PS3 owners may switch to Xbox 360 after PSN down

By Gary Johnson - Apr 25, 2011

The PlayStation Network continues to be down, as Sony are supposedly working on the service to make it more secure. We have had loads of comments from PlayStation 3 owners who have said they are even considering dumping the PS3 for an Xbox 360.

It looks like the downtime will continue into its sixth day and it is not only annoying for PS3 owners, but Sony must be losing plenty of money after all this time. Most of you won’t care about Sony losing some money, and will more concerned about getting back online and playing some games.

While gamers wait for the service to come back online we thought we would ask you our readers, if you are considering an Xbox 360. So tell us what you think and take part in our poll.

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  • dark

    People are actually mad because some are switching to xbox360, lol!!! why do you people care? it's not your business, if they want to switch, then that's their business.

    PSN is down, so how does playing on live a downgrade? the fact is, psn is down and xlive is'nt, so it's logical that some would switch to the working service.

    Also, for all you people saying, there's more to gaming than online, what? this gen of console's was designed for online play, that's where you get the most value from your game's now day's, the developer's definitly develope their game's focused on the online play.

    So, if online is'nt important to you, then why are you here? stop being fangirl's, if someone want's to switch, then what is it to you? i myself have'nt switched, but if i did, would it affect you? i don't think so.
    You people are actually getting upset, you are actually, saying bad thing's about the 360, as if it will scare ps3 gamer's off from buying a 360, i have to tell you, i does'nt and will not work, so stop with the fanboy comment's.

  • Matthew Chapple

    Sony need to be shocked into actually doing something. The only way to hit them where it hurts is their profit margin. I am heavily considering switching to a Xbox after the release of information suggesting it will be down for 26 more days until the 31st of May.

    They provide no information to us, no updates, no eta, no what they are working on. Why should we stick around if they can't be bothered with us?

  • silent_knight91

    lol u ppl are babies…theres no evidence that anyones info has been used in a fraudulent way, and since they dont have the CVC there's only so much they can do with the info.
    As far as the names and adresses well u can go thru a phonebook and get that…im sure when the PSN comes back on this week (which im pretty sure it will) ppl are gonna feel stupid for switching to another system just because they couldnt play online for a few days…who gives a f***…
    play single player,get some trophies, go outside..get some p* just stop actin like its the end of the world just because SONY had an unforeseeable breach of security just as MANY big companies have, even branches of gov't including U.S. Dept of Homeland Security….shit happens, bein a baby and switchin consoles wont do anything IF ur info got in the wrong hands…

    but o well…hope u guys enjoy ur 360s and whatnot -_-

  • david robinson

    Not happy with sony. and yes, i have traded in my ps3 for an xbox. i didnt hesitate. its not just about gaming, its about fraud, identity theft, and the fact sony allowed these idiots access to ALL MY DETAILS !! in my eyes, the damage has been done and this shouldnt have been allowed to happen in the first place. so offering "freebies" as a "were sorry all your details were nicked, however heres a free game" just doesnt cut it for me, thats why i have now sold my ps3 and got money for it whilst its still worth a few bob. sorry sony, but youv lost a load of loyal customers (like me) and you will never recover from this, no matter what you offer to your customers.

  • LOVEallGamingSystems

    DONT SWITCH.. wow its only a week! RELAX! ITS gonna be ok… for ppl like me that likes all systems.. i dont care about microsoft or blah blah.. im a true gamer i like ALL GAMES on ANY systems. play offline get trophies. its gonna be back.. BUT for some ppl that dont have a wii or xbox360.. just a ps3 .. yea i kinda feel you on not gaming online you get kinda lonely. need to socialize lol.

    and ppl stop saying "go a book" I DONT READ BOOKS.. I DONT BE OUTSIDE 24/7 after i go outside for 3 hours then go inside then wat? WE ARE GAMERS!! we play games lol. think about .after a long day from work .. u think i wanna read a book or go outside? noooo!!!

  • xtoxiikHD

    My comment is hacked if u thumb up it

    • xtoxiikHD


  • xtoxiikHD

    this comments hacked if u thumb it up

  • Hecto

    Here it is! PS3 is an awesome system! I’m a big guy and I hate the small ass controllers. Xbox system breaks too dang much. It sucks, but the controller is perfect! Put an xbox controller on a ps3 and i am sold, but throw psn in the trash. XbL is much better. Sorry…. its the truth. Get what u pay for, psn + free = s**t.

  • Panda

    LOL, Liten to all you PS fanboyz. Xbox live wind PSN hands down in every department, well except that the PS3 is technically better, but they cant evem do a better job with better hardware. Guys, give it up already. PS3 is old crud, even nintendo are handing it to you now. Home = LOL.

  • biglamb

    I think there will be some changes. I mean there are already lawsuits being files against Sony because of the intrusion. Keep in mind that though XBL went down as well it wasn't a hack of this magnitude. People are switching over because the network id won but because of the security implication. I can't blame anyone that does make a switch, in my opinion its probably a safe move after this latest Sony debacle.

  • I don't feel the need to buy a 360, because my friend already has one… even then, I couldn't afford to buy a 360 and games anyway, not that I'd want to. Of course, even if my friend didn't have one, I wouldn't feel inclined to spend the 300-odd quid for the setup 😐

  • Loser

    Damn..forget buying an XBOX….they sux!!
    But I'd have to thank the hackers…partially…for the down time!!….since then I've been out hanging with my Girlfriend and taking her out more than usual!!…
    ….now geeze guys!!…get off your gaming addiction and do some socializing instead of being frustrated over nothing to do!!….Bwahahah!!

  • smokeweeed

    just came back from selling my ps3 and getting xbox…xbox is pretty good now that i had the money to buy it and try it for the first time online!!! black ops=0 seee ya losers wit your ps3 with no online

  • Ps3owner

    you know im just gona buy an xbox 360 controller and black ops for pc to play it online then you have the feeling that ure playing on xbox so why trade youre ps3 in if you have a good gaming pc =s that's just the dummest thing you can do ;f

  • marhorn

    Halo Reach!

    • mornelithe

      I'm actually not a Halo fan, not that it's terrible or anything, I was just playing other FPS' on PC, that simply offer a variety of better features. Unreal (the original) was an extremely well-established and community supported multiplayer deathmatch style game when it came out, and MoH: Allied Assault, Breakthrough, Spearhead, Call of Duty 1: United Offensive and Call of Duty 2, were all still extremely popular titles (also equally heavily supported by the player community).

      More recently there are games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Call of Pripyat, and Arma 2 that're simply astounding games. While the graphics are indeed much better than the consoles, the real goodies come with their physics engines, environmental effects, particle physics, realism, and complexity. Not necessarily everyone's bread and butter, I know, but I love the hell out of those games.

  • 360 gamer

    Ha all calling xbox . I switched to xbox and find it a lot better ye you pay but in my opionion you pay for what you get obviously you are all biased don't knock it til you have tried it . Since I have been on xbox it hasn't gone down once . Plus I have played both and one thing about ps3 is the pad is crap but you will only realise after playing with xbox pad for few weeks. One last thing I can't believe your defending Sony and all your bank details have been robbed if that was me I would be fumin and f**k em off streight away well I'm going for a blast on xbox live ha ha

    • James

      well said!

  • glitterandguns

    no matter how long the platsation network is down i would NEVER ever waste my money on a xbox. Sorry but ive seen to many of my brothers 360 units and his mates get the red ring of death and never work again and watched them spend countless amounts of money re buying the units only to have it happen over and over, my bro is on his 4th xbox now and he is more keen on my ps3 than his unit, he has left his paid account expire and does not think to highly of re newing it. and big wow the people who took the network offline might have my home addy or phone number, i pray for them to come to my door so i can pound their maggot faces in 🙂

    Even with the fact that my credit card details have possibly been stolen it still doesnt change my mind, its a damn shame thats for sure and i would rather it didnt go down like that but ive cancelled my card and have a new one being sent out to me.

    Xbox is a rip all the way you think bill gates needs any more money hes one of the richest people in the world yet he makes people pay for something as simple as online play.

  • Gillessssa

    By the way the ps3 As more potential
    ! Main reason y people tried to jailbreak the thing

  • Evan

    when was the last time xbox live
    came down what maybe the original 1.0 v
    servers yes there already down because they
    were costing them money so what
    at least ur paying for security and not a
    black oval box that over heats and explodes
    in ur face

  • julian

    i would never switch to xbox, ps3 is the best console on the market in my opinion, and with that being said nothing is perfect and their will be flaws… sony will get it fixed, although it is annoying and has been 6 days, but it is for the better… hopefully, i am a true ps3 fan.

  • josh

    it is quite sad that people can't have their PS3 for a few days, they need to go and get a life. And it has only been 6 days and people are saying they are going to change, wow that is what you call sad!

  • joe

    If you were all smart you would be complaining as well if people are saying ahh its ok that its been down for a week then your basically inviting them to do it again in the future. as well as the fact that if everyone was upset and demanding compensation they might actually get some. I was going to buy socom 4 and now will continue to play cod.

  • Ryan

    How can you say the service is free lol 300 ps3 70 dollar games 50 dollar controllers 30 dollar headsets plus an internet provider downloadable content like map packs and any other accesories you may have… the service is far from free

  • Ryan

    this is unacceptable i pay a monthly fee for dc universe online and now what am i paying for. I owe and x box and ps3 so im going to be buying x box games in the future not ps3 unless they come u with some free downloads for compensation

  • Guest

    The thing that pisses me off the most is that Sony won't give any updates!!

  • TalPav

    I like fps do you?

  • guest

    nope luvssssssss my ps3

  • Lisa

    i miss the ps3 online gaming but i would never go and buy a xbox jus because of this as i am a dedicated ps3 fan and all the years i ve been online sony ve provided a great free online service.Yeah they are having some issues right now but these things happen whats a week or even a month without online gaming?its not the end of the world.My ps3 is staying put it ain't going NO where and never will so as for getting a xbox NO CHANCE :L