Nook Color: Android eReader Update, Lacks Versatility

By Peter Chubb - Apr 26, 2011

We already knew that the Nook Color was going to receive an update in April; we also reported that it has now gone live. However, there are still reports that the Android eReader update lacks versatility. We cannot say for certain if it is still an issue with Google’s mobile OS, or if it is a fundamental issue with the hardware itself.

No matter what way you look at it, it will never seem to match up to Amazon’s Kindle or the iPad 2 – or the original iPad come to that. OK, so we know that it is a little unfair to compare the Nook Color to the iPad, as they are two different beasts, but they both run a mobile OS – so they are kind of similar.

eWeek are those who believe that the Barnes & Noble device will never match the two mentioned above, and have even given ten reasons why. Five of those look at why it lacks versatility, and for the most part we would have to agree – but do you?

There are a few areas where the Nook Color does a better job than the Kindle, but they are few and far between. However, the only thing that the eReader has going for it against the iPad is its price. The Nook is trying to be far more than just an eReader, as it comes with a number of pre-installed apps, but unlike David and Goliath, the giant is winning this battle.

Do you believe that the Nook Color with its new Android update still lacks versatility?

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  • Wally

    What does "lacks versatility" mean? I think it is tiresome for self-declared "experts" to declare that the nook color is somehow a failed competitor to the iPad product. Yes, they are "kind of similar" and yes it is (more than) "a little unfair" to imply that the only thing that matters is whether a product matches Apple's. I think that the rise of all the Android products (including the nook) is looming up in Apple's rearview mirror….hence the "experts" have to write summary reviews that say nothing except the headline "Lacks Versatility." Huh? How about a product review from the site that actually review the product?

  • Karyn

    No, I can't compare it to an iPad or Kindle, but I love my Nook Color! The update is awesome too!