship and go over to the Xbox 360.

Once PSN goes live again they had better hope that security has been improved, it is so easy to say that better to be down rather than risk your credit card details being taken – but surely it would not take as long as this to resolve?

There are those who hope to receive some sort of compensation from Sony for all the downtime, but Alan Ng has been looking into the terms and conditions of PSN, and all we can say is, “Don’t hold your breath”. More details on this can be read in our recent article.

Now that we know that Sony will not give anything away for free, such as a credit, some users are hoping that we might get some new content once PSN is revived, such as a new costume pack for Little Big Planet 2, as well as Legend of Dragoon.

Sony had better get their act together and fast, as this is certain to hit sales of their PS3 console. Maybe once they do get things back online, then pushing some new DLC will go a long way into making things right?

What do you hope to see once PSN is revived?

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  • warriordude

    Cross-game chat plzzzzz sony. WE NEED CROSS-GAME CHAT.

  • HELP

    Is the down also affect PSN in the PSP? please help! im new in these kind of things…

  • ross

    when the PSN is revived, i hope to see a massive change in the layout of the user menu, PS Store, PS Home and some other new features

  • Tom


  • psn

    right the psn is down the world is not at a end go outside for once or play offline.
    can everybody stop whining

  • Anonymous

    GUYS! making a big deal over psn being down aint gonna make it better JUST WAIT it cant be down forever (that would suck though) use this as an opportunity to i dunno go outside and play basketball or whatever don't let call of duty run your life!

  • Premason

    At least another week (as of the 26th of April) before psn is back up says Patrick Seybold and went onto say they have yet find hard evidence that anyones credit card information had been stolen and even if the credit card numbers and expiration dates were stolen, the CVC security code from the back of your card were not obtained because the PSN and Qriocity does not ask for it.

  • Richard

    Sure this psn outage is a pain but there's always the great outdoors and if thats to much just play games offline. Aim to get all trophies or something and its not the end of the world. Don't blame psn its not all there fault its mainly the hackers who have nothing better to do with there time then F*** people round so give psn some slack and we'll be back online.

  • Dan

    we should get £10/$15 of psn cards when it comes back online!!!!!

  • The Lord

    These "hackers" have no life. It must surely suck to be a nerd who "wants revenge" holding a small grudge. These "hackers" should go outside, get girlfriends, or get some real jobs so they don't have so much free time on their hands. I also like how Sony put our info into a vulnerable situation. Thanks a bunch Sony, not only are you doing a horrible job, horrible customer service, and are barely putting out games. Your turning a loyal fan since the day of PS1 who doesn't even care about these dumb nerd games like COD into considering switching to Xbox. Not to mention your system freezes from time to time on the internet, and your services are lacking.

  • someone

    we should get somthing in return for god sake the hackers have tooken our money and we need a return thts jacked up if they dont i might as well go 2 the 360

  • Piragaash

    Sony is tryin there best to fix this problem xbox itself had the same problem I think in 2007 and it wasnt workin for 13-14 days. Just have to wait . I myself bought Mortal Kombat and cant play online but thinkin bout the future concern its good that they take time and make the system stronger.

  • xXxRAIDENxXx

    this sucks

  • -__-

    this is all bull they should of had some kind of backup system so they could still run online games but keep down stuff like playstation home or playstation store. its gonna be a week soon and this is RIDICULOUS

  • FFS

    A bunch of losers decide to hack the PSN to get our credit card details and other information its them we need to find no doubt they own a PS3 and come online and play to see how the system works. Lets locate these idiots. The amazing thing is i heard that there is some super computer powered by like 50 PS3s its not really that super if it can be hacked and shut down for a week.

  • josh

    they better give a free game out

  • ZedsDeadbaby

    Oh MY GOD! How can so many people be so immature and argue with this original post? It is ALL True. Yes the selling at a loss, and I'm not sure why everyone is so quick to compare xbox to ps3 it's apples and oranges? The xbox couldn't do HALF the stuff the ps3 could do right from the get go! Microsoft JUST started releasing in the past year xboxes with built in wi fi. So yeah xbox is cheaper but rightfully so. They offer less. They only play dvds and divx for crying out loud. This man is 100% right! Like he said, it's sad that so many people can't find anything better to do with their time. Take advantage of the fact that you don't have mates texting and wanting to meet online for some COD matches. Finish some other games you may have set aside or even read a book!? Come on people. I'm a playstation plus member and even I'm not that concerned…

  • George

    They owe people compensation because without the customers what would they be? how long exactly would it take to get back the money they give as compensation they are a huge company for god sake they can afford it.

  • Skeptic

    What I really want to know… is wtf Sony is going to do for those that have Pay2Play subscriptions… and Playstation Plus. Because, from my knowledge although people have been telling Sony their system has horrible security from the start. They've never paid attention to entirely until shit hit the fan. I bought and subscribed to DC Universe the day before PSN went down and I bought PS+ the day just before that. So I personally find this to be a bit ridiculous. But Hey. Sony is what it is. No deadlines and They give less information than the most secretive organizations Ive ever seen in my life. So I assume we should just sit and wait. But seriously Sony, that idea of giving people a few free months.. after they buy 12 Months is absolutely a slap in the face. "Oh hey, Buy 12 Months of PSN. Get 3 Free Months. This way we keep you for a whole 15!"

    • premason

      The truth is sony will do nothing to compensate its customers, why? Because we think we need them far more than they need us, people queing for hours even days just to be the first to have a game as though they're lives depended upon it.
      They own you so accept it because there is NOTHING you can do. Sony is a corporation You are a corporation or a legal fiction, by laws and quite a few statautory legislative acts are created and implemented for the soul purpose of protecting multi million pound, dollar, yen corporations. You, me or any other person will never figure in that equasion but more importantly it means they can make the rules up as they go along and we are left with no choice but to abide by them. Fact if you purchase something but whom ever you bought it from retains the right to predetermin how you use it and what you do with it then in reality you do not own it.

    • premason

      Sony gives you psn because sony knows no one is more pliable or compliant then some who thinks they getting something for nothing. When psn comes back online take the time to read there terms and conditions that you have to accept in order to access it and you will be left with no doubt that we the consumers are mearly an after thought and a means to an end!

  • Cosaga

    I got a pspgo the day it came down

  • Elaine

    @J4CK My point exactly give us some of the stuff the xbox offers.I find myself playing on the Xbox more now then ever!My OLD PS I got when they came out it has never gone out but my new one yah im on my 2nd in 2 years.Got it when it came out for the 700 dollars paid 150 to get repaired and had to bring it in every 2 mos before I gave it away and just got a new one. Playstation should have better deals on there games or do something for the people who long time customers who bought the playstation for a reason.XBox in the long run costs the same to maintain the diff between the 2 companies XBox will send you new box out while playstation charges you 250-300

  • Elaine

    I am just so glad that after my first PS3 broke down I got a 2nd one.And now its down from the hackers and playstation said on there site that it would be up and running as of April 26th 2011.But now mysteriously there are no posts on their site.What a joke playstation should give something to all its customers that out up with there crap!!!!!!!!just saying

  • Jeff

    I just read on msnbc that many many users info has been taken. I think thats something to be pissed off about. I know if there was a mishap like that at my work, alot of heads would roll. This is totally unexcusable, seems to me that they were not doing there job.

  • Dee

    everyone is misusing the term hacker. A hacker is a programmer. Someone that programs something to fill his or her own need and then more often than not will either sell it or give it away free. This is NOT what Sony is dealing with. They are dealing with crackers. People that look for and use exploits for nefarious purposes

  • Jolly Roger

    Sorry…no free stuff for being this long into lockdown?
    Sony's a reallllllll dick.

  • Will

    im paying for an online membership for DC Universe Online and if I can't play it why should I pay for it. I think all DC Universe Online members should receive the same amount of days free to play it as it takes for Sony to fix PSN at the very least.


    I'm not Angry, this isn't a big deal for me as Single player or offline local MP still works. Trophies unlock so all is good. Just hoping this gets resolved soon, so i can connect with my virtual buddies. Don't know why everyone is so stuck on Online multiplayer so much. It is not the end of the world. The games still work with limitations. Go outside, do some work, try exercise, you know it is good for you.

    • xXxRAIDENxXx

      im just mad cuz got mgs4 and couldnt play MGO that sucked grrrrrrrrr

  • Sony Representative

    The server will hopefully be back up by this weekend. Apologies for all disruptions caused and sadly the gamers turning to the Smaller Microsoft Xbox Live Community.

  • Gidhiim

    ALL you mofos are sad!

    • xXxRAIDENxXx

      so is ur mother

  • afy

    k fyn, if people are monin about it being free then fukin put a charge to it, and sony r hiding something from us!

  • Ps3 basher

    Ohh i have been playing the cod campaine mode for 6 days not and it is pissing me of i was suposed to bash out cod this 2 weeks of holiday and now its ruined because of hackers dame u all

  • xgamer

    i love these nerds telling every1 to go out n get a life ect when there sat on this forum to lmao@u

    • kania

      maybe there are ppl bored at work, getting paid to laugh at nerds having fits over psn being down. lol

  • Lauren92

    @tyrell (3rd comment)

    I just liked your comment, but before it was at minus one. I imagine that minus one was from mornelithe!

  • kenny

    sorry Xbox is still pants sounds loke a plane taking off i have ps3 and new xbox ps3 everytime , roll on the fix psn .need a fix of blackops

  • Krussell86

    Everyone sticking up for Sony can go brown nose them some more, if they did sell the consoles at a loss it wasn't for us you idiot it was so they can make a hell of a lot of money on the games and the accessories! I own over 20 games and have spent a fortune on my ps1,2 and both ps3's because one went faulty! I almost changed to xbox but the red ring of death was the ONLY thing that put me off! All my friends have an xbox and Sony are on the verge of losing me! This does not happen to Microsoft and if it did they would have been off for 48 hours tops!

    On a lighter note I would like to see ps2 classics or more ps1 classics added to the psn store!

  • King west

    ppl who knows when will psn comes back working . there r some ppl who said it will be back on tuesday but dey r fucking liers. so who have any clue .when will psn comes back working

  • lyle

    Wow psn was down get a LIFE or just get and xbox

  • King west


  • pacman123

    ok its annoying that the psn is down but its not gona ruin your life and why would anyone need compensation apart from ps+ mabe. the only stupid thing and all we deserve is a little more communication from sony like they said it would be 1-2 days before it was up we are on day six. rather than wasting your time hoping for the psn to come back up go outdoors do something else rather than gaming.
    hope its back up soon
    c ya

  • john

    Compare them to microsoft and the amount of update disruption caused be them, as long as they get it right when it comes back online…I wont really complain…..if it happens again then i will consider xbox!!!

  • King west

    when will psn comes back ???????

  • ceeH

    you know, the frightening thing is how blatently addictive games consoles are to justify this kind of vitriol.

    I've come to the conclusion that my priorities are truly out of proportion, I get the same feeling when I run out of cigarettes!

    This is a bad state to be in. I think all gamers ought to take a moment to think about that when they start banging on about which console is better when in reality it actually doesn't matter.

    People are getting blown up in Libya for f*cks sake…..for REAL.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves.

  • Nick

    Personally i think this is all pathetic arguing on what's consoles better, who pays what. isn't itmore to the fact that People enjoy playing whatever console there prefer and then having something go so wrong without any explanation, My whole family use the ps3 and we all are gutted and deserve an explanation but whatever it takes, 3 day or 3 months we will wait, after all its just a game at the end of the day, Has for compo, this should only apply if your personal info is compromised, and i do agree we do NEED to know

  • Kimi Raikkonen Rulez

    Guys , go outside and realise that PS3 being down isnt the end of the world ……

  • Mat

    We do still need at least a fairly accurate timeframe now though. To go this long is a joke.

  • Sanjay Doompah

    If it happens again im gettin an xbox ps3s are rip offs

  • bunt83

    joke psn they need 2 get this sorted asap

  • showtime

    Sony here is my solution, you have managed to install an update in the software that will not allow the PS3 to play any pirated movie that has a TS coded sound source and refers PS3 owners to why can you not do the same thing on the network that any alien behaviour detected from players or users buying PS3 products with fake credit cards they are instantly disconnected or shown a message stating "you are conducting illegal behaviour beyond your PS3 agreement and will be disconnected from the PSN, please contact blah blah blah" you already have software in the PS3 that monitors our every move and what we do how did this six days down time happen? when you have most of the tools and the knowledge in place.

  • Bunt83

    nice one im back on weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Stoner2k9

    I seriously believe that they should charge for PSN. If you want to risk playing your hacked PS3 over network then it'll cost you if you get caught. It'll stop the majority of the hackers and with the extra money maybe they could improve the service and even the PS3 system. I believe the PS3 console has so much unlocked potential which they could give if Sony could be bothered, or stop taking away!

    PS2 emulation, .MKV playback, lossless audio decoding, a better web browser, to name a few. This surely can't be hard for them to provide? Things like this would go a long way towards consumer satisfaction. Keep the customer happy and they'll come back.

  • Bunt83

    end of the day there a joke for not telling us anything and there a joke when there on bcos u get crap connection on games no wonder its fkin free and to the one who said sad ppl wi no life it isnt that its just when u wanna go on your ps3 u wanna go on end of and 2 c a bs ‘site undergoing maintainence’ message thats blks just p1sses you off. got nothing to do wi no life or saddo u lil idiot lol

  • dannyhefc69

    Get ye master systems out an get on alex the kid haha. Avnt played this is abr 15 years glad the psn went down or I wud never av 4t 2 play this haha luv it

  • Jonah

    i do agree that it is out of order that PSN is down and thet we hve to find out for ourselves, with no prior warnings , it doesnt bother me that much , I have a life outside the PS3 but it does annoy me that i cannot access my Ultimate team , i only really play fifa and lets be honest playing Fifa against the CPU barely gets your blood flowing lol …… so hopefully itwill b back up soon , i agree that PSN is free so shouldnt need to compensate but i paid near on £500GBP for my PS3 when first released , thats a lot of dough for someting i barely use , so i guess it doess annoy me a lil bit …….
    just stop moaning and hold tight sony have ruled for ever and always will one glitch thats all its not like its te RED RING o Death u get withthat Windows CACK !

    PS3 4 LIFE

  • JokesOnMe

    As far as buying an xbox just becuase the PSN is down, lmao… asif people really want a worse console because they dont have any offline games to play.

    Yes it's annoying that the PSN is down, but we, the PlayStation community, shouldn't fight with ourselves or against Sony, they've given us the Playstation console and years worth of gaming. We should aim our frustration towards those lifeless idiots that want to ruin millions of peoples gaming experience. 1 19 year old inbred virgin shouldn't be able to get away with this disruption. It started with a guy called GeoHotz, now a group called Annon?

    Your frustration should be aimed towards the cause of this problem, not the people who give you the console in the first place. People should appretiate what they have and what they've had for the last several years. Sonys ps3 is awsome and ill always be a fan, no chance ill change it for an xbox or be annoyed at them becase some inbred has no life.

  • JokesOnMe

    The PSN has always been free, so just because its down, we shouldn't get any free credit or any free dlc, it says in the terms and conditions that we all signed to, that they aren't responsible for downtime and things like that.

  • joshboi

    ffs i want to play online it is annoying but it has to be done so its fair enough but sony plz hurry up

  • Speaking_your_mind

    The only people wanting compensation are people who prob haven't even paid for their consoles yet because they've had it "free" with their mobile phone contracts etc. I've got map packs etc for black ops, they'll still be there when psn is back up and running. We're all in the same boat, so rankings aren't going to matter. Just chill, play the single player games on a higher difficulty or go buy a new game to play single player mode

  • Grant

    Wasn't XBL down for like 2 weeks once?
    anyway, if these security updates are to help deal with hackers then they are certainly necessary, hackers cannot be tolerated and the PSN was in dire need of strengthening anyway…
    Sony legally does not owe us anything, i'm sure they covered that in the terms and conditions we all agreed to and read *cough*

    • LOW

      No it wasnt down for everyone. a years after the 360 came out the servers were overloaded and some people couldnt get on whats going on with sony is something else all together and hope it gets fixed asap.

  • Gravy davey

    Kania has a point it is sunny out – I realised that zombies had pretty much taken over, I'm still not impressed that were 6 days into the outage but as a free service used by millions almost faultlessly for years it's ranked pretty highly in my books and this one outage would never sway me to Xbox

    • Hardy_1Man_Party

      They are asking for a wishlist item so I would say if they did upgrade anything I would wish for new courses on Call of Duty: Black Ops. As far as the outage is concerned, I think that Playstation just wants to make sure that all security threats are taken care of and not just done half ass so that everyone can be happy playing again. I rather be down a week or two than go back up and the thing goes down every two weeks for 2 days at a time. Get it fixed right so this doesn't happen again. Like everyone is saying it's a free service stop bitching and wait. Once it comes back up be thankful that you are playing for Free. Greedy lazy people, go outside and play.

  • Rabbi 87

    Look its a pain in the arse the network is down but you can't seriously believe you deserve compensation. The only thing I think Sony has done wrong is the speed of updates. If it's gonna be down for a month then just say so we know what's going on. I don't want to keep hearing a day or two….. I want a date of when it will be back on. Now that's not to much to ask!….. A bit of Honesty goes along way.


    sad people

  • Justin

    Many people are going to switch to xbox 360 soon sony. Im glad your trying and I would like more ifno on what you are doing.

    • phil

      heey justin. thank god i already have a 360!!!

  • J4CK

    psn doesn't cost s**t so why do you want compensation but if there is something that is given to us it will proberbly be something like cross game chat like the xbox has. the psn is not the best thing around but it is certainly up with the top lot so stop complaining ps3 will be cheaper than the 360 over a long period such as n 4 years my ps3 broke once even that only cost £50 to fix it rather than the xbox yearly fee of £40/$60 plus they have a lot shorter life span than the ps3 so stop complaining and just be pacient

    • caffman

      please tell me who has paid £40 for XBL? you can easily get it for £30. I spend more than that on one night out! And as for life span, I’m on my 3rd PS3 and my second xbox.

    • GreenCoyote36

      The XBOX came out after the PS3, so I dont understand why you think the PS3 price will drop faster…

  • nonohino

    All i can say is this has really impacted my on-line gaming. Portal 2 comes out and BAM … no online. There's a heck of a lot of emotion over this one.

  • kania

    Get a life nerds, there's sunshine outside play football, ride a bike. who cares that psn is down for few days, sony had its reasons to shut it down and your moaning will get you nowhere and surely will not speed things up.

    • kenny

      always a twat in the crowd and your it , thats because your piss at gaming and were the school bullie …looser

    • Richard

      I totally agree with you there people think there life revolves around ps3 and online gaming. Got news for those people it doesnt and people are ranting and raving because of withdrawl symptoms of psn .

      • niggerHatingMe

        Hey bitch come say that to my face and ill show you an outside activity when I linch you from my fuckin tree

  • Jack

    all the psn owe us is to ensure us that this wont happen again. if it does then a lot of people will just say fuck this and switch to the 360. But I wouldnt go wasting all my 300 pound just because the server is down

  • Brenden

    Thank goodness I still have my Xbox !!!!!

    • colggj

      xbox SUCK you pay 10$ per month even when your not using it

  • danny

    why not have compensation u dont get add ons for your games for free i paid for fight champion mode just to play online and now i carnt ,plus add on maps for call of duty black ops there quick enough to tell u that u must buy these to carry on gaming with everyone else

  • George

    You are wrong there sony should not have to give us compensation for the outage because PSN is a FREE
    online service. If Xbox live had an outage it would be a different story because their users paying 5$ a month
    for their services. Common sense :P. Sony do not owe us anything due to the outage, as annoying as it is
    Just Get over it. Seriously its sad that just because a online service is down its like the end of the world for you guys. You should be out and about instead of not being able to sleep because you cannot play Black Ops.

    When you think of it like that it makes you sound quite Sad…

  • Elliott

    My PS3 has broken been replaced (for a fee) and broken again in the last 18 months and now the PSN network is down annoyingly over the bank holiday so I think it is fair to expect some form of compensation (Which probably costs nothing to offer anyway) – eg. Free Skins, Access to a premium service for a month etc

    • Lieveo

      Ether you are having shitty luck or you are careless with your ps3… Same one from the start and no problems


    actually they aren't adding to it for free. they get paid to do it from the money customers use to buy the console and downloadable content. and people dont think they are owed something because other OS is gone its because online is gone. especially hard on PS+ and DCU online members as they pay for extras(PS+) and pay for playing their game online(DCUO)

  • Iceman

    As far as I am concerned, this whole situation was caused by Hackers, Freeloaders and Cheaters. Running Linux and coding have ruined excellent games such as Socom Confrontation, that became unplayable once invaded by losers.

    Exchanging PSN IDs and passwords to dowload content free also contributes to the demise of the whole system. If they sell the consoles for so cheap and dont charge for the network how do you expect themto devellop interesting content ?

    I would rather pay to get rid of the hackers and cheaters, yeah thats it, charge me for that. That way I will be able to enjoy my playing time without lifeless geeks ruining it all.

    • En2TheMystic

      Iceman i think u nailed it. I couldnt have said it better, Ive played WOW for years and have had no problems paying the 15$ I would do it as well for PSN if it meant the pussies hackers scratching for a new home to feel like a big boy.

    • Six feet under

      hell ya iceman

  • Bazza

    Who actualy cares about the issues that caused Sony to shut down the network, if my personal details were under threat then yes i would be, but i dont think personal accounts would of been Anonymous'es target if they had attacked the network. Sony did the right thing under the threat of attack but for Sony to do this, it must show that they had serious doubts over the networks security.

    Its all just a game of cat and mouse, will it happen again ? who can say ……………

  • umad

    umad bro?

    • George

      Sure, we don’t pay for the online service, but nobody has seemed to notice that the PS3 is the most expensive of the three next gen consoles. People have saved up twice as much money for the PS3 when they could have got an Xbox360 in half the time I think that based on that fact PS3 users deserve a decent explanation for what has gone wrong, assurances that it won’t happen again and yes I also want compensation. P.S If they can make it more secure now how come they didn’t do that earlier to avoid this down time

  • Admufc

    What they owe us ps3 fanboy is an explanation of how this happened and do the hackers have access to personal details. It's pathetic hearing you stick up for a billion pound company, like it's us who should be thankful for them providing a service!

    It's also called customer care you crank. If you don't want to p*ss off your customers then don't behave like Sony. Arrogance is what it's called I believe and yeah if I don't receive any goodwill from them my 360 will become console of choice.

    • Mallett

      This is not SONY's fault, you obviously haven't done much research but a new CFW (Custom Firmware, in case you don't know) was released that meant a jailbroken PS3 runing this new CFW was basically turned into a Dev console (developer). You should be thankful that SONY shut down the network when it did, or things could have been a lot worse.

      Also, they are rebuilding the network, from the ground up! they are working 24/7 to get the network back online, be paient, and give them a break.

    • MisterSIR

      dont be so pathetic, do you know how hard it is to emergency code it all back up, i should know, i coded a whole damn website, so you can recode it quicker can you? if not stop bitching, you dont realize how hard thier job is, they have to be constantly on surviallance to keep the damn hackers out, dont bitch at sony, bitch at george hotz who hacked it in the first place! you must understand that, so while psn is down go outside and play football or something, it wont hurt to be off psn for 2 weeks tbh mate, and recieve any goodwill? i would encourage them not to give you lot freebies, and if sony didnt shut down the psn because of the damn cfw then it could have all went tits up, and there having to recode psn from the ground up because of these stupid hackers who can never have enough FROM THE GROUND UP. it usually takes months to redo it all, there all working overtime and sleepless nights just to get psn up as quickly as possible for YOU, so show some damn respect. and no wonder sony are getting arrogant, because you lot wont get off there backs!! so the lot of you, sit back, shut up, and let sony do there fking job!

  • tomestone2000

    never buy a 360 or a slim or an eleate becase do you want to pay money for online £40£60. When if the internet is down you pay money for it to be wasted

  • GAmer

    I am fiending. Not enough to go over to xbox, because that would mean spending 200 quid. But what I do want is for sony to give an estimated time of completion. They said 1 to 2 days. Well thats been and gone. So will this be a maximum down time of a week? 2 Weeks? Give us a clue!

  • brandin

    they should give more features that the xbox 360 has because sony is really falling behind

    • wayne

      right sony is kinda GAY i would get xbox i juss dnt wana pay i could buy new games each month insted of paying

  • gags

    mr mornelithe

  • Four20

    For those people expecting compensation: What for exactly? Unless you pay for PSPlus, Sony arent obliged to compensate anyone as we are using their FREE service..

    If your thinkin of jumpin ship after 6 days without PSN, u really need to think about whats important in your life and probably go and get therapy.

    • Nisse

      PSN is not for free.. you need to understand that.. the price is included in the console itseld and also in all games and packs that they are selling to us.. So we have bought a console and games and therefore we have the right to play on the online system PSN… Nothing is for free my friend but if you pay for something…you should get the product and service you are paying for..
      Its like a busride.. You go onto the bus and PAY NOTHING.. but you have bought on monthly based card that allows you to travel by bus.. then the company have to send busses even though nobody wants to go on every ride… You see my point!!??

  • gags

    mr mornelithe, you reckon you've got it figured out ye? let me tell you something about the price of a ps3 which is almost double a xbox times that by the amount they've sold times that by money made from accessories times that by game sales that cost pennies and you get billions!!!!! yes billions of pounds yen or whatever you want to call it ….no one has to rewrite game code anymore if i can make a simple mirror image of my p.c. and re image after a virus or bug than so can they….and with no explanation thats just taking the iss out of gamers…you aint got a clue what your chatting about.!!!!!!!!!!

    • mornelithe

      God you're dense, they're not just restoring PSN to it's original state. You really think it'd take that long? Look beyond your own paltry experience with networks, and realize that they're completely rewriting the security infrastructure. If it was simply a matter of restoring from backup, everything would be fine. That doesn't fix the security loophole that caused the network intrusion in the first place, now does it?

      And I really hate to have to explain this, but since you're so completely removed from reality that you hadn't heard. The original PS3's cost over 800 dollars ($840.35 to be exact) to manufacture. Sold at $600 dollars. You do the math. The individual parts of the machine did not drop significantly enough in price, for the PS3 to become profitable as a single unit to Sony, until what early-mid 2010? Again, do the Math.

  • stevo

    it is a pain that the PSN is down, but i guess if it comes back with new improvements it will be worth the wait. it would be nice tho to have an update to the ps3 firmware so that MKV files and NTFS file systems are supported. that would be a nice treat for the PSN being down.

    • davy coperfie

      sony is suck

  • tyrrell

    mornelithe is a joke !!!!

    • Lieveo

      Hardly, dont you understand what he is saying you ignorant kid?

    • dudebackoff

      your the joke tyrrell f you and anonymous

  • mornelithe

    I'm sorry Peter, but do you code for Sony? Have you ever attempted an emergency rewrite of an active gaming network? No? So how would you know how long it takes?

    God you people are so thankless. They sell the PS3 at a loss, for years, at the same time, creating the PSN and adding to it constantly, for free. They remove one piece of functionality (OtherOS), used by…so very very few, and everyone feels like they're owed something. Get a grip. Sony doesn't owe you squat. If you're fiending so badly for gaming that the PSN being down will cause you to buy a 360, good riddance.

    • Chris M

      We should repeal the laws that are forcing Sony to sell products at a loss, they are clearly unconstitutional.

      Sony doesn't owe owners of ps3s anything other than letting them use their hardware as they please. You bought a ps3, you own the ps3 and you should be able to "hack" it however you want. It's yours. Sony can have a secure psn while also not suing people like hotz for modifying his own hardware. That model has worked for years with PCs and apps/games/websites.

      • mornelithe

        It's actually not uncommon for companies to sell electronic products or high-end equipment at a loss for a time. It's how they handled the PS2 also. However, the PS3's manufacturing costs out of the gate were so high, they felt (and rightly so), that they had to deliver it at less than cost…otherwise not many people would've bought a machine that expensive. It's not based upon law though, it's market competition.

        Usually the train of thought is sell it a loss, flood the market with PS3's, and make your revenue back from games sales. The only problem there was the timid response the PS3 got from launch, by the media, developers and a great many gamers. That put a huge huge financial burden on Sony. I mean, they gambled and kinda lost for a little while there, but they're rebounding now. It's just jerkweeds like Anonymous and George Hotz who only see the world through their narrow view.

      • MMARK

        Piss off to you too. You don’t store credit card info on a system with out asking someone if you would like it saved and then leave everyone in limbo. I have canceled my card connected with the network and it has been a pain in my ass. Sooooo. Forget you playstation network and everything that is so great about you.

        ps nothing is free on the network except the demo’s anyway you dumb arse.

        • mornelithe

          Canceling a card is a pain in the ass, really? What're you 16? This your first bank account or something? It's funny, because banks have account information lost routinely, and it's a pretty easy fix for them. In fact, it's also extraordinarily easy to call your bank up and tell them not to accept any transactions from any entity.

          Know your rights, and know how to deal with your finances, and you won't have these problems.

        • ANON

          you're very insightful and you have helped me become alot more timid about this whole psn issue so thank you

      • 1234

        It's wasn't for modifying his own hardware it was for profiting from telling others how to do so which is a breach of the end user licence agreement that comes with every ps3

    • Dave

      You twat, we are owed! Does your disability have a name? I feel sorry for you.

    • kenny313

      well said mate, BUT they should of had a plan in place incase of situations like this ! we all trusted sony which is why we bought the ps3, i personaly spent over £500 on day 1. they do owe us ! we dont pay for psn but we do pay for it in other ways! my ps3 wasnt a "bargain" even if they were selling at a loss. and with the cost of dlc and controllers at £43 a pop lets not feel to thankfull to sony! why the secrecy? they should know by now how long it will take to get going again, for every "genious" hacker out there sony should be hiring two just to stay one step ahead. just crack on and give us an eta or our psn back!!!!!!

    • Mathiusuk

      It's not an active system!!!!! It's been offline for a week

      • mornelithe

        5 Days, does not make a week. And so what? Do you pay for the service? The only people entitled to anything here are Playstation Plus subscribers. And the network was active up until the point of it being taken down. What I meant by 'active network' is you have a ton of people waiting to use it again. So, maybe populated network would've been more appropriate.

    • Keith Barlow

      Six days for an emergency rewrite, 0 days if things had been tested right in the first place, or did Sony not have a back-up and some hackers trashed their server. Worse still no explanation as to what is going on. You would think the japanese had learnt by now that being upfront about problems is the best policy (I was coding in 1968 in case you want to question my qualifications!)

      • mornelithe

        That's probably likely honestly, from what I've been hearing they're also trying to plug some FW loopholes also. I've been reading something about a CFW called 'Rebug' that apparently allowed you to add money to your wallet without…actually adding money. Then just buying games off PSN for free.

        Definitely something I'd want to plug ASAP.

    • boredashell

      Totally agree with you, and all the people who have agreed with this article or dissed you in a reply are totally wrong, pretty sad that they can't do anything else in their lives while the network is down.

    • Premason

      You are a gullible fool, if you truly believe, sony a multi billion dollar corp, operates at a loss for the benefit of its customers? If you really do? Why dont you also try clicking your ruby red shoes together 3 times while repeating there's no place like playstation home and see if that works!!!!!!!!!!!

      • mornelithe

        It's 12 noon, shouldn't you kids be in school?

    • PSN Down

      are you kidding me, they sold it at a loss for a few years because thats how the original design was finalized, what, we have to thank sony for not charging us 1,000 dollars on the original system instead of the $600. It was there design flaw to have it so expensive to begin with, especially with a competitor like XBOX offering systems for 400 at the time, and 300 now. What about the YLOD, I guess its not their fault right, wrong, they used f up hardware that overheats easily and cant handle the heat the fat PS3 generates, so all in all I have spent 400+300= 700, not to mention 60 dollar games, Playstation store games and add ons, and DLC for over expensive map packs. You see buddy, all in all, we are paying for the PSN slowly but surely, we spend a whole olt more than those 360 fan boys do on 1 year subsciption, hell we spend almost that much on one extra fucking over priced chinese made Dualshock 3 that should be sold for the price of 2 dozen toilet roll charmin ultra soft paper.

      • mornelithe

        Name any, single piece of DLC on the PS3 that doesn't cost equally on the 360. Ergo, you pay for the 360 service AND the DLC. Nice attempt at math, but it doesn't really work when you leave out factors that don't support your conclusion.

        No, you don't have to thank Sony, but you don't have any right to feel like they owe you anything. Even with the flat $150 rate of returning the PS3, you STILL haven't caught up to the cost of the launch model's manufacturing costs.

        And you want to talk about eff'd up hardware and the 360 in the same sentence? Really, you want to go that route? Yep, a few of the launch PS3's had a soldering problem. Deteriorated over a span of on average about 2 years, with a flat replacement cost of $150. The 360? Had a 30% chance of death upon pressing the on button, from purchase, for what 3 years until they made a revision that managed to keep failure rates under 10%? Yeah, you go ahead and you trust Microsoft there bud.

        • The SEAL

          Ok I'd agree with you mornelithe the only thing that bugs me is I wish they would give me an ETA for the reboot of the online network and yes 360 sucks for quality compared to the durability and reliability of the ps3 console I mean honestly has any ps3 user ever had the red ring of death like the 360 was known for NO and they are cool enough to give free online and allow you to purchase the games off the online network and provide backup for if ur system crashes and u haft to transfer all your data only thing of the psn being down that pisses me off is wish they'd give an ETA for the reboot but I'm also glad they are fixing all the holes in the network to provide better quality from hackers

        • mornelithe

          Agreed, knowing an ETA is absolutely within our rights…if Sony has one to give. If the redesign is as extensive as they're suggesting however (w/in the past couple hours news has broken that personal information was stolen from possibly all 77 million PSN subscribers), Sony may not have an accurate ETA. And we all know how much backlash Sony has gotten regarding faulty launch schedules. No matter what they do, they're pretty much screwed. I'd prefer they spend more time fixing the problem, than stopping every 20 minutes to give us a projected timetable that's likely not an educated estimate.

    • Jack Daniels

      are you kidding me, they sold it at a loss for a few years because thats how the original design was finalized, what, we have to thank sony for not charging us 1,000 dollars on the original system instead of the $600. It was there design flaw to have it so expensive to begin with, especially with a competitor like XBOX offering systems for 400 at the time, and 300 now. What about the YLOD, I guess its not their fault right, wrong, they used f up hardware that overheats easily and cant handle the heat the fat PS3 generates, so all in all I have spent 400+300= 700, not to mention 60 dollar games, Playstation store games and add ons, and DLC for over expensive map packs. You see buddy, all in all, we are paying for the PSN slowly but surely, we spend a whole lot more than those 360 fan boys do on a 1 year subsciption, hell we spend almost that much on one extra fucking over priced chinese made Dualshock 3 that should be sold for the price of 2 dozen toilet roll charmin ultra soft paper.

    • PSGURU

      you go girlfriend!

    • GodofWar

      'They sell the PS3 at a loss…' Where's any evidence for this? Therefore I'll presume untrue.
      'God you people are so thankless….' Err excuse me but Song isn't a charity, I'm not donating my money for their hard work – I've invested over 500 quid of my hard earnt cash in their consoles, games etc and I think I'm more than entitled to be angry when they're online system goes down and little to none info or updates are given as to when it will be back online. Please get off your soapbox and understand the fustration of the consumers.

      • mornelithe

        The evidence is freaking everywhere. Use google, it's a pretty useful tool. Ooooooh 500 quid!!! My word, that's just a whole heapload of…oh wait, I put more than twice that into my Gaming PC. Call me when I'm supposed to care. Which will be about the time you research these things on your own, and educate yourself.

    • Kurt_rambis3

      good lord people… FREAKING OUT. go outside and do something productive. quit acting like your life is over. i paid for playstation plus, and really don't expect a compensation or anything. when i woke up thursday. it was down, so i googled what happened said that sucks and went outside.

    • janac3

      What about the people who bought DC Universe? They have to pay to play that game…. being it is strictly online maybe something could be done for them. Others like me waiting for it to be turned back on is just gonna have to suffer.

    • Ronald B

      Im an accountant and trust me, SONY DOES NOT NEED TO SELL PRODUCTS AT A LOSS, you are a moron if you believe they did so…

      Im also a PlayStation PLUS subscriber and the PSN is down for me too…even though im paying for it(o.O)…you may not feel they have an obligation to us but i do so STFU

      • ZedsDeadbaby

        Wow what are they just giving accountant jobs to anyone nowadays? Yes, as a matter of fact they do sell it at a loss. Just like alot of things. Milk in grocery stores is often sold at a loss, to get people to come in and spend money on other things. The same thing, applies here. Sony offers up this high end machine for x amount of dollars and they make you spend y amount of dollars on software and accessories. How much money do you think it takes to stamp out a game? They don't have an obligation to us. If anything we have an obligation to them. Stay strong! IF you're a blue jays fan you cheer for your team win or lose right? Same thing applies here. And don't use your job title like that, it's shameless.

    • vlad komarshchuk

      ppl who just switch to xbox are total fags, the will have problems sometimes and this is one of those times psn users get a grip and try think of what psn has to offer (1) psn has free online unlike the xbox (2) ps3 controller is not backwords it is the way it should be (3) ps3 have games that xbox will never be able to get, i know that the xbox has some aswell but the games are not as good, so please stay with the ps3 dont go when it needs you the most stay strong and hope for the best

      thank you.

    • premason

      The truth is sony will do nothing to compensate its customers, why? Because we think we need them far more than they need us, people queing for hours even days just to be the first to have a game as though they're lives depended upon it.
      They own you so accept it because there is NOTHING you can do. Sony is a corporation You are a corporation or a legal fiction, by laws and quite a few statautory legislative acts are created and implemented for the soul purpose of protecting multi million pound, dollar, yen corporations. You, me or any other person will never figure in that equasion but more importantly it means they can make the rules up as they go along and we are left with no choice but to abide by them. Fact if you purchase something but whom ever you bought it from retains the right to predetermin how you use it and what you do with it then in reality you do not own it.

    • fhnxvm

      your an idiot who the hell do you think you r talking to people like that this is a free world and anyone can say or express themselves without having assholes like you who have to bash anyone who wants to express there frustration

  • taj

    whens it comin back