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Good Time to Invest in Silver: Apps for 2011

It seems that it is a good time to invest in silver in 2011, much like gold had been last year. There are those who believe that the price of silver is in a bubble at this time, but some experts think that it is not true. To give you an idea of how the stocks are going, we have managed to find two apps for 2011.

Before we look at these apps, Silver-Prices has been looking into this whole bubble situation and how it is impossible to tell if it will burst – that’s if there is one. Looking at the graph that we have for you below, you have to wonder if the bubble will indeed burst, as it seems to be following a pattern.

Now on to the apps, the first one that we have for you is ‘Silver Price’ and is free. This is a fast way to check the price of silver, and gives you the price in U.S. Dollars, British Pounds and the Yen. You will also be given details on how much it is to buy and sell.

The second app is called ‘Silver Chart’ and will cost $2.99. However, this app has much more to offer in the way of information. This not only gives you live silver prices, but also historical ones as well. You can look back at the last 20 years or just 10 minutes ago; this will give you a greater insight into how well silver has been doing over the years.

These are just two silver price apps, we hope they help?



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