Nintendo Wii 2 Will Offer Unique Gaming Experience – Your Ideas

By Jamie Pert - Apr 26, 2011

Nintendo-Universe said today that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has spoken briefly about the Nintendo Wii 2 and he says that the console will “offer a new way of playing games within the home.” This statement is sure to raise the bar on what we have been anticipating from the second version of Nintendo’s popular Wii console.

His statement raises many different discussions centring around the debate for what the new console will bring consumers at E3 2011 and what new features it will have. It seems to say that there has not been anything like it before which suggests that maybe it goes above and beyond anything we have seen from the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii so far. Surely this would mean that there would be no Move-like motion controller and no Kinect-like motion sensor.

It is hard however to imagine what it could then be, and we want to know exactly what Satoru means by his statement, does it have literal meaning or is it just a way of building hype for the console?

We have no idea what this console will use as controllers or how the console will work. What do you think it could use and how do you think it will top what is already on the market at the moment?

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  • I’m very interested to know what the name of the new console will be.

    Will they think up a whole new name like they usually do? Or will the adapt the household name of the Wii. I personally hope they keep the Wii name, it’s too well known to just throw away now.

  • justsomewalker

    maby its one system that can streem different games to different recivers at the same time so one person can play one thing in one room and another person in another room

  • joker gallagher

    i think that the new wii of "stream" well build on the ideas of the wii BUT at the same time provide and cater to those who are core gamers but still give them something to build on. i think that by both new names given to the system "cafe" and "stream" that online play and social gaming well be part of the big picture. its also bin said that the 3DS well be part of the action as well. so i see even social gaming heading in a direction like that.

    the new controller ideas coming out of a controller with a touch screen gives a lot for core gamers and those developers that want a more traditional controller but still providing them with something new that well inhance game play like menues maps or a privet section of screen to use for mulitiplayer games

    and im sure that things like HD or 3D well be part of the new systems offering but even with all that , yes im excited BUT im still left hoping for that next level of motion gaming to be kept with the system like haveiing different controlls for different games not just one. a combo of kinect and wii would be amazing but not in the stupid way sony did it rave ball controller.