Nissan Leaf and other electric cars got good results in crash testing

We all like to hope our cars are as save as they can be, and despite the many recalls that seem to affect certain vehicles these days, manufacturers continue to design many safety features into their models.

In recent tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found the Nissan Leaf and other electric cars, got good results in crash testing according to an article on Autoblog by Jeremy Korzeniewski.

The electric cars which also included the Chevrolet Volt had “Good” results in crash tests for front, rear, side, and rollover crash protection. The testing was carried out in exactly the same way as any other vehicle is tested.

They also got good marks for their standard electronic stability control, and joined other economical cars such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight by earning the Top Safety Pick title. This news is added to the Nissan Leaf recently winning the Car of the Year award.

There have been questions raised before about the safety of electric cars and their high voltage systems, and whether they posed an electric shock hazard for occupants or rescue workers. Below you can see some electric cars as they are put through some crash tests.



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