Sony PSN Down, New Update Gives No Details

By Jamie Pert - Apr 25, 2011

Many questions have been asked about the reasons for PSN’s down-time at the moment and stories have circulated about whether a system can ever be ‘hack-proof’, an update has recently been posted on the Playstation Blog, however no important information was revealed.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time” was the message from Patrick Seybold, a Sr. Director for Playstation’s Communications and it doesn’t give PSN users any explanations or new dates as to when the system will be back up and running.

“We’ll keep you updated with information as it becomes available” he also mentioned which suggests that the work at Sony is no way near completion. Sadly for PSN users there is more waiting to come whether it be hours, days or weeks we think that Sony could be doing more to keep gamer’s up-to-date on the situation.

The post on the blog also thanks users for their patience which is odd seeing as most web pages and blogs are filled with negative comments from unsettled and angry Playstation gamers who are very impatient when it comes to waiting for PSN to be back up and running.

Are you upset with the lack of information Sony has given us regarding this issue?

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  • GreenDevil

    It just pisses me off that some no life loser may have my personnal info. Seriously Sony should have had our info secured and the playstation secured period. I just wanna play a few games, but thats kinda hard when its been down for 10 DAYS!!!

  • xXepicskillsXx

    i hate this i just want play psn with my friends.

    • urabitsloweh

      im just playing offline racing games or portal 2 splitscreen till it comes back up for black ops online.. you still get the

  • Gazza

    Two days with out a up date and then when they give us a up date thats all they give us what a JOKE

  • Dan

    my new x box runs real well. the controls are not the same but IT WORKS!

  • ps34life

    Sony is like our current dictator/president, they say alot without saying anything at all!!

  • Delanie aka "Lexi"

    Honestly I'm not upset. Ok Mayb a little, but as I see it, our complaining doesn't speed up the process of getting PSN back. Im somewhat glad it's down cause it's gotten me off the game and more into my school. Who knows how long it'll b down. Hopefully no more that a couple of weeks at the most. For now, just play offline (as if we had a choice).

  • GadaffiDuck

    oh well. i got soo bored i went round my gfs mums house and ended up helping her do stuff around the house because my girl wasnt in :/ but at least she said i can stay over when ever 😀 giggity goo 😛 silver lining eh lol

  • FeeCeez

    The PSN works just fine. All you have to do is go into your systems menu, then click on… wait,..oh no,..I just sneezed so hard I felt something shoot into my pants! ..Oh god,..It smells,..please help me..need mop.

  • Duck

    Maybe they don't want to appear vulnerable by telling people what went wrong. It might invite more people to get at them the same way. Maybe Sony will be more open once the problem is solved. Obviously they don't want to be offline any longer than they have to. They must know how bad it looks for them. It would probably look worse though if they come back and get shut down again right away.

  • Mike

    I am not angry about it. Then again, I am an adult and not a teenager that does nothing but play video games all day. However, it is irritating that Sony is not providing their customers with a better explanation or timeline. I think that users are more upset about that than not actually being able to use the service. I also read somewhere that Sony is offering a promotion to get an extra few months of plus service for free when you purchase a year subscription. All that is going to do is turn customers off even more because now it seems like Sony is turning this into an opportunity for advertisement of their plus service. How about giving everyone a 3 month trial of the plus service without the requirement to purchase a year? Or how about $20 in playstation store credit? Both seem like better ways to compensate customers.