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Visuals and Functionality After PlayStation Network (PSN) Down

There are a number of reasons why gamers have not been able to get on to PSN over the weekend, but it seems that a few fans are hoping for visuals and functionality after the PlayStation Network (PSN) went down a few days ago. This could be the reason why the service has been offline, ut we already know that they are re-building thier system.

Looking on PlayStation Blog, many members believe that Sony is planning a huge surprise – well it would have to be pretty big to lose the amount of money they have in recent days. There has been talk that those who were considering getting a PS3 have now changed their minds and gone for the Xbox 360 instead.

It is so hard to believe that Sony would take PSN offline for days just to offer improved visuals and functionality; this could have been done behind the scenes until it was ready to go live. If this would have been done then the service could have been down for a short amount of time instead of days.

Sony is having to rebuild the system, and are said to be working all the hours to bring the PlayStation Network back online. It is for this reason why some are hoping that there will be new visuals and functionality, only time will tell – we just hope that it will be sooner rather than later. Most PSN users now hope that there will be additional security once the service is up and running. We recently asked if you would pay for the PlayStation network if it meant no downtime?

Do you expect to see anything different once PSN comes back online?



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