John James Audubon: Explanation of Google Doodle

If you have already used Google’s home page today, you would have noticed the search engine giant has a new Google Doodle. The site regularly has different Doodle’s celebrating various birthdays of historic people. The explanation of today’s Google Doodle is the birthday of John James Audubon.

He was born on this day in 1785 and was a French-American ornithologist. He was famous for his paintings and descriptions of North American birds. Also a naturalist and hunter he was born in a French colony of Saint-Domingue which is now Haiti.

When he was eighteen he set sail to the United States in 1803, that‘s when he become John James Audubon, after changing his name from Jacques Fougère Audubon. He was encouraged by his father with his interest in nature.

He spoke of the birds actions during the seasons with their migration and return. His work and influence on ornithology was held in high regard, Audubon was quoted three times in Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

To learn more on John James Audubon head over to Wikipedia.



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