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Buy your White iPhone 4 from Best Buy on April 27th too

We have some good news for those of you who still insist on picking up a White iPhone 4, despite the seemingly imminent arrival of the iPhone 5 later on in the year. Some fresh intel has revealed that Best Buy will also be stocking up on the elusive White model.

An image obtained by Engadget shows a new inventory screenshot from Best Buy which clearly states that they will be stocking the 32GB White iPhone 4 on April 27th. We’re guessing that they’ll also have a 16GB version available, although it does seem strange that Apple hasn’t made any official announcement, since the 27th is just 24 hours away.

This isn’t the first time either that we’ve seen the April 27th date associated with the White iPhone 4 and it also falls right in the midst of Apple’s Tweet by Phil Schiller that the White iPhone would be available this Spring.

As we mentioned above though, it will be interesting to see just what the demand for the White version is like this time around. Every current iPhone owner on the planet should know by now that the iPhone 5 could be coming towards the end of the year, so it maybe a decision you live to regret if you decide to still get a White iPhone 4.



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