PlayStation Network is down, so what – Sony doesn’t have to reimburse anyone

By Alan Ng - Apr 26, 2011

With the PlayStation Network still down for millions of PS3 users across the globe, there has been a lot of discussion on whether Sony should ‘reimburse’ customers for the five day downtime, despite the fact that it’s a free service.

Although it’s obviously extremely frustrating for those of you wanting to enjoy some online gaming, Sony isn’t actually under any obligation to reimburse customers, as those of you who have recently studied the company’s Terms and Conditions for the PlayStation Network.

Below is a portion of their T&Cs, as taken from VGN365 which shows you exactly what you are contracted to each time you sign into the PSN:

”No warranty is given about the quality, functionality, availability or performance of Sony Online Services, or any content or service offered on or through Sony Online Services. All services and content are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” with all faults. SCEA does not warrant that the service and content will be uninterrupted, error-free or without delays.”

So can as you can see, those of you hoping for a free game or similar goodies don’t really have an argument here. Of course it would be very nice if Sony do decide to offer something to PS3 gamers as a way of saying sorry for the downtime, but again they don’t have to.

Hopefully the PlayStation Network will be back up in the next few hours, as this has gone on long enough we feel. Let us know your thoughts on it. Are you a PS3 gamer who feels that Sony should give something back to the community?

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  • david frost

    i wonder if and when the psn is online are sony going to charge for a secure online gaming like microsoft do with the xbox shit happens just be glad that your breathing sony will sort it mind you i wouldnt mind being in a room with the sad hackers who did this and dish out some whoopo ass


    I'm not Angry, this isn't a big deal for me as Single player or offline local MP still works. Trophies unlock so all is good. Just hoping this gets resolved soon, so i can connect with my virtual buddies. Don't know why everyone is so stuck on Online multiplayer so much. It is not the end of the world. The games still work with limitations. Go outside, do some work, try exercise, you know it is good for you.


    Why comment if you don't even have a ps3, great you got a sweet deal that know one else would of been able to get, but why?


    then why the hell r u posting if u havn't got a ps3?

  • upset at ps3

    If it isn't back up today, I will be trading in my ps3 and getting an xbox. I don't care about exclusives, all I care about is functionality. I am an ONLINE gamer.

  • DomjUK

    They don't have to reimburse anyone but I bet it is costing them a fortune, it will soon turn people off buying games for the PS3.
    I bought one for my 360 instead of the usual PS3 because I wanted online play over the weekend. Game and Gamestation in the UK are offering free swaps of old PS3 320gb for brand new 360's. I can bet a few people will take them up on it.

    This is a complete disaster for Sony and they only have themselves to blame, a company with 70m online users shouldn't be able to be brought to its knees by a small group of hackers.

  • kisha

    i was in the middle of downloadin songs 4 singstar wen it went down ………will i lose them songs or will i have 2 pay 4 them again……………..please come bk on

  • jamie

    i hope so because i want to play homefront and crysis 2

  • Tom nicholls

    I'm bk in work today soaking up the rays u shud all get sum sun we'll b bk online soon prob done us all good Avin this little break

    • 111

      feels good to be out side again.dont understand why a lot of people are bitching,we all need a break from playing time to time

      • mornelithe


  • Ghost Mula

    I for one being a loyal PS user (9 yrs and counting) know that won’t get anything free from Sony. Their customer service sucks. Have you ever acually called Sony for customer service? Not just for playstation but for anything? You hang up more frustrated than before. Fact is we are gamers that have been spoiled with free service and Sony knows it. They know once they hit the switch to turn the PSN service back on all the gamers will totally forget once they get their COD black ops fix. Sucks that they know this to be true and deep inside all of us PSN users no it too…

  • Man

    I would like my 5 day weekend back and the psn to actually be online this time. lol
    But all jokes aside, you're right. They don't owe us anything and I don't really car whether we get compensation or not, just as long as it comes back online for the rest of my long weekend (currently 1 day left)

  • olli