PlayStation Network Down, Are Anonymous Telling the Truth?

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2011

It’s a very sad time for PS3 owners at the moment, because at the time of writing, we can confirm that the PlayStation Network is STILL down for maintenance, bringing the total downtime into a fifth day believe it or not. Hacking group Anonymous have now come out and stated that they are not responsible for this attack, but do you believe them?

Just to give you a refresh, Anonymous originally targeted the PS3 as part of their initial attacks against Sony for their treatment of a certain infamous hacker, but they have just come out recently, posting a new video saying that they are not behind this latest attack.

We’ve included the video for you below, but what we more interested about, is whether they are telling the truth or not. Don’t forget that Anonymous is made up of a group of individual users, with no direct leader so this could have still been carried out by a few angry members, with or without the consent of the group’s leader.

Sony has already admitted that the downtime is due to the PlayStation Network suffering an attack, so it’s clear that someone is responsible. If Anon are not responsible for this, then who is? Our guesses is that these people may still be connected to Anonymous and that the attacks happened were similar to the ones that Anon first launched a few weeks ago.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Anon are still behind this or not?

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    They say they dont wont to attack the GAMERS just SONY but we are the ones they ATTACKED not sony one question to you Anonymous why what have we ever done to you all we do is go online to have fun chill out get away from all our troubles but all we get is people hacking then the people that follow you are cheaters thinking they have the right to could hackers Then to top it of its not good anough for you to damage our game plays you HACK our servers and course angar all over the world this is not the right way to go to get people to like you or think what you are trying to do is the right thing to do.Maybe people havent got a right to tell some one to hack there PS3 but SONY does have the right to say NO you do not have the right to DAMAGE our LOYAL gamers online play and shut down our servers and attack our LOYAL gamers.Anonymous if you going to make a point do it the right way dont attack the gamers anymore make this right put back the damage you have done youv made your point now lets leave it and just get on with your lifes.

  • ://

    To everyone blaming Anon for this and for all of you who do not know why they did it: Anon started this after Sony took a man to court because he jailbroke his PS3 and also because they marketed the PS3 with support to run Linux and/or other OS, but then dropped the support. When they did this, some people had their PS3s bricked (A.K.A. impossible to use) while others just couldn't access the partition that OtherOS was on and lost the GB on the PS3. I don't know if this was them or not, but Sony deserves to lose money after taking away part of the product that they were advertising

  • you wanna hear about irony? i’m a huge game nut, but i never bothered going online. always doing single player games, beating them, buying another, etc. but recently the pressure of everyone bugging me to get the internet & sign up for ps network finally got to me. after 15 years of playing games i went online… THE VERY FIRST DAY SONY SHUT THE DAMN THING DOWN!!! hell, i thought it was just MY PS3 getting that error message. oh well.. i waited this long… i can wait a few more (days?)


  • young and reckless

    they got me playing SOLO zombies

  • guest

    No, Sony wasn't shut down by a few hackers. They were intruded by a few hackers, yes, but Sony shut down Qriocity and the PSN willingly to rebuild and refortify their security. It's not Sony's fault these idiots keep targeting them. The only thing they're accomplishing is making a large group of gamers angry. All this talk about people buying an XBOX instead… are you kidding me? Is 500 dollars really worth a few days without the network? No. Have some patience, people… and learn to spell.

  • XboxGod

    The answer is simple: Sony blows. Xbox all the way people. Ill see you all online. Oh wait no I wont. LOL

  • Mike

    When will there be a button you can click to let everyone know that you think something is retarded? For instance… why can't I click a button telling Anon that I think they are boarderline retarded? Instead, the only option is a button to say I 'like' those losers? That's why the idiot masses are winning… because they're too stupid to realize that the only reason so many people 'like'/support them is because there is no alternative choice other than ignoring them… and people who know better know that if you ignore the most retarded among us, then they will only continue.

  • laughing severely

    this is awesome.
    sure i miss playing but psn had it coming

  • francisco

    why dont they just reset the whole psn

  • wang tang badanski

    im gonna play xbox

  • wang tang badanski

    i think i might just play xbox instead!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamster126

    I dont mind this. People need to relax and go and enjoy the sunshine! The thing i am worried about is credit card details…..i hope they were not breached!

    • jmtac357

      so go call your bank and cancel your card and get a replacement i did. problem solved

  • a.shrews

    This article is crap… not only is it based entirely on speculation, but its not even legitimate speculation at that.

    Anonymous made threats against Sony for the way they went after this "infamous" hacker, who, in reality, was basically just toying with the ps3 in a similar way to how so many people have toyed with/modded out their xboxes. even then, it wasnt so much the fact that Sony was going after the kid, but it was that Sony made a point to collect the ip address of every single person who went on the kids website (which, in my opinion as well as Anonymous', is a rather blatant infringement of freedom of privacy and speech).

    Secondly, Anonymous has bigger fish to fry than Sony (or at least they would like to think so)… This is a group of brilliant (albeit rather mischievous) individuals that feel that they can use their expertise to affect political and controversial issues; they went after Sony to champion a political and ethical issue, and generally speaking, wanted to get Sony's attention without hindering their endusers.

    Lastly… speculation is bad enough; unwarranted speculation is outright stupid… "Our guesses is that these people may still be connected to Anonymous and that the attacks happened were similar to the ones that Anon first launched a few weeks ago." Well, your guess is not only unsupported, but flat out wrong… even doing the slightest bit of research would lead you to find that the attack in question, the reason that the servers are down, was far from similar to the Anon attacks; instead of just barraging Sony, this attack involved someone actually going in and having access to very sensitive information, including but not limited to peoples' credit card information. P.s. the quotation from above is grammatically dreadful, making the reliability of the author even more questionable.

    Sony is basically using Anonymous as a scapegoat for their overwhelming failure to deliver a secure, quality product… and it is because of shady/dreadful articles such as this that they are able to do it.

  • Essexneil

    Ok guys, time to get a grip, no one has removed your kidneys as you sleep, you have not suddenly become blind or have to live in a wheelchair, all that has happened is a free online game service is unavailable for a few days! Go out and see the REAL world for a while, or is that just too shocking to your own os? If you have to spout your bile at someone then do it at the hackers who are the parasites of the modern world, they serve no purpose to anyone but themselves. The online world is 24/7 365 under attack from all over the world by people who serve no good but are just intent on f***ing it up for everyone else! What a great world it would be if all these toxic keyboard terrorists spent their considerable time and efforts on something good and worthwhile rather than tearing down things. Before today I had never heard of a "group" called 'Anonymous' but maybe that's because I divide my life between real life and a bit of fun playing a game (and it is just a game) online, who the f** k made Anonymous the world police? Who decided they should go about with their petty grievances and mess up everyone's fun? Because some parasite hacker got caught doing something he has no right to do? Ok guys, so your pissed off with Sony, then don't buy their products and go buy their competitors products. Don't go f****ing up thousands of gamers fun because a handful of you want to throw your toys out of the pram! You spend too much of your time and energy staring at pixels on a screen and tapping a keyboard while life is passing you by, for what, the good of mankind? To bring down an "evil company"? Get a life! No one cares, apart from a handful of other sad pixel gazers.

    99.9% of PS3 users don't give a sh*t that some loser got sued by Sony, they just want to play games online, keyboard freedom fighters are only important in their own dimly lit bedrooms, so why don't you design your own gaming system and go and play together, you will be happy, and sure as hell we will be too!!!!!


    if servers down 4 over a week thats unexcuseable 4 a multi-million company to get hacked by some nerds thats most likely not millionairs and cant fix the shit n 2days wow how fuking smart r u people. And if we gota pay 4 online ever1 should go Xbox ima smoke some purple and try 2maro

  • Mr. Black

    I had purchased 2 online games using PS3's network by using my credit card. Since PS3's network is down, hacked by some individuals, how secure is my credit card? Should I worry?
    I wasn't expecting this from such a big well established company as Sony. Let's just hope that my identity is not stolen or my credit card is used fradulently or I'm suing you Sony.
    Not a happy camper!



  • kipGDN

    omg sony wtf are yall doin its been like 5 days now an no updates i know it not yall faut but its hackes but sony really need to update us



    • noah

      Xbox was down for 13 days staight in 2008, I have both systems, they are both good and equals.

  • storm1

    If that is the case that they are going to make us pay to play online, I will just sell my ps3. I like my ps3 a hell of alot better than my crapbox 360. The reason that i bought a ps3 in the first place is so that i did not have to pay to play online! If and when something happens to that effect sadly that is what i will do to pay to play online with crapbox 36zero. I have netflix on my crapbox so that i have a reason to turn it on once and in a while. for those that have a crapbox gold memberships are the cheapest when you can find it is on crapbox live. I found a year membership for 24.99 in the spotlight strip of live.

  • Bushido

    still no matter what i will side with sony. I was their customer since the days of PSone and i will continue to be their customer.

  • justsomewalker

    well.i guese if this continuse ill go get laid

    • XboxisBetter

      for once

  • tjs1963

    sort it out Sony and fast,its been 5 days now and still nothing doing.i may have to go outside soon,

  • pdub

    just traded my ps3 in for an xbox…..have fun wit sonys problems….they are only gonna escelate

    • XboxisBetter

      Amen brotha!

  • jay

    Wow as soon as something goes wrong everyone jumps on the hate train. I've got news for everyone, you bought the ps3 and I gurantee when you bought it you were saying ooh bluray player built in and free online play and good first party installment and better return rates and ooh less chance of my ps3 having hardware issues and oh yeah my controller isn't a brick oh and eves are dying anyway oh and its user friendly. But as soon as something goes wrong its blahblah blahblady blah f**k sony. You guys don't think of the user your security sucks. Guys im sorry its the real world grow up and nut up. No one designs a system to get hacked but its not as hard as people think. I just hacked an OS and I don't know anything about hacking. I just followed a guide on the internet. Suck it up and quit jumping on and off the waggon

  • guest

    The network is down because they are revamping the system so we have to pay for online use just like Xbox!!!! They will say this has to be done so it is safer and more secure for all PS3 users!

    • x laughing severely

      where did you get your info?

    • bhylly buzzaard

      agree 1oopercent

      • Gazza


  • Steamed

    Whoever did this must hate themselves and have no real friends so they do stupid stuff like this.I can hardly wait to see them on the news once they are caught. But then psn will upgrade their network and the users will probably have to pay like xbox.

  • Someone interested.

    To Sony: It is pretty clear that the attack was directed towards your company and not your users. therefor it is your responcibility to keep your customers informed on the status of the situation. if customer information is not safe, you need to let customers know and what they can do to protect themselves otherwise all of those millions of cases of credit or bank fraud will be Sony's fault. Yes, it is not an easy time for sony, but be responcible and keep your customers happy best you can before you lose them.

    To Gamers: i know it sux not having your system running online, but keep in mind, microsoft was hacked by 1 person before and this seems to be a group effort. It is easier to hack than it is to counter hacking efforts. i am sure sony is working on getting the situation resolved because they are losing money, customers, and reputation from this incident. they are suffering more from all of this than you are by not being able to play a game. if you must be angry, dont be angry at sony for this happening, be angry at them for not keeping you informed about the situation.

    • Gamer71

      Yup.Its easy to attack when the enemies are off guard

  • imasmoker

    i never thought i was a game junky til this shit happened.i dont wish prison on nobody cause its a hard place to live..but whoever is responsible for this shit need life in what if i always get 30 kills,thats no reason to hack the network you geek…as for sony.i think you guys should send everydody i pads or if those hackers use my credit card number i'll be seeing yall in court..yall make way to much money for yall security to be so shitty.

    • imasmoker


  • Head Kick

    Sony needs to get this shit sorted out. I'm stoked for GSP fight on Saturday and just want to beat some ass online.

  • 0654658444


  • Blood—Weezy

    these hackers are ***holes. why didnt they go hack xbox what the *** did we do to them

    • konvinced

      it's not a matter of what "we" did to them…but more so of what sony has done to them … sony deserves every little bit of what's happening to them for them overcharging and trying to make their systems proprietary … it sucks that I can't play madden but i don't feel bad to know that sony is losing money at the end of the day

  • psn user

    why doesnt youtube just give police and sony 'anonymous' ip address and whatnot so we can arrest them. its possible to track them down through internet, why hasnt this been done already. anonymous is acting like they are this big thing. why in the hell would you harm the users? why not just boycott the stores again..heres an one of those crazed loones holding a sign on the side of the road protesting. this attack is not helping anonymous or hackers in general. they were disliked before, now they are hated.

    • (xx hackers xx)

      (xx hackers xx) it was me, tell sony to make evrything free then we will give back the network

    • Someone Somewhere

      The answer to your question is quite obvious. you dont have to be a hacker to know what an ip switch is. it is very easy to make yourself impossible to track. not to mention you can use a public pc to add videos to youtube. in addition, there is no proof of who is behind the attack therefor no arrests can be made.

  • guest

    Just sold my xbox360 (which was very hard to part with) and got a ps3, I was reluctant to pay the ridiculous price for the console, but convinced myself to part with my money. I now understand what a huge mistake I have made; the console is not any better than my 360, and this shitty psn crap really takes the piss. The lack of communication has been discusting, and has truly annoyed. I'm now considering weither to sell my shitty ps3 and try to regain possession of my beloved 360.

    • caffman

      Come back to xbox. We have cookies……

      • Taylor

        And were online!

  • Kamil

    Get some sunshine give a little moonlight go get some sleep and some fresh air stop playing on the ps3 and get ur friends out their propely crying that there is nO Online ohh yeah my song rocks u freak bag nerds

    • >>>

      Calm down…

  • bob

    This is mad. why would they do this to a free network. all this is gunna do is make sony put walls up and charge everyone. in the long run it effects the user more. meat heads only thinking about themselfs again.

  • Grizwizkhalifa

    I'm mad pissed. just got socom and a new mik…

  • Ivor Biggun

    @ Big Joe

    The trouble is,would anyone want to buy a PS3 now knowing the problems / how easy it is to hack the servers

    I think Sony need to lower the prices of their systems if this can happen anytime a hacker gets pissed of and decides to close Sony`s system down,then you have the fact of the overheating issue / YLOD,PS2 has never had a problem with YLOD yet the more expensive PS3 has this problem,i thought this problem was caused due to me repairing my PS3 from YLOD but turns out that the system has been hacked,so not only do we have to suffer with Over Heating / YLOD but now we have to put up with Hackers shutting down servers when they feel like it ….. Very sad,with all these problems,can Sony really justify the price tag they put on PS3`s ? ? ?

  • kestas

    any whay, way ps3 dont wont to tel us what heppen and when it will be fixs. the say 1 or 2 days? it now 5days and still nothing happen.i thing all staff now enjoing banhollidays:)

  • yeanayeana

    I hope PSN is back soon. It would be great if people find other stuff but how about those gamers that are experiencing withdrawal for days now. I heard some even considered buying xbax love to get by, oh the horror. My brother guessed yesterday that suicide rates rose last weekend.

  • ondsnap

    Mr. Bean,
    I wouldn't be that upset with Sony if they would have handled this mess better. They have yet to give a time frame on when the service will be up. They also haven't said if users credit card information was safe or not. With over 50 million consoles sold and over 75 million registered users, Sony could have thrown us a bone and said somthing more than a vague statement, at best, once a day.

  • Matt

    Shock! Horror! you have to go play outside…..with other….people….in the sunshine. Its like…barbaric or something?

    c'mon people it's gorgeous weather outside, so what if the PSN is down? I've got a PS3 myself and it doesn't bother me in the slightest that its down. Why? because i've spent the last 3 days out the glorious sunshine, without having any work to do, with my -real world- mates not virtual ones.

    What the hell do you think your parents did before playstations, Xboxs and Wiis were even thought of?

    • Tommy

      I dunno about you, but I've been under a constant downpour all weekend.

      Now, luckily, Netflix is working on the PS3…that was the part that made me cranky, since that's also the part that I'm actually paying for.

    • MIZ

      i have a very interesting life and family but this is my fuc&in release man. nobody slaps ur ding dong out of your hand when ur spankin it for ur release. i. want. my. PLAYSTATION!!!!!!

    • Gamer71

      Why is everyone saying we are geek who are "tortured" if we go outside.I agree it's summer,but not everyday isnt a sunny out in the park type day.even if we go for a few hours,we still have so much spare time cuz of the hols.Stop thinking that were Geeks who cant go outside.

      • Anonymous

        So, are we supposed to be outside from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep? Some of us like to play online a little bit. >_>

    • Nate

      Well…in my defense, I live in a ski town in a mountain valley. They shut the lifts down last Sunday for the end of the season, but it's still snowing and raining every single day. There's been no sunshine and the high for the past week has been in the mid-30's (F). Once the lifts officially closed, the town pretty much emptied out for the "off season". So, It's like a snowy ghost town now. There's really no point in going outside – except to occasionally shovel snow (think "The Shining"). I don't have cable TV either, so I mostly use my PS3 as my entertainment center. My best friend from childhood (who now lives on the other end of the country) and I had planned on getting together to play Uncharted 2 on a couple of nights this week so I could have something to look forward to. But, now that's not gonna happen. I have been catching up on some books, however. But, cabin fever is quickly setting in…

  • EdenHummel

    While this down time does put a cramp on online multiplayer games on the PS3, Game players can still play single player, as well as local (as in with a person siting next to you with anuther controller) multi player games. But this does hurt Sony in a way seens consumers cant access the PSN market place to buy and download DLC (Down Loadable Content) and movies while the net work is down.

    But as a gamer, i do hope that the responcable party (regardless if it's Annon or some other group) is punished and the PSNetwork comes back online.

  • Big Joe

    Sony should be able to sort this no problem, they are a huge company, and have been completely shown up by a few individual hackers. What a JOKE! It's been off for 5 days now I guess? I have work tomorrow and I had 4 days to play online but no no, its still not online. Sort this shit out Sony. If its not on by next weekend, I'll be buying an xbox and selling my ps3!!!

  • Dean

    Who cares put it back on so a can shoot some people up

  • Unamed

    For god sake its been 5 days now and sony said it will only take to 2 days, they havnt even updated us on when it will be back or anything, and i dont believe anonymous there a bunch of geeks that need to get fukin laid!

  • Mr bean

    i think the ps3 users are going on pretty sad to be honest. Its not like its the end of the world or something is it? sony will fix this problem when there do so in the mean time just go out and do what normal people do and have fun…… am a ps3 user my self but its no big deal that the psn server is down jesus ppl please just get a life already !!

    • sam winchester

      so ur saying about 24 million american individual have no life? r u that stupid, gamers have a life but its always good to have ur playstation or xbox around if ur bored, especially when mortal kombat and socom 4just came out that sucks 2, spending 60$ for nothig, gaming is a lifestyle and not about having a life or not and its even ur not ur business if people have a life or not, worry about ur own life , and btw, yo fanboy, go back playing your xbox, we all can tell you have one from the way u write so go play it and just let us worry about this.

      • geust

        People need to stop saying that they spent all this money for nothing try playing the campaign. all games have two functions other than MAG but for the rest of them there is a story mode then the online.

  • scott harvey

    i think this is a complete shambles to ps3 and there customers, so many of my friends are selling or are going to sell there ps3 and get xboxs as this happens all the time with ps3. what a ridiculous time for the network to go down on easter bank holiday so many 1000's of people who cant do nothin well there off school etc., its pathetic. Surely a well known company such as yourselfs should have top security and procedures for people not hacking into the network. Sort it out ps3!! its getting beyond a joke!!!!

    • rick

      only time its happened , please get your facts straight , before you post

  • Rob the blob

    This is a very sad time for PS3 users. We'll be forced to go outside and enjoy the Bank Holiday sunshine. Heck….I may even have to interact face to face with my kids instead of online like I usually do 😉

  • Tony Summers

    Who cares who is responsible, the question has to be…why are the criminals always one step ahead sony are a massive corperation and should be able to deal with a few hackers. Anyway why would anyone bother with this all you are doing is upsetting a load of teenagers that haven't really got anything better to do. So why don't you go out and target Sonys' places of business rather than a console!!!. Sony are bigger than the ps3.

    • Dias F

      First of all, these criminals are not just simple hackers, they are professional crackers. It is not just a few people, their influence spreads world wide and its members into the thousands. Keep this in mind, on-line is very clearly a place of business. Billions of dollars are done via on-line or through cell phone activity. No one seems to comprehend the intelligence and power of anonymous. They are a group of super elite, class S crackers. Hackers is a politically incorrect term…

      • Patricia

        its not fair, ive got people to snipe her!!!;[

    • jjmc07

      its all good all this is gonna do is cause the PS network to begin charging for there service… and loose tons of customers and sales and your right about this so called anonymous group of computer geeks who have more than likely never actually seen a pair of real tits off of there computer screen. so its not really phasing the company at all because there still one of the leading electronic companies. there only hurting themselves and other comsumers… there probly just mad they got there ass kicked in a game of black ops