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Game Night: iPad App for those fun family or group gatherings

Got relatives coming round or a group of friends a new app is available to make a fun night of it. Game Night for the iPad is the fun app for those family or group gatherings.

Using two game modes with more than 2200 words installed this app will socially captivate its audience. Game Night brought to you by JBMJBM, LLC gives you and your collective group hours of fun, there is an adult word category function that is available for those naughty or risky entertainment fans.

The two game functions to use contain the timed and the pass mode. Timed mode gives groups a certain amount of time to think of as many words using hints and clues to find the right word. After the time has expired, obtain a score when you add the correct words obtained, and then pass it on to the opposing side for their go.

Pass mode is more like a pass the parcel version, a certain amount of time is available, once the right word stated they then pass the screen over for the opposition to guess. You can only pass when you have guessed the correct word, so when the group left possessing the device after the buzzer has sounded time out, they will then lose that rounds point.

Word categories will involve everything from Entertainment, Food, The World, Places, Animals, Sci-Tech, Companies, Stock Symbols, to Sports & Games. Addition applications can be available to buy like Urban Dictionary and Adult, with Wedding Shower, Bible and Baby Shower apps all coming soon.

Whatever the group size, a friends or family gathering, this app will provide endless fun for all. For more information on Game Night for the iPad, visit the App Store.



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