Credit Card Warning: PlayStation 3 Network (PSN) Down For Maintenance

By Peter Chubb - Apr 26, 2011

Sony has now given a credit card warning concerning the PlayStation Network (PSN), which is still down for maintenance. Well we say maintenance, more like a complete rebuild of the system. The update that they have given on the PlayStation Blog does not look good for you and I, as they admit that some of our credit card details could have been acquired.

In the coming days all PSN users should expect to receive an email of the statement that they have provided on their website. If the idea that our credit card details have leaked is not enough, we also have to wait a few more days for the service to be restored in a limited way. Whoever is responsible for this may have now affected the lives of millions.

In one sense you can admire how Sony reacted quickly to this issue and closed PSN so nothing else could happen. However, we have to wonder how anyone could hack into a system like this where we thought that our credit card details were safe? That is not the only information that could have been obtained; also details such as name and address, date-of-birth, email address, as well as your PlayStation Network password details.

We are now being advised to be vigilant when it comes to email scams, which ask for credit card numbers, among other personal details. If you are worried in anyway, then visit the PlayStation Blog, where they have phone numbers of credit bureaus.

Knowing something like this certainly makes you weary about trusting your credit card information online. For years my father refused to even have an iTunes account for fear of something like this – who knew he would be proved right? Let us hope that Sony offer some new content once PSN goes live again.

How concerned are you about this credit card warning?

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  • Robert

    ps3 is down for a full week now -.-

  • Lee

    should still be information on what credit card you used for the purchase on the system Joe.
    so the hacker could see what you bought how you paid for it and date etc..
    give your bank a ring so if any 'dodgy' sales on your account happen can be rectified quicker, or just cancel that card just to be safe.
    other details like name, address etc.. will just have to be a hope and see matter i think.

  • joe

    what if you delete cc info after each puchase?

    • Gazza

      then you should be ok Joe

  • thomas

    what are u doing turn the ps3 back on before i cry

  • Miska

    If identity theft does come out of this, it's going to quickly go from slightly disturbed customers with a slight inconvenience to a huge raging mob. I think Sony's in for a world of hurt either way.

  • Dee

    Sony runs the PSN the way TEPCO runs nuclear reactors.

  • Dee

    72 hours to download my personal info is not reacting quickly in my book not only that but the hacker had the 17 to 26 to idk sell or do what ever hackers do with personal info im pissed.

  • Gazza

    Thanks sony for the up date but 6 days to late i willl not be buying of the network again by my card i will be buying the ps3 account cards from the shops from now on.I can understand being hush hush about some things but this sony no this is our lifes your messing with not yours Im pleased i dont leave my card details on my account i deleat straight away so there wont be any problams and i do hope a lot of you do the same but im sure a lot of you havent so i would check your account and hope nothing has happend and put your cards on hold for now just to be on the safe side hope its not to late.This will do SONY a lot of damage i dont know how they are going to cover from this one.