PS3: Hacker Proofing PlayStation Network (PSN) While Down

By Gary Johnson - Apr 25, 2011

The PlayStation Network is still unavailable at the time of writing, as the problem continues for best part of a week now. We told you yesterday that Sony were Hacker Proofing the PlayStation Network while it was down. But will they be able to make the service safe from hackers?

We are still seeing many fed up PlayStation 3 owners commenting on PRs pages, venting their frustrations at the long downtime of PSN. But if Sony can not only make the service more secure, but also improve it, won’t this prolonged outage be worth it?

Many gamers prefer playing their PS3 games online, for instance there are people who have the Call of Duty franchise who only use it online without ever playing the campaign mode. Trouble is will PSN ever be safe from people wanting to hack into the service and take it down? Tell us what you think by taking part in the poll below.

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  • My business card have been stolen ! Thx Sony !!!

  • kyu

    im sick of this i realy never appreaciated the online network. but since its down i realy miss it

    but once i get back online i wont t-bag people in nazi zombies when there about to die πŸ™‚

  • cptgg

    come on people you aint going anywhere jus be patient n we will be online again aint the end of the world ..and you know you aint going to get xbox then you have to pay when ps3 its for free and a better relax take a chill pill and go clean yo room lol …

  • xbox 360 rocks

    get an xbox 360 you could never hack micosoft.

  • ibra

    someone now what time it come back?

  • afgh

    As a gamer and a long time fan of the PS3 I think what ps3 network is doing is awsome, sure they're down but once they're back up, it will show a lot more improvement, maybe they can come up with some counter measures and stop people from hacking the network, it is not their fault, that just show how some people tend to do with their time, instead of doing some productive, they're willing to destroy something they have no business messing with, they're immature and selfish, but hey lets give ps3 a chance to fix thing right.

  • guest

    ps3 will take about a week i would think to get back online and every system should improve there online because xbox might get hacked too and sony needs to get there online back on some people only play online.

  • camzzzy136

    Microsoft – dont care about hacking compared to sony so people dont want to hack the proper company
    Sony – Always care about hackers so peeps cheese them off

    I Have both systems ps3 80gb And xbox 360 slim with kinect ive had my ps3 longer and i love my xbox more now that ps3 are having all these problems

  • pezmeister

    Everybody who is talking about going to a different platform needs to calm down! I bought my PS3 upon release and until now have enjoyed hours upon hours of FREE online gameplay. Of course your gonna get an agile who has nothing better to do to ruin a good thing for everyone cause they have no friends and no life. So I say don't just throw aside all the great things SCEA and Co. Have done for us gamers just because someone decided to be an ass. Like other people said nothing is hack proof. All it takes is someone with a grudge and enough time on their hands to hack a system. It just sucks they picked PSN. Probably some butthurt Xboxer all mad they have to pay for their online gaming!!! LOL!!!

  • kent

    if it takes a year to fix r.i.p playstation 3

  • josh

    I will never go to the XBOX 360 but if sony doesnt get this problem fixed soon im done playing the ps3 is boring without online

    hackers know just about every back door to the rules they will find a way to hack it again

    how does a 21yr old nerd living in his parents basement hack the PSN and the creators cant fix it, how does he know this?

  • happy

    back from umrah and never got to play online

  • justin lewis

    why would sony hackers mess up our playstations every body is pissed of sony better have it on this weekend

  • Gabethegreat

    I am angry at PSN not hurrying up.It's Tuesday and they haven't fixed it.I might get a X-BOX 360 just for my friends that have them or complain that I can't play Black Ops etc…..I know I'm a guest but I wouldn't bother making an account.I suggest letting PSN have a month or until the end of May until they fix then I will trade for X-BOX 360 but what about all your stats?Your friends?Your PSN store money?Escpecially your friends. You could lose valuable friends and get X-BOX jerks to be your friends.At least Machinanama and Machinanama Respasn are on X-BOX,WITH THEIR STATS!That's how their famous.My PSN is gabnet but don't bother going online anymore since PSN down.
    I say give them until end of May.
    Until then trade it and Sony will hit rock bottem for not fixing this trouble.
    Why not hack Wii?
    Wii sucks and don't complain,my friend agreed ith me that Playstatin Move is better then Wii.
    I moved on to playing ROBLOX and annoying people.
    Again my ROBLOX account is commadervader22 but don't call me weird.
    I love PSN but I hate it too so please fix it faster.

  • blizzake

    From a public relations standpoin,t Sony is F-ing up! You have over 75 million subscribers! Where are you guys. Tell us something other than "your making PSN hack proof". I feel like my girlfriend just dumped via a text message!

  • Jon

    Even though the network is down and will most likely remain down for a bit longer , I will remain a ps3 fan… Since the network is down why not actually do something productive and have some patience. I believe Sony is being discredited for their efforts to better the platform due to the recent hacking issues. After all like mentioned before in other comments this generation wants instant gratification and sometimes for the better you can't have this.

  • dont worry

    lesson hear if u dont work by dis week im moving to Xbox

  • Takenshark

    Xbox is far better because no one can hack into Microsoft it is known fact so lots of you Hoyle go over to xbox cause it has higher security xbox would be able to solve this in minutes woo everyone's happy

  • Evan

    saying nothing can be free and hack proof giving hint
    hat you might be paying for your online

  • ReMo

    Wow day 6 now….what annoys me is Sonys lack of informing the public.
    and i usually only play games online so im getting fed up…might go back to pc..
    hackerproof is not going to happen…maybe for a while but they always find new ways to gain access.
    albeit kudos to Sony for making ps3 hackerproof for 4 years tho

  • ERTY


  • The Cuban Linx

    Not to be funny but 5 days downtime? Come on.

  • sven

    i bet you who hacked sony was a xbox 360 fan cos who the hell would hack sony but not xbox 360s

    • guest

      dey did try to hack xbox but dey had to much protection so dey came to ps3

  • davy coperfie

    Microsoft has it own server, PSN uses game server, i got bout system, i only uses my ps3 for exclusive game. i made a mistake when i got mw2 for ps3 the server was suck, after that call of duty for Xbox live ,platform games for Xbox ,too many issues only with ps3 everybody know that, that's why i Xbox live is much satisfied on line,I'm not say sony is bad, but the quality talks.

  • Hazeandr

    I really dont understand the impatience of todays gaming generation. I too pretty much only used my PS3 for online gameplay but amazingly during this downtime I found other things to do. I mean we have the internet at our fingertips and there are plenty of games to be found there to fill time and there are non online games that can be played as well. Have we really become so dependant upon online gameplay through a console that we cant go a couple of weeks without despite the fact that the service we will recieve may in fact be better. For those who are jumping ship to 360 enjoy paying for your membership.

  • Blaze

    I am going to stick with Sony all the way. Yes, the hackers might have won this round but I believe the gamers will win the the next. Don't ever give up hope on the greatest platform of this generation. I will never ever leave Sony for another system.

  • austin

    you cant make playstations un hackable anything with a hard drive is hackable and if sony makes some kind of defense for the system that i have to pay for them im going to throw my playstation at that vice president in the commercial

  • g37zilla

    out of both gaming system i have never experience this with xbox 360 maybe we will switch back to xbox and sale the ps3. especially when sony network cant even give updates on the network

  • Majima

    Trading your PS3 for Xbox 360??? Go ahead. PSN is temporarily suspended due to 'external intrusion'.
    I have Xbox 360 Slim and I don't consider getting Xbox Live since psn is F R E E.

    Seriously, patience is virtue.

  • ASSpSH

    PSH I am sending you this message for some resons here is 1 Put PSN BACK ON MODERFUKAA

  • Destyn

    If you guys are thinking the hacker has hacked into the psn and now all our information is out there

  • Ryan

    this is pissing me off
    people are complaining about the psn being down but what they are doing is trying to make it even more difficult for hackers to hack the network
    and the people who are saying "fuck this im going to Xbox" do you really think the Xbox is any different to the ps3 in terms of hackable, of course people are going to hack the Xbox aswell, nearly all electronics can be hacked its just how society is

  • Tolbert

    why cry about it I play a lot of games online expecially madden 165 and 16. and I could care less if the network is down for a week or so if you care so much go by 360 or a WII

  • John

    Nothing is absolutely hacker proofed. Not even Xbox is because it was hacked into a few years ago and Xbox live was down for 2 weeks

  • slunkymonkey

    xbox went down last year for 2 weeks so thats got the same prob, and u dont have to pay for the basic online package, so stop moaning

  • Aaron

    guys i know you are trying to fix what happen with the hackers, but waiting 4 days doesnt mean it will be hacker proff, and i love to play call of duty…and now i cant without getting bored out of my mind, so this is making me want to get a xbox360 even though i love ps3, just please hurry up i want it on! (:

  • Joey– SKINNS

    THIS Is really getting on my nerves a bunch of geek kids hacked Sony that is pathetic SONY IS INCOPIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bogie

    microsoft has hacked sony… thats how it is.. 2 comp that make war aginst eachother.. and all hacker who cheats at games.. you all. you all suck att cod mw2. so you cheat inst.. så go and hang yourself

  • Heat Wave

    Yes its been 5 days…………. Sony provides a free service so get over it……..Brush up on your soloing skills and improve reflexes…. you'll come back online stronger and better than before… from the words of my mom

  • HeatWave

    Yes its been 5 days…………. Sony provides a free service so get over it……..Brush up on your soloing skills and improve reflexes…. you'll come back online stronger and better than before… from the words of my mom

    "GET OVER IT!!!!!!"

  • Dick

    If playstation doesn't get fixed soon, I will quit playing ps3 forever. I am fed up with the time frame lies

  • Guest

    Not being funny, but hasn't this same problem happened to Xbox. I'm sure that the Xbox was down for 14 days, wayyyy longer than what PS3's fans have been experiencing so far. So stop the cr*p about buying or moving to Xbox because there probably just as bad if not worse!

  • Hacker

    It was me I brought it down with a calculator and a box of matches

  • Hacker

    Joke I would not mind so much if they were updating us on the problem but the silence coming out of playstation is deafing. All people want to know is how long is that to much to ask. I wont be switching to XBOX I dont like there controllers.

  • guest

    nobody moans about hacked lobbys why moan now when hackers are proving a point. Long live geohot he is a legend. Most of you need the practice try playing single player mode before you go online again .

  • JOHN

    i dont really care like just put it back on like people wanted to play some video games since they are off for easter break and they cant like just put it back on mann i dont care put it back on its been 5 days now it said a day or two ITS BEEN 5 FREAKIN DAYS!!!!!!!!!

    • Aaron

      aha, see that is what it said and now they liedd!

  • gigabait

    The xbox never ever had problems with hackers, so, yeah, Sony CAN make the psn as secure as the xbox πŸ™‚

  • james

    when will this get fixed cause i am bored as ever and i want to go back on my ps3

  • Nick

    Get a life guys! You can't find anything better to do than moan about the outage when the sun is out?! This just shows how limited you all are.

    • gabby

      rlly Nick?? wat r u doing on here thn, if u say we shuld be out in the sun, u go out in the sun! we wanna be here cos we payed money to sony to play online, obviously we cant now

  • Killer_-_—x

    hurry up sony, the world is waiting

    • gabby

      haha Killer if uve noticed they're rlly slow.. taking ages
      they need to learn from microsoft how to deal with those kind of problems

  • barry d

    this is the reason i got an xbox,

    I was a loyal ps1, ps2 and ps3 (60gb ) owner, the i got my first taste of xbox live in november last year,

    I have to say in my opinion, that xbox and xbox live is better,
    I find COD a lot faster online, forza trumps gt5 in every department ( another reason i switched)
    And for £40 odd quid a year i have a relibale faster sevice to play games online,

    Perfect example is, on ps3 fifa 11 hung and glitched a lot while playing online,
    Yet on the same connection, Using the xbox, the game was much more playable with only one hang in about 5 games, and that was because the other user quit the game,

    • gabby

      im defo planning to buy xbox, had enuf of sony

  • troy

    The only way PSN can start to combat this problem is to setup a new way of opening a PSN account, it is obvious that the hackers are taking advantage of the easy access to PSN. We all like a bit of free bee but these hackers are taking the mick. They have waged a war on PSN and its users, these people are terrorist, acting without any true cause or purpose. Message to PSN by shutting down the network your actions are empowering these terrorist. Give them back a taste of there own medicine, Put corrupted software just for them to hack, wich will then disable there system. give away there identity and location. systems can never be hacked proof as they are programmed, but there are anti-hacking software that can assist with identifying potential hackers, diverting them to corrupted adware and malware.
    I think this is bigger than PSN can handle, so i will be calling for all my fellow good computer geeks like myself to post your ideas of how to create a software which will help PSN and put us back online.

  • slunkymonkey

    i wish every1 wud shut the fuk up, how can u go a week without your beloved ps3? jus deal with it i have jus as much fun playin offline than online

    • Matt

      people who can't find anything else to do for 5 days, ESPECIALLY when it's been gloriously sunny for 3 of those days are beyond help.

  • rockin

    @all you sad people who say i am going to Xbox………….well piss of then no 1 on here or Sony will give a shit, people like you should go get the cord from you ps3 wrap it around your neck and yes you guessed it swwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg!! you make me puke, its free guys and if you haven't got a life were you can fill your time for a week or two whilst this problem is fixed then in my humble opinion your an oxygen thief and your as bad as the people who caused all this. honestly just listen to yourselves people……..get a life

  • bawbag

    i agree with the above comments do all the people who say they are going to switch to xbox realise that they will have to pay and still have the same problems as with the psn. Its probably x box fans who have done this anyway just to try and prove a point about how much better it is when any one with a ps3 knows its a far better console and package in general

  • oliver

    Cheers psn for sorting it out! I can bash cod again

  • Thunder

    The hackers are known as anonymous and the thing about them is they have made a business for hacking and it is sad I have both a PS3 and Xbox and if people can't wait then there is no point but what I Would say is yes they need to sort it out but they are also tracking down the hackers so they are really spending more time getting the hackers arrested or get them fined with their business and equipment gone they will lose everything

  • Meow

    The matter of people hacking something is purely for money. Finding such a hole is psn network means a lot to repair, many hacker seek these situations to earn big money πŸ™‚ I also dont believe that people whom hacked things like police or CIA servers ever go to jail, i think they get a great job by hacking πŸ™‚


    has any body had a thought about microsoft and steam.why didnt xbox get pc link play after all theyre microsoft this would have seemed an appropriate match for the two.but its come to ps instead,id xbox feel angry over this could they be to blame for the problems weve had.kinect was a flop lets be honest how many people do you know who have one?????? steam could have been their saving grace this year,its all speculation on my behalf but we cant deny the facts at hand

  • chris

    i might be wrong saying this but with the ps3 being a FREE online service ther must be certain shorcuts and less online saftey against this type of situation. seems sony have shot themselves in the foot big time. look at xbox any problems console is replaced within days even red ring (which dosnt happen anymore) and you PAY for the online service they have the knowledge and man power to proof these types of attacks. For such a company to get hacked seems silly. If someone can hack the main network etc just think how easy it would be for them to look at specific consoles with sensitive information and card details on. sony should be ashamed. hence get a xbox support is always ther surely it should have been fixed in mins not days. xbox anyone ?


    all of you guys who are claiming to be switching to xbox i think will be unpleasently surprised.we all know that if there is a hack mod glitch or cheat of any kind ull find it on the xbox first and it will be un relentlessly used by millions of ppl the world sick of hearing ppl saying there gonna switch,please do honestly i mean it, and then a few weeks later ull be moaning that u cant play online cus there too much lag or theres that guy who just keeps dont care about the problems aslong as that keep getting subscriptions.and from my own experience as sum1 hu used to own an eggboxi no that hacking and cheating is openly encouraged by most live users so keep up with the griping bitches and see what happens.keep up the good work sony and show the rest of these turd balls that this kind of stuff wont be tolorated.even it means the network has to go offline or not .LOOK AT ALL THE WORK THAT THEY ARE DOING.THIS IS A FREE SERVICE,ITS COSTING US NOTHING TO PLAY IT AND NOTHING TO MISS IT.SONY ARE PROBABLY ALREADY AT A LOSS OF MILLIONS AND ARE STILL WORKING AROUND THE CLOCK TO BRING THE GREAT SERVICE BACK .GET BEHIND THEM SHOW SOME SUPPORT AND THE SERVICE WILL BE BACK SOONER THAN YOU THINK

  • bob12345

    playstation ftw

  • bob12345

    playstation ftw

  • dAM




  • ToXiiC_StOrM

    its been 4 dayz sins i went online, online is the only interesting thing tbh. I mostey play cod6 and red dead and i hav found that there no hackers enymore so why upload something in the easter holz, when its common sense not to do that in a holiday went kidz and adults are gunner play. I DONT THINK THERE WAS ANYTHING WRONG IN THE FIRST PLACE SO WHY CHANGE IT. ADD ME ON PS3 ToXiiC_StOrM and add my friend ToXiiC_FeeLiN we rock!

    • murrfc123

      snd mate add me as murrfc123

  • Jord

    get a life its sunny in england, yes i am angry to, but its easter spend some time with ure family!

  • flipside

    To w8 a week for a free service to resume is no biggie, Sony will sort it, buy an xbox and become part of they're fickle community if you want, I won't be switching to xbox

  • Iain

    Like most on this post i'm a keen gamer (COD) and totally frustrated with PSN being down but for those of you who are thinking about switching to the XBox platform don't forget its made by Microsoft…the world'sbiggest target for hackers? Also, we treat hackers like modern day cyber heroes against the vast machine of industry…until it affects us directly. I wonder of many of you have taken advantage of a cheat or two in a game to get an advantage or similar jump to the top (spoils the fun for me, but that's just me). I'm just hoping Sony can get it back up and running soon and this isn't the start of regular outages.

  • Guest

    This last few days without the online game as shown me, how much of my time was spent playing games.

    I miss the network and online game play because without it – the ps3 is boring.

    I have decided that i am going to play less ps3 which probably means less game buying which means sony losing money, i was in a game store on saturday having some discs cleaned when a mum and son appeared with a ps3 console they were buying because of the free online game play….of games, the guy behind the counter said that at the moment the ps3 network was down and it could be a few days… the boy then decided to buy the xbox instead, i said it would be up within a few days but by then he had changed his mind, 1 less ps3 user i thought then i thought how many have done this around the world…this generation wants things now, i fear whilst sony are trying to sort themselves out , they will be losing future gamers, buyers etc.

    How many current ps3 users will be thinking about trading in their consoles for the xbox?

    Sony need to sort this out sooner rather than later

    • gabby

      yea i think they're just losing customers..
      even im thinking of buying xbox too now, so tht in the future i can still play online if ps3 is gonna be hacked again

      • jokez

        me 2 i mite buy xbox

    • John

      You make a valid point because i've been contemplating that decision for a couple months now.

    • g37zilla

      i'm thinking it was a big mistake selling my xbox 360 and bought a ps3

    • dawgsofwar2094

      πŸ™‚ being an avid gamer i have the 360 and the ps3 well my 360 was collecting dust and in a box put up all i can say now is its dusted off and its not the one in the box anymore so i agree playstation will lose alot they have lost me and 6 others i know of have all joined me in playing are fav games on the 360 sorry sony.

  • gemma

    probs do you all a world of good and you can enjoy the sunshine x

    • Matt

      I second that thought

    • gozman21


    • sedswa

      so true , some people need to find some hobby beside gaming , i do miss the online play and i certenly wont buy a xbox 360 , but seriously its sad to see so many people hook up like some junkies , i think sony already knows about the consequence of the server outage and they're trying their best to remedy to this situation, so meanwhile go do something else beside buying an xbox 360 πŸ˜›

  • HARRy

    i have paid 350pounds for ps3 when i came home i set it up no internet for the whole week if they dont fix this i am asking back for my money

    • Games

      u just brought a ps3 for £350 ?! u got ripped off !


    i have paid 350pounds for ps3 when i came home i set it up no internet for the whole week if they dont fix this i am asking back for my money

  • ThatGuy

    I have to say that I did plan to play some CoD online over the weekend however the downtime hasn't bothered me in the slightest. There is more to life than playing online games!

  • Paul

    Why is it that Xbox live doesn't get hacked but PSN does? Maybe Sony can learn something from Microsoft.

    • gabby

      yea exactly, they need to learn from microsoft

    • Ryan

      xbox live does get hacked, everything can be hacked
      a couple of years ago microsoft was hacked so dont give people any bullshit idea's thinking that microsoft is hacker proof because it's not

    • josh

      seriously Sony needs to learn a thing or two so this doesnt happen again.

  • David MacVosh

    Oh, well once my Playstation Plus has expired I won't be renewing it; It had a bad choice of items, featured advertised like automatic downloading doesn't work, the PSN has been down for nearly a week and it's not the first time.

    Got my Xbox 360, now getting Xbox Live and Sony can kiss there ass good bye.

  • gemma

    probably do you all a world of good you can actually go out and enjoy the sunshine!

    • mediastar

      well said

  • Tyler

    Of Course They Can`t Make It Hack Proof There Are Alot Of Boffin PS3 Owners Who Know All The Back Doors Of Hacking

  • HardcorePSGamer

    Sony will never completely be able to "hack proof" the network. All they will end up doing is improving security and eventually charging us for the privilege, which was on the cards anyway…

  • dippz angry

    ps3 are taking long eith this problem cant finish it quick or am going to get X-BOX is better..

    • camzzzy136

      they aint gonna open up for hourrz or even dayzzz

  • aaron

    if there going to improve it surly they wud say wat ele there guna do utha than making it hack proof which they obviously cant do or they wud of dun it from the start so no it wont b worth it sounds like a waste of time 2 me

  • ando

    absoulte joke been off my work friday monday for bank holidays and couldnt even get online. away to buy an xbox and alot people will be switching aswell


      ur a fool that is all im going to say and if u have some quick gobshite comment to come back with my point is proven already peace

  • troy

    I have been frustrated with this PSN service, not been able to play online takes the excitement and fun out of PS3, I am now thinking of trading in my console for a XBOX. I suspect that if this continues for much longer PS3 will loose most of there customers and there sales figure will plunge to rock bottom.
    If or when PSN resolves this problem, there are a few things to consider:
    After PSN have used up x amount of resources to try resolve problems,
    Will we then have to pay a subscription fee to play online?
    Will the system be fully hack proof?
    Will game play or outage be any better?
    PSN Needs to do more to convince there customers that things are been sorted, maybe a TV apperance, or some public announcement, relating to this PSN down problem.
    ( message for hackers; you are a bunch of P**CKS)

    • Rahn

      remember all the excusives that you WON'T be able to play on Xbox.

  • GordDitZ

    I am disgusted at Sony. This outage has been over a bank holiday weekend in the UK and I can imagine the frustration from all those fellow online gamers.
    Why is it that a large corporation like sony does not have the ability to develop and maintain a secure system.
    I am really lost for words.
    I am thinking very seriousl about dumping the ps3 for a different platform.
    I wonder how everyone else is feeling..?

    • gabby

      i am disgusted too πŸ™ not just u..
      they r making us stressed, i need to rank up on mw2 and i cant lol

    • Armando Ramirez

      Im not tryin to talk "smack" or anyrthing but why cant u guys go a week without ps3. i mean i know how u guys feel and everything but just go outside and do something or play a sport in your school. i used to play "Black Ops" every day online and i thought i would never stop. until i joined baseball in my school. and ps3 got a little boring. i stilled played but not ass much as i used to im a 15 prestige thats how much i used to play. so dont be that mad just go outside or something. but thats if u want. im not talking sh** but im just giving u advice.

    • swagg

      son sonn thats y i got the 360 and da p3 so if something happend id have black ops 4 both maaaaannnnn

  • Marcus

    people will always find a weakness and attack it! but what is the point???

  • connor

    Im sorry to say im going on to xbox 360

    • wolf


    • ricky

      They probably do the same to that xbox soon…….if they haven't tryed yet…

      • josh

        the xbox servers are threw the military severes no not full proof but has to be better

    • gabby

      im so buying xbox now, incase someone hacks it again -_- thn at least ill have xbox

    • zak

      i agree, this has been too long, and at least if there is a hacker on xbox he is not trying to take down the system

    • droc1028

      why go 2 xbox im sure the main reason u on psn is because its free if u wanna cross over 2 mr. gates' world then go ahead im a ps3 man til i die im all for the long outage if it means the network is more secure and connections better



    • Michele

      The 360 was already hacked about a year ago and was down for a few weeks. It dosent matter what kind of system you have, if it has online play, it will be hacked

      • david wilson

        xbox was down cause it was hacked??????????????? where did you hear that you retard???xbox has never and can never be hacked,go play with your non online lump of plastic,while i play some SECURE online gaming on my xbox 360.

  • LSDWho

    Surely by stating they're making their network "hack proof" they're just inviting more attempts to prove them wrong once they open it up again, leading to more repeats of this same situation.

  • paul kendall

    how much longer till ps3 is back on line

    • B-boy


  • gsc_ok

    when should it be back online?

    • jon

      it will be back in 1 year

      • gabby

        haha! gd one Jon

    • Sharn

      i dont think it will take a year but maby a month or two since they r redoing the psn.

  • Bob

    The PSN will be hack proof for a while, but nothing can be completely hack proof.

  • david

    im not being funny but what are the hackers trying to achieve im not the sort of person to be calling anyone without reason but what the hackers have done is really out of order its just sums up what alot of the human race is about just pure selfishness and happiness knowing that millions of harmless fans just wanting a good game online carnt access it other a busy period . i believe in fate that in time something serious will only come back to haunt the people that did this in one way or another.

    • Rahn

      That is how todays generation has been raised….. selfish…. taught that anyone can do as they want.

    • UC_Cyclist

      And how do youth not know what a punctuation mark is. I know, we're so dumb…

    • austin

      they want sony to drop the lawsuits against the original hackers in early april

    • Dan

      Feel free to use punctuation – there's no shortage.

    • Briant

      They called us "collateral damage"

  • thedirt

    Nothing will ever be hack proof because hackers are always a step ahead.

  • phill

    This is extreamly taking the mick right about now. how is it a 21 year old geek in his mams bassment is smarter than a sony tech team, its F***ing stupid. SONY need to get this matter sorted. i am a serious cod bummer and i am also having withdrawl symptoms form the stupid ps3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big out to britbritish……….

  • reece

    when is it goin to come back on because im boreddd

    • boris

      get a life and stop moaning there is more too life than ps3

      • Aaron

        hey (boris) some of us are kids and im not saying i am, but when ppl buy a ps3 or xbox we dont expect to be shut down for 4days, and when was the last time xbox shut down never, and reece tomorrow.

        • sHARN

          Hello Aaron..How do you know that playstation3 will be on tomorrow?

        • semsex 40

          the release of halo3 over christmas was the last time the xbox 360 live was shut down and that was for 2 weeks!!

    • ross

      in a fuking year there shit