PS3: Hacker Proofing PlayStation Network (PSN) While Down

The PlayStation Network is still unavailable at the time of writing, as the problem continues for best part of a week now. We told you yesterday that Sony were Hacker Proofing the PlayStation Network while it was down. But will they be able to make the service safe from hackers?

We are still seeing many fed up PlayStation 3 owners commenting on PRs pages, venting their frustrations at the long downtime of PSN. But if Sony can not only make the service more secure, but also improve it, won’t this prolonged outage be worth it?

Many gamers prefer playing their PS3 games online, for instance there are people who have the Call of Duty franchise who only use it online without ever playing the campaign mode. Trouble is will PSN ever be safe from people wanting to hack into the service and take it down? Tell us what you think by taking part in the poll below.

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