Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): Best Fatality in the Game

By Alan Ng - Apr 26, 2011

After having had a chance to play Mortal Kombat thoroughly, well maybe not due to the PlayStation Network downtime, we want to know which fatality is the best in the game, in your opinion. Is Quan Chi the clear winner for you, or does Kung Lao or Kabal steal it?

If you have the game on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, you’ll have a good idea of the fatalities for the characters we mentioned about. Quan Chi has a rather nasty one where he continuously beats the opponent to death with the opponent’s leg after ripping it out of the socket.

Kabal on the other hand has an equally as nasty fatality, one of which has certainly raised a few eyebrows since he performs a disembowel technique, ripping various stomach contents out of his opponent with his trusty blades.

Then of course we come to Kung Lao, and his infamous fatality where he drags his opponents body through his hat on the ground, slicing him in two and then holding up both halves proudly. That fatality was the one which was leaked everywhere prior to the game’s release and got every pumped up since it was a clear sign of Mortal Kombat’s return to the gore which everyone had missed since the days of Mortal Kombat 1,2 and 3.

Do you agree on the above fatalities that they are contenders for the best in the game, or do you have another fatality which you think is the best? Let us know your choices below. On a side note, click here for a video guide through all of the fatalities in the game.

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  • Jeremiah

    Scorpion's 2nd Fatality is the best in the game. He takes out his spear and impales his opponent, then he wraps the chain around their neck and opens a portal, kicking them in while stile holding on to the chain. Finally, another portal emerges, and the opponent's body comes out, completely skinned, showing nothing but muscle tissue and skeleton, while Scorpion holds their body up by yanking the chain, hanging them in the process.