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iPhone 5 In September, Timing of 2011 Release

Rumors of the release of the iPhone 5 in September have been gaining momentum, as the timing of the 2011 release could be very important to Apple. We all know that the company usually releases their new version of the smartphone in June, but for some reason it has been suggested that the fifth-generation will be later this year – for what reason, we do not know.

We cannot say for certain if the iPhone will be launched later or not in 2011, as it is all speculation and rumor at this point. However, it makes sense, as the Verizon version has only been available for a few months. We have to wonder if they might be trying to keep Big Red customers happy, rather than worrying about AT&T?

Let us consider that this is all part of Apple’s strategy and that they wanted to delay the launch this year. This would mean that both the new iPod Touch and the iPhone 5 would launch at the same time – just before Christmas. Now this could go either way for the company; what way it goes is anyone’s guess.

It is no secret that most iPhone 4 owners will wish to upgrade to the new model once released, but will they have the money to do so three months later into the year? That will only be two months away from Black Friday and three months from the holiday season. If we look at it like that, surly Apple will try to launch the device a little closer to the current iPhone cycle?

Do you think that the iPhone 5 will be released in September, if so how will it affect sales?



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